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The Bears were supposed to enter this draft with a singular goal: Get Justin Fields some help. When it came time for Chicago to use both (or either) of their picks in the second round (No. 39 and No. 48) to support their young quarterback, they went:

Defense with Kyler Gordon. And then … defense, with Jaquan Brisker. Two good players and two immediate starters, sure. But unless I’m missing something and these two can also run routes, where’s that help for Fields?

So, how about a legitimate offensive weapon at No. 71? There were still a few good options! (twiddles thumbs, waits) Oh, how old is Velus Jones Jr.?

I do admire Chicago’s apparent faith in its new regime. But as someone who has personally covered this team for a long time and has seen any number of their quarterbacks fail because management essentially said, “go make it work,” — I don’t understand the Bears’ approach. At all.

Maybe Fields is a lot better than everyone thinks, and he can still be a superstar by throwing to Darnell Mooney and Some Guys. But I wouldn’t be holding my breath. That’s not how it works. Chicago had an opportunity to add a legitimate young playmaker for their best hope at quarterback in years, and they whiffed. If it comes back to haunt them and Fields, we can point to this draft as one of the main culprits.

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