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“Greetings old friends,” threatens Professor Moriarty (Daniel Davis) in a new look at the upcoming third and final season of Star Trek: Picard that just rocked New York Comic-Con.

The likely last appearance of the Sir Patrick Stewart-led series on the Starfleet legend was packed with The Next Generation throwbacks, new additions and a new explosive trailer that truly set the stage for Picard Season 3’s February 16, 2023, premiere on Paramount+

Take a look at the new Picard trailer below:

Today’s Picard panel on NYCC’s Empire Stage featured Stewart, co-stars and TNG alum Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, Levar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, as well as showrunner Terry Matalas, and fellow EPs Rod Roddenberry, and Alex Kurtzman.

Not only was the return of Davis’ Arthur Conan Doyle created villain revealed and Spiner’s back as Data’s not-so-nice twin Lore amidst the on-stage reunion of the TNG principal players, but that Amanda Plummer will be joining Picard for its last mission was too. The Greene Talent and Red Management repped Tony Award winner and daughter of past Trek villain Christopher Plummer is set to play the final season’s top baddie Vadic – as you can see in the photo above. Captain of the Shrike starship, Vadic clearly has some serious and deadly grievances with Picard and his old companions, if the trailer is a good indication.

Also added to the Picard cast this season Mica Burton and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut in recurring roles. The real life daughter of Levar Burton, Critical Role alum Mica Burton will play Ensign Alandra La Forge, the youngest offspring of her TNG dad Geordi La Forge. Cruel Summer star Chestnut will portray Ensign Sidney La Forge, eldest daughter of Geordi La Forge and helmsman of the U.S.S. Titan.

Star Trek: Picard is produced by CBS Studios in with Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout and Roddenberry Entertainment. Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman, Matalas, Sir Patrick, Heather Kadin, Aaron Baiers, Roddenberry, Trevor Roth, Doug Aarniokoski and Dylan Massin all serve as executive producers.

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New York Comic-Con ends tomorrow.

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