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  • Patrick Schwarzenegger says his famous dad Arnold is “obsessed” with HBO’s “The Staircase.”
  • Patrick plays Todd Peterson on the drama and said Arnold became a fan after learning of his role on the series.
  • Patrick also revealed that he didn’t go to Arnold for any acting advice ahead of the show. 
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    Patrick Schwarzenegger has a tense relationship with his onscreen father Colin Firth on

    HBO Max

    ‘s new drama “The Staircase.” But in real life, the actor said his famous dad Arnold was nothing but supportive of his new role — even though Patrick didn’t go to him for any acting advice.

    “A lot of sons go to their father for advice with anything. I definitely go to him like that, but I didn’t go to him for this specific character,” the “Daniel Isn’t Real” actor said. 

    According to the 28-year-old, however, Arnold is a massive fan of both the true-crime documentary that inspired the new drama, and Antonio Campos’ gripping new adaptation for HBO Max.

    “He had watched the miniseries, and he was obsessed with it as well once he found out that I got cast in this,” Patrick, who’s the eldest son of Arnold and journalist Maria Shriver, revealed. 

    The actor told Insider that he’d watched the documentary series “twice” prior to being cast in the new adaptation, which made him “really excited” to play Todd Peterson, the son of novelist Michael Peterson (Firth), who was accused of killing his wife Kathleen in 2001.

    Patrick Schwarzenegger and Dane DeHaan on HBO Max's

    Patrick Schwarzenegger and Dane DeHaan on HBO Max’s “The Staircase.”

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    HBO Max

    Patrick also praised Campos for helping the actors prepare for the show. 

    “Antonio Campos was with the story for like, 10 years. He was such a treasure chest of information. He had so much uncut footage from the documentary to pull from, and interviews to read, and he was almost a one stop shop of information,” Patrick said. 

    The new HBO Max drama is inspired in part by the true-crime documentary series, and follows Peterson (Firth) and his blended family as they try to come to terms with Kathleen’s death, and Peterson’s possible guilt. 

    Investigators identified the former novelist as a person of interest following Kathleen’s death, and Peterson later turned himself in after being indicted for Kathleen’s murder. Following a lengthy and highly-publicized trial, Peterson was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison in 2003. 

    However, after it was revealed that one of the prosecution’s key witnesses had lied while under oath, a judge vacated the original jury’s verdict in 2011. After submitting an Alford plea in 2017, Peterson was released for time served.

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    “The Staircase,” which also stars Toni Collette, Sophie Turner, and Michael Stuhlbarg, is currently


    on HBO Max, with new episodes releasing Thursdays. You can watch the trailer below. 

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