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We hope it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear this, but something people should know at long last is that when she was working in the White House, Ivanka TrumpShe did not end hunger, empower women, or create 14,000,000 jobs. Instead, she spent most of her time trying to project the image of someone who could do all of those things. In reality, her nine-to-fives consisted of cosplaying as someone who could advise the president, giving uniquely bad advice, and being on vacation when the s–t hit.

It is not surprising that Princess Purses believed the White House press team was there to help her and her ambitions. “siphon off some of its resources to defend and support her,”According to a former press secretary Stephanie Grisham’s new book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now. “She obviously had a Google alert set for her name and would go to Sean Spicer whenever a story about her popped up that she didn’t like, which was most of them, expecting us to push back,”Grisham writes. “That happened even if 90 percent of a story was positive. She would focus on obscure small facts that she didn’t like or claimed weren’t true.… Image was everything in the Trump family, and Ivanka worked very hard to convey an image of perfection.”

According to Grisham, one story the former first daughter really didn’t like involved her flashing a hot dog vendor, which she presumably believed didn’t fit in with the trajectory she had laid out with JaredShe would become the first female president. Initially reported by Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox in her 2018 book, Born Trump, the story was recounted in detail by Trump’s childhood best friend Lysandra OhrstromSoon after the 2020 election. Ohrstrom says:

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Ivanka was the one who blamed a classmate for a fart. This is one of my earliest memories. Later, she persuaded me and several other girls to show their breasts out of the classroom window in what was now called the “Theatrical