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Paul Daley and Nick Diaz put on a very exciting MMA fight back when the two fought in Strikeforce before entering the UFC. It is largely considered the most exciting one-round fight in the sport’s history.

Paul Daley was recently on The MMA Hour and spoke about his past fight with Nick Diaz. He admits he wouldn’t change anything but a rematch would be very interesting for him to return.

“I don’t wish I could get back any fight in terms of changing what’s already happened, but I think if I was to pick a fight to have a rematch, it would definitely be Nick Diaz or [Jorge] Masvidal, because they’re the ones that have turned into pay-per-view stars and I could get the most money from,” Daley said. “Nick Diaz was a great fight, and I beat Masvidal and he holds the ‘BMF’ belt, I think, even though he’s lost his last fight. Those are the ones that if someone came to me and says, ‘Right, what’s going to get you out of retirement?’ Those two fights, that is it. Those are the only two fights that put me out, because I know they’re going to make me top money.”

Many people love the fight and it holds a special place in most MMA fans’ hearts. The fight with Nick Diaz doesn’t actually hold a special place in Paul Daley’s heart.

“I don’t like it,” Daley said. “I lost the fight, and I know I could fight better than that. The game plan went out the window. We were prepared for Nick, but he does get a hold of you when he starts talking shit, especially with me, I’m a reactive person and the guy’s talking whatever he’s talking in the cage. Just make sure to swing. Forget the leg kicks and start swinging. The kicking was the plan, but it went as it went.”

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