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Kim Kardashian says Pete Davidson makes her ‘happy and content’

Pete Davidson met Kim Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, early on in their relationship. And it looks like he’s now spent time with Kim’s 8-year-old daughter, North West, as well. A video published by TMZ shows the “Saturday Night Live” star driving North and her cousin, Penelope Disick, 9, in the pink electric Moke car Kris recently gave Kim. They were reportedly tooling around Penelope’s dad, Scott Disick’s neighborhood, so it may have just been a quick spin for fun, but the video sparked fans on social media to suggest it means Kim and Pete’s relationship is getting more serious. She confirmed as much in a recent sit-down for ABC News about her new show, “The Kardashians.” Asked “how serious” she and Pete are, Kim said in a teaser clip, “I am a relationship kind of girl, for sure, and I wouldn’t be with someone if I didn’t plan on spending a lot of my time with them. Obviously, I want to take my time, but I’m very happy and very content. And, it’s such a good feeling just to be at peace.” Kim was joined by Kris and Khloe Kardashian, both of whom also said glowing things about the “SNL” star. “Pete’s great … He’s a really nice guy,” gushed Kris. Added Khloe, “He just makes her laugh and she laughs all the time.” More than a year after filing for divorce from Kanye West, Kim is still reportedly hashing out the terms of the split, including a custody arrangement for the former couple’s four children. She was recently declared legally single as her divorce from Kanye took a turn for the worst, with the rapper verbally attacking Pete and criticizing Kim’s parenting.

Britney Spears objects to paying mom’s $660k attorneys’ fees

In new court documents, Britney Spears’ lawyer says “there’s no legal” reason why the singer should cover the attorneys’ fees her mother, Lynne Spears, racked up during Britney’s conservatorship. Filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 5, the objection responds to Lynne’s November 2021 request that Britney’s estate cover more than $660,000 in legal fees for “services including meetings, phone calls, emails, preparation of documents and court appearances,” according to Page Six. “Britney Spears has for decades been her family’s sole breadwinner, supporting her entire family,” Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, says in the filing. He goes on to accuse Britney’s father Jamie Spears, of having “had a long history of financial mismanagement” prior to their daughter’s career success, and says Jamie paid himself “more than $6 million” of his daughter’s money while he served as her conservator from 2008 until his suspension last year. Mathew also asserts Lynne has spent “at least a decade” living in “a large, expansive house owned by Britney for which [Britney] has also continuously — and generously — paid Lynne Spears’ utilities, telephone services, insurance, property taxes, landscaping, pool work, pest control, repairs and maintenance, totaling approximately $1.7 million.” Finally, he says that since Lynne was “a third party” player in the conservatorship, there’s “no legal basis” for making the singer financially responsible for Lynne’s legal fees. In Lynne’s original petition, she claimed Britney “enthusiastically agreed” to have her mom “help end” the conservatorship. Last fall, Britney claimed on Instagram that while her “dad is the one who started” her conservatorship, her “mom is the one who gave him the idea.” She later deleted the post.

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Rihanna joins Forbes billionaires list, pays tribute to her mom as due date nears

Mama-to-be and newly minted billionaire Rihanna was feeling extra-appreciative of her own mother on Tuesday, April 5, as the singer’s mom, Monica Braithwaite, celebrated another trip around the sun. “Today is my Queen’s birthday!!!” Rihanna captioned a throwback shot of her and her mom in matching white ensembles in church. “Being on the verge of motherhood, unlocked new levels of love and respect I have for my mommy in a way that I could never explain!” she continued. “She’s the true MVP and I wanna give her her flowers every second I can! Love you mumzzzz!!! Happy Birthday! We gon celebrate on da link up!” Earlier that day, Rihanna, 34, made her debut on the Forbes World’s Billionaires List, which reported her estimated net worth is $1.7 billion, largely because of her immensely successful Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty lingerie lines. The singer and entrepreneur is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend, A$AP Rocky — and soon. Last month, she revealed she’s in her third trimester.

Sienna Miller talks ‘reclaiming’ her own past through affair-centric ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’

In the new Netflix series, “Anatomy of a Scandal,” Sienna Miller plays a politician’s wife whose marriage is thrust into the spotlight amid news of her husband’s affair. The situation her character finds herself in is more than a little familiar. In 2005, Sienna’s personal life hit the tabloids thanks to a leak about an affair her (now ex) partner Jude Law had. “There is something cathartic, I suppose, about spending time in an ugly space that’s familiar,” Sienna, 40, recently told Elle U.K. “And maybe reclaiming it? I don’t know what the psychology of it is. But there is something where maybe you can substitute a memory with something else.” Looking back on that difficult time, Sienna said it now “feels like somebody else’s existence,” because “the chaos of the entire decade is so far removed from” the life she has in 2022. And while her character’s “feelings” about the affair and publicity “were familiar,” she said her character’s “way of dealing with what’s thrown at her is the absolute antithesis of what my way is.” Sienna added, “And so, in a kind of twisted, tourism sense, I just wanted to see how it would feel to react differently. I know that sounds weird, because you’d think it would be deeply unpleasant to sit in that space.” “Anatomy of a Scandal” hits Netflix on April 15.

