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We all have our guilty pleasures and there are habits that we want to get rid of for good. However, sometimes all it takes to change is a good, decent conversation with someone you are close to. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance in seeing things through. Just like the conversation Arnold Schwarzenegger had with his son Patrick Schwarzenegger about his problem with smoking.


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For the world, Arnold Schwarzenegger might be the toughest guy ever. However, for his children, he is the coolest dad ever. Though sometimes it may be overwhelming for the children to live up to the standards set by their father. After all, Arnold is like a 5 to 6 different individuals combined in a person. He is a bodybuilding legend, successful actor, entrepreneur, global personality and not to forget the former governor of California. Is there something this guy can’t do?


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How a piece of advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger changed Patrick’s life

In an interview, Arnold’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger revealed, “I used to smoke every day. I couldn’t eat ice cream. I couldn’t do anything without smoking.”

Though all that changed with a piece of advice his father gave him. Patrick further added, “My dad sits down next to me and he said, Are you high? and I said yes. And he said, why would you ever wanna be high you have the best life in the world. Why would you wanna take something out of your life? Why would you wanna take yourself out of your life? And I have never smoked since. “

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Taking a dig at Patrick on this unusual episode with his father, Jimmy Kimmel said, “What kind of pot was that, the pot that makes you listen to your dad?” Well, clearly it was not the pot but the words from Arnold that did the magic.


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Who is Arnold’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger?


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Well, just like his father, Patrick Schwarzenegger, is also everyone’s favorite. He is a model and actor who has been featured in movies like Grown Ups 2 and Midnight Sun. Furthermore, 28-year-old Patrick is part of director Amy Poehler’s Netflix film Moxie.


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When they are together, the duo sets some pretty serious father-son goals and they are indeed very close to each other. Perhaps Arnold is not just a great athlete but also the best dad ever.

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