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  • Olivia Cooke posed in a Savage x Fenty bra and underwear lingerie set beneath a fishnet bodysuit in a new Instagram photo.
  • The actress revealed her mega-toned abs, sculpted arms, and toned legs that she strengthens through morning workouts and yoga classes.
  • When it comes to self-care, Olivia turns to exercising, taking long baths with Epson salt, and reading to get her feeling her best.

Olivia Cooke just showed off her epic strength in a lingerie set and fishnet bodysuit that put all her toned muscles on full display. The House of the Dragon actress flaunts a matching black and red bra and undies while posing in front of a red curtain in a new Instagram post. Targaryen colors!

The 28-year-old celeb is getting major buzz right now after an interview where her and co-star Emma D’arcy discussed their fave drinks went viral on TikTok. IDK about you, but I’m ordering a negroni sbagliato with prosecco as soon as 5 p.m. hits tonight.

Olivia’s sculpted abs come from her morning exercise routine. Although she described her workouts as “a pain in the arse to force myself to do,” she also said that “exercise feels like I’m shoveling serotonin and dopamine directly into my brain,” when speaking with Byrdie.

Renaissance Rose Maxi Slip

Renaissance Rose Maxi Slip
Credit: Savage x Fenty

Her fitness affects her mentally just as much as it strengthens her physically. “I can be slobbish and put it off for a few days or a week if I’m working, but then I really start to feel the effects of that mentally,” she shared.

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Here’s Olivia in another lingerie set.

Olivia’s go-to workout typical includes “a half-hour to 45-minute blast, either following a video from Madfit on YouTube or a guided yoga class on Glo,” she told Byrdie. However, she notes that if she’s “not in the mood to be told what to do, I’ll make it up as I go along listening to the radio.” Fair.

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When preparing for Ready Player One, Olivia learned how to minimize shock to her joints, so that she could avoid injury despite the heavy-duty training the film required. Celebrity trainers Ryan and Eric Johnson chatted about their sessions with Olivia in a Vanity Fair interview from 2019.

“The big thing that we tried to incorporate was a lot of movement flow, a lot of jump training, a lot of absorbing impacts,” they shared. Olivia’s trainers would instruct her to pretend that she was landing on a plane of glass when coming down from a jump. “That is the way to safely ensure that she’s absorbing impact correctly.”

The Johnson brothers described Olivia’s hardworking attitude. “I could tell right off the bat that she was super invested, high-energy and just really down to do anything,” one noted.

“After our first couple sessions, she would come back and joke around and laugh about how she would have to hold on to the railing walking down the subway stairs, and then by the end of the six weeks, subway legs were no longer a thing, and Olivia was running up and down the stairs after a crushing 75-minute workout with ease.” You go girl.

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Olivia shared with Byrdie that her other forms of self-care include, “Baths with Epsom salts, listening to a podcast, or reading a book. I do an occasional face mask, if I remember.” All good things.

Looking strong as ever, Olivia!

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