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Scottie Pippen had an incredible NBA career, capped off with three championships with the Chicago Bulls, and he’s also stood next to another incredible legend.

Jordan was the face of the NBA during the 90s as he led the Bulls to six Finals wins in the decade. Mike will always be remembered as the best player from the Chicago Bulls during that era, but make no mistake, Scottie Pippen was just as important as Jordan was to those Bulls teams.

Jordan was the “go get it”, score at will star while Pippen did a little bit of everything including the dirty work that often goes unnoticed on stat sheets and box scores. This is exactly what Phil Jackson referred to in an interview where he talked about Pippen’s role on the Bulls.

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Scottie Pippen was captured next to bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger

Through his playing days, and his investment deals off the court, Pippen has done well for himself. The Bulls legend has a net worth of $20 million, and he’s continuing to find ways to add to his fortune.

Of course, like everyone, Pippen isn’t perfect, and he ran into some financial problems in 2008. Of course, 2008 wasn’t an economically great time for anyone, but Pippen especially lost out massively.

Pippen netted massive losses due to a few bad investments. He ended up losing $27 million due to these bad investments as CNBC reported.

Through all the struggles, however, there were some bright sides too. The 6’8″ Scottie Pippen once appeared next to famous bodybuilder and Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, weighing in at 235 pounds, at the 2011 NBA All Star game.

Many celebrities showed up to that game as it took place in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West all performed at the halftime show.

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