The Academy moves up meeting on possible Will Smith sanctions

In the wake of Will Smith’s resignation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization’s board will now meet sooner than later to discuss what (if any) action to take against the actor for slapping Chris Rock onstage during the 2022 Oscars. In a letter excerpted by Variety on Wednesday, April 6, Academy president David Rubin tells the Board of Governors he’s rescheduled the meeting from April 18 to this Friday, April 8, “to address possible sanctions for” the “King Richard” star. He explains that Will’s resignation last week means “suspension or expulsion are no longer a possibility, and the legally prescribed timetable no longer applies,” adding, “It is in the best interest of all involved for this to be handled in a timely fashion.” The slap and its fallout have dominated headlines and social media conversations since last month’s ceremony — in spite of Will’s public apologies, Chris’ refusal to address the incident during a recent standup performance and first-time Oscar-winner Questlove’s request that “we stop talking about” the slap already.

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‘Star Wars’ alum Daisy Ridley returns to social media after 6-year hiatus

Daisy Ridley is back! Less than a year after making a splash as Rey in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Daisy, 29, deleted her social media accounts in 2016, amid a wave of criticism related her post in support of victims of gun violence. At the time, she said she’d never return to the platforms, but she resurfaced this week, nearly six years later. “Coming out of social media hibernation refreshed, recharged, and ready for what I’m calling my ‘Year of Yes.’ (And that’s the tea),” the actress shared alongside a photo of herself sipping tea in a robe. The next day, she shared art photos and joked she was still “trying to remember how to use” the Instagram app. Daisy’s previously explained her break as having been partly inspired by the anxiety she was battling at the time she closed the accounts.

‘Dazed and Confused’ director Richard Linklater says he made no money on now-iconic film

“Dazed and Confused,” the 1993 cult classic comedy that launched the careers of Ben Affleck, Parker Posey and Matthew McConaughey, among others stars, never made its director a cent. At least, not according to said director. In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Richard Linklater was asked about the upcoming 30th anniversary of the film. “My generation grew up adoring that movie. Everyone had the poster, the VHS, and the soundtrack,” the interviewer said. “Yeah, and it’s like… where’s my money? How come a movie that cost less than $7 million has $12 million in interest against it?” Richard replied. When the reporter clarified, “Wait—you didn’t make any money off ‘Dazed and Confused?'” the director responded, “F***, no!” Asked “how does that happen” with “one of the biggest cult hits ever,” Richard joked, “Ask Universal!” then sighed. “Hollywood accounting,” he said. “I remember really asking for a piece of the soundtrack, because I picked all the songs, and they were like, oh no… First film, you know? N.W.A is still p***** off about that first contract. Everybody has that story of getting s****** with their first project. That film was an indie success. It made more than it cost theatrically, and over the years it’s been everywhere,” he continued. Later, he conceded that it would be “such a cliche” to complain about not making money on his first major film. “But I did go through the Hollywood experience. Here I complain but they did green-light the film, and they wouldn’t green-light the film today,” he added. “Cast of unknowns? Period film when not much happens, riding around? One film out of Sundance? I don’t think there’s a pitch for that movie today, so I sit here very, very blessed that I came along at a time when studios were going, hey, we’ll make this and this and then throw some chump change over to these guys. I’m still grateful I got the film made, and got it made the way I wanted it to.” His latest release, “Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood” is now streaming on Netflix.

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Gwen Stefani dishes on her first year of marriage to ‘best friend’ Blake Shelton

With her first wedding anniversary coming up in July, Gwen Stefani has taken to working on the land alongside her husband, Blake Shelton, at the Oklahoma ranch where they spend most of their time. “The marriage is so so fun, and I’m so into it. And I feel very blessed,” Gwen gushed to Ellen DeGeneres on her Wednesday, April 6, show, according to Entertainment Tonight. “He’s my best friend. He’s so much fun.”  Part of that fun has been the gardening work the couple’s been doing. “[Blake is] literally on the tractor right now turning dirt for me,” Gwen quipped. Though she admitted she’s all for it “when people do things for me,” the No Doubt singer said Blake enjoys getting out there in the dirt and planting things. “So, I’ve gotten kinda into it with him and it’s super rewarding when you plant seeds,” she continued. There’s also a metaphoric appeal to gardening with her guy. “Seed planting, because it’s such a huge thing in my life. Only to end up in Oklahoma planting seeds … [Planting] the seeds of faith. The seeds of just these wild ideas that I had, that actually came true. Even the one to fall in love with Blake,” she mused. “And it’s so crazy because now I’m going to go there and plant so many flowers and they’re going to bloom. And it’s so exciting and there’s so much relevance between the two things if you think about it.” Earlier in the show, the singer and coach for “The Voice” dished on her July 2021 wedding, which she said ended up being much smaller than she initially wanted because of the pandemic. “It was the perfect amount of people. It was so intimate,” Gwen added. “It was so exactly what it needed to be.”  Later, during a game of Ellen’s “Burning Questions” segment, Gwen revealed a few more tidbits about her marriage, including Blake’s pet name for her — “Pretty Girl,” for obvious reasons — and Gwen’s current obsession, which she named as — you guessed it — “Blake Shelton.”

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