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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a living legend. He’s a repository of talent, skills, and wisdom. 4 Mr. Universe titles, 7 Mr. Olympia titles, a magnificent acting career, former Governor, a businessman- the platter of his achievements is vibrant and incredible, making one question whether it is even humanly possible.


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Looking back at the great strides the ‘Austrian Oak’ has made, it is evident that he has shown enormous charisma to make the best out of every opportunity. Although one can only see what is on the outside, achieving this level is impossible without overcoming several trials and hard knocks. Surprisingly, his perspective on himself differs significantly from what is often thought. Speaking at the University of Houston in 2017, the legend shared something that will leave you thinking.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger regards the concept of self-made as a fallacy

The legend’s triumph against all struggles made him prosperous, successful in every venture, and a multi-millionaire. Nevertheless, he denied calling himself a self-made man. In a touching commencement speech at the University of Houston in 2017, he made reasonable points to back his remark.

COLUMBUS, OH – MARCH 06: Arnold Schwarzenegger addresses the crowd at the Arnold Sports Festival on March 6, 2020, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Now, the diplomas — there will only be one name and this is yours, but I hope it doesn’t confuse you and you think that maybe you made it that far by yourself,” Arnold told the graduating class. “No, you didn’t. It took a lot of help. None of us can make it alone. None of us. Not even the guy that is talking to you right now, that was the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

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“I didn’t make it that far on my own. I mean, to accept that credit or that medal, would discount every single person that has helped me get here today, that gave me advice, that made an effort, that lifted me up when I fell,” he continued. “The whole concept of the self‑made man or woman is a myth.”

Gratitude and giving back pave the path to greatness

Arnold, in a moving display of gratitude, shared the names of many people who helped him in his journey, including his parents and teachers. He also mentioned his lifeguard, bodybuilder Joe Weider, the people at Gold’s Gym, director James Cameron, comedian Jay Leno, producer Dino De Laurentiis, and, last but not the least, the people of America.


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He also shared that with success comes the responsibility to give back. “The reason why I want you to understand that is because as soon as you understand that you are here because of a lot of help, then you also understand that now is time to help others,” he explained. “Make sure that it is not about me. That it is about ‘we.’ Turn the ‘me’ into ‘we,’ and I guarantee you that you can change the world.” he concluded the speech with contemplating thoughts.


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This moving speech is a testimony to the saying by Anthony Douglas Williams, “Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living.”

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