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If it seems like Miley Cyrus has been on the scene forever and a day now, the reason is simple – she has! As a former Disney star that came into homes all over the world as a tween star to now touring the country as a bonafide pop star, Miley has tried her hand at just about every field of entertainment and if you ask her, she is just getting started.

The rebel is all grown up now and although she can be known for her wild and crazy side, she is still down to earth and a true artist at her core. Her social media presence is astounding, and with nearly 180 million Instagram followers to her credit, she is constantly keeping fans up to date on what she is doing, who she is wearing, and any of her latest projects.

In one post, she chose a little black dress to post that was sexy, simple, and fashion-forward. With her blonde locks just past shoulder length, she looked every inch the star she is. But just when one thinks they know everything about Miss Cyrus, there’s always more to find out. What else is there about Miley that her fans may not know?

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