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Arnold later helped his mom with the day’s chores by carrying her car to the grocery store.

Back in 1987, someone had the idea to celebrate Mother’s Day with a TV movie called Superstars And Their Moms where, as the title suggests, a bunch of celebrities hung out with their mothers on camera to show viewers what it’s like to be in a famous person’s family. The crown jewel of this show, as pointed out by @FilmMomatic on Twitter, is Arnold Schwarzenegger discussing his career as the decade’s top action star with his mom, Aurelia Jadrny Schwarzenegger.

The full segment sees Arnold welcoming Aurelia into a room filled with memorabilia from his films. He shows her a picture of him as the Terminator and she calls it “adorable.” He holds up a still of him scowling and holding a sword as Conan The Barbarian and she says, “It is very cute.”

Next, Arnold tells Aurelia that he’s currently promoting Walter Hill’s Red Heat and has a few poster options he’d like her opinion on. At the first option, she says, “Why don’t you smile?” When shown the second, she gasps in horror and explains that she doesn’t like that he’s holding a gun. Because her darling boy is both holding a gun and refusing to smile in the third option, she remains unimpressed. Only the fourth, which shows Arnold and co-star Jim Belushi together, gets her approval since she reads her son’s stern face as a smile.

Later, they take in a screening of Red Heat. Initially, Aurelia only repeats “Where are you?” over establishing shots. But then she gives him a big thumbs up and says “I love it!” in the end. (Schwarzenegger quote-tweeted the clip, writing “Thank you for the fantastic memory!”)

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Famous people getting ribbed by their parents is a timeless concept. Aside from Dave Grohl adapting his mom’s book about raising musician kids into a documentary series, M. Night Shyamalan recently recruited his mother to help him promote his new movie Old, which ending up revealing that she actually doesn’t really watch movies and probably hasn’t been to the theaters since 1997’s Titanic. The Sixth Sense, for reference, came out in 1999.

A parent who has little interest in their kids’ careers? Stars, they’re just like us!

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