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Kelli Estes, Author
Kelly Aldridge, Teacer
Kelly Barnhill, Author
Kelly Grey Carlisle, Author; Associate Professor, Trinity University
Kelly Steiner, NBCT, Middle School Teacher
Kelly Yang, Author
Kenneth Pomeranz, Professor, University of Chicago
Kenny Brechner, Bookstore Owner
Kenzie McDermott, Teacher
Kerry Finnamore, Editor
Kim Anvinson, College Bookstore Director
Kim Baker, Author
Kim Corfman, Professor
Kimberly Huffman
Kit Little, Owner, Little Extra LLC
Kristi Gleason
Kristine Brecht, teacher
Kristin Cashore, Author
Kristin Freda, Librarian
Kristen Siplon, Registered Nurse
Kristina McMorris, Author
Kyle Lukoff, Author
L. Stern-Kluger, Reading Specialist

Laekan Zea Kemp, Author
Larissa Theule, Children’s Book Author
Laura Barr
Laura Moe, Author and retired librarian

Laura Ojeda Melchor, Author
Laura Rice, Full Body Frequency Host/Producer
Laura Rueckert, Author
Laurel Snyder, Author
Lauren Kessler, Author and teacher
Laurie Halse Anderson, Author
Laurie Powsner, Psychotherapist
Lawrence Butti, Educator
Lee Wind, Author and Blogger
Leigh Hurwitz, Public Librarian
Leila Sales, Author and Editor
Leo Neufeld, Bookseller
Leonard S. Marcus, Author
Lesa Cline-Ransome, Author
Lesléa Newman, Author
Leslie Davis, Regal Librarian
LeUyen Pham
Lin Oliver, Executive Director, SCBWI
Linda Carver, Business Manager, Independent Bookstore
Linda Colarusso, Educational Adminstrator
Linda Greengrass, Librarian (retired)
Linda Broday, author

Linda Urban, Author
Lindsey Lane, Author
Lisa Anchin, Author/Illustrator
Lisa Davis, Researcher
Lisa Holton, Faculty, Institute for NonProfit Practice

Lisa Goldstein, Librarian
Lisa Holenko, Bookstore Owner and Former Teacher
Lisa Roe
Lisa Spring, Concerned citizen
Lisa Strauch Eggers, Lawyer

Lisa Stringfellow, Author and educator
Linsey Miller, Author
Liz Garton Scanlon, Author
Loree Griffin Burns, Author
Lori Barrientos Sanchez, Director of Operations for Busboys and Poets Books
Lori F
Lori Keckler, Mom
Lori R Snyder, Author
Lorie Barber, Education Director and Former Teacher
Lou DiMaggio, Writer
Louis Arata, Author
Luisa Smith, Bookseller and Editor

Lyn Miller-Lachmann, Author and Translator
Lynne Cherry
M.R. Tapia
Mabel Hsu, Editor

Maia Kobabe, Author
Malinda Lo, Author
Margaret Willson, Author
Maria Heng, Retired

Maria Ingrande Mora, Author, Fragile Remedy
Maria Vallejo-Nguyen, Reviewer
Marianna Baer, Author/Editor
MarieH Zanzal, Art Educator, Museum Educator, Online Educational Content Creator
Marilyn Ackerman, Retired Librarian
Marilyn Mackel, Retired Professor
Marjie Ino, Office Assistant and Grad Student

Mark Alpert, Author of Young Adult Novels
Mark de Castrique, Author
Mark Freeman, IT Professional

Mark Nash, Teacher
Martha Brockenbrough, Faculty, Vermont College of Fine Arts
Mary Emily O’Hara, Journalist
Mary Klain, Homeschool mom to 5 kids with 16 years experience
Mary Van Akin, Director of School & Library Marketing, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group

Mary Winn Heider, Author
Maura McGill, Librarian
Meagan Church, Author
Meg Callaci

Megan Mertens, General Manager, Off the Beaten Path Bookstore
Melanie Conklin, Children’s Author
Melanie Dobbs
Melanie Ferguson, Bookseller
Melanie J. Wirtz, English Teacher
Melinda Greenblat, Librarian
Melissa Cistaro, Author and Teacher
Meridith Breen, NCSS Board of Directors
Mia Garcia, Author
Michael Arndt, Author/Illustrator
Michael Bourret, Literary Agent
Michael Hannemann, VP of Technology
Michael Leali, Author and Educator
Michael Ludin, Child Advocate
Michaela Squier
Michelle Bulla, English Teacher, 9-12 Department Chair
Michelle Davis, Educator
Michelle Knudsen, Author
Michelle Parkerson, Writer, LGBTQ+ Activist
Michele Weisman, Founder and Executive Director of Meet the Writers, Inc.
Mike Allegra
Mike Curato, Author
Mike Jung, Author
Mike Langworthy, Writer/Producer
Mike Royce, TV Writer
Mindy Yuksel, Author
Minna Zelch, Parent
Miranda Paul, Author
Miriam Lang Budin, Retired Head of Children’s Services, Chappaqua Library
Mitchell Eggers
Mitchell Kaplan, President, Books & Books
Molly Ellis, Publishing Professional
Morika Tsujimura, Teacher
Ms. Grace Kendall, Editor
Nadia Salomon, Author
Nancy Castaldo, Author
Nalani Thomas
Nancy Balaban
Nancy McKeever, Retired faculty, Graduate School of Education

