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Miley Cyrus is only 29 years old now, and while some may find that hard to believe since she has been around forever, it is definitely true! This fact alone means that there is a lot more for Cyrus to do in life and she is probably only just getting started. The pop star and mini mogul, who is worth a reported $160 million dollars, continues to increase her fame and fortune through hard work, tons of talent, and some of the best marketing moves in the business.

It is through her social media platforms that Miley makes a true impact, and with more than $180 million followers on Instagram, she is undeniably one of its biggest ever! What gets her so much attention there and in the media? It’s a combination of moxie and of course, fashion, baby! The case for all things Miley Cyrus begins!

Read on to see the photo and don’t forget to check out these 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become summer-ready too.

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