Nancy Thelen
Naomi Shihab Nye, Writer, Educator, Young People’s Poet Laureate
Natalie Standiford, Author
Nicole Brinkley, Manager at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY
Nicole Lesperance, Author
Nicole Maggi, Author
Nicole Sullivan, Bookstore Owner

Nicole Walker, High School Teacher Librarian and Media Specialist
Nikki Grimes, Author, Ordinary Hazards et al
Nikoo McGoldrick, Author
Nina Crews, Author and Illustrator
Nina Jensen, Retired
NoNieqa Ramos, Author
Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, Author
Orel Protopopescu, Author
Oren Teicher, Bookseller
Padma Venkatraman, Author
Pamela S. Turner, Author
Pat Cummings, Author, illustrator, professor
Pat O’Brien, Economic Development/Community Work
Patricia Lakin, Author
Patricia Newman, Sibert Honor Author
Patricia Wiles, Author
Patty Blount, Author
Paul Avery, Professor, University of Florida

Paul Yamazaki, Bookseller
Paula Yoo, Author
Penny Haw
Peter Brown, Author/Illustrator
Peter Hare, Librarian

Phil Bildner, Author
Phil Davies, Director
Priscilla Royal, Author
Rachael Reiley, MLIS Student, SJSU
Rachel Lindsey, Interim President, Chicago State University (ret.)
Rachel Payne, Librarian
Rachel Weinstein

Rachel Wilson, Author & Library Associate
Ray Anthony Shepard, Biographer
Rebecca Slisher, Retired teacher

Rebecca Laincz, Bookseller
Rebecca Schmidt Castka, Writer
Rebecca Stead, Author
Rhea Brown Lawson, Librarian
Richard Overton
Richard W. Salzman
Rin Chupeco, Author

Rina Heisel, Author
Roan Parrish, author and former teacher
Robert Curtis Brown, Thinker
Robert Liu-Trujillo, Author and Illustrator
Robie H. Harris, Children’s Book Author
Robbin Friedman, librarian
Robin Newman, Author
Robin Stevenson, Author
Rosemary Brosnan, children’s book editor
RSBass, Retired teacher

Ryan Sullivan, Reader
S E Anderson, educator-author
Salima Alikhan, Teacher and Author
Sam Musher School, Librarian
Samantha M Clark, Author
Sandra Scott, Bookseller
Sarah Aronson, Author
Sarah Bagby, Bookstore Owner
Sarah Goddin, Bookseller
Sarah Horowitz, Professor of History, W&L University
Sarah Kopplin, Social Studies Educator & Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies President-elect
Sarah Lynn Baker, Associate Executive Director
Sarah Prager, Author
Scarlett St. Clair, Author
Scott Armstrong
Sean Petrie, Teacher and Author
Serena Sonoma, Regional Media Lead, GLAAD
Shadra Strickland, Author/Illustrator/Professor
Sheila Hamanaka, Children’s Book Author/Illustrator

Sheila Rothgart Browning, Teacher
Shing Yin Khor, Author and Cartoonist
Shirley T. Hailstock, Author
Sierra Godfrey, Author
Stephanie Campisi, Author
Stephanie Feldman, Author
Stephen Bramucci, Author
Stephen Mooser, Author
Steve Skrovan, Writer
Steve Stoliar, Author/Editor/Screenwriter
Steven Wendt, Actor, Performing Artist, Blue Man Group
Stewart Bloom
Sue Macy, Author
Susan Higginbotham, Author
Susan F. Joseph, Teacher
Susan Kuklin, Author
Susan Patron, Writer
Susan Straub, Author
Susan Sugarman, Professor

Susanna Nawrocki, Buyer
Susanna Reich, Children’s Book Author
Suzanne Grossman, Librarian
Suzanne R. Boydstun, Retired Early Childhood Center Director
Sydra Mallery, author and teacher
Tanvi Berwah, Author
Tara Lehmann, Publicist
Taryn Souders, Author
Taylor Maccoux, Editor

TeMika Grooms, Author and Illustrator
Teresa Bueti, Librarian
Teresa Robeson, Author
Thomas Skrovan, Teacher (retired)
Thomas Kies, Author
Thomas Lalicki, author

Tiffany Colón
Tim J. Myers, Writer and teacher
Tim Shiell, Professor
Todd Stocke, SVP, Editorial Director, Sourcebooks
Todd Sturgell, Author/Illustrator
Toni Knight, Retired educator
Tracee Laing, Founding Director: Healing Art Missions
Tracey Baptiste, Author
Tracey Duncan, Bookseller
Traci Sorell, Author
Tracy Dockray, Librarian and Author/Illustrator
Travis Manning, English Teacher
Tricia Lawrence, Senior Agent, Erin Murphy Literary
Tylaire Garey, Parent
Uju Asika, Author
V Zlowery, Concerned Citizen
Val Goems, Teacher
Vanessa Napolitano, International Students Adviser
Varian Johnson, Author
Veronica Wolff, Author
Vicki Cobb, author
Vicki Johnson, Author
Vicki Scaggs, Teacher
Violet Lumani, Author
Wendy Pologe, Reader and lover of books
William Alexander, Author
Dr. Zetta Elliott, Author/Educator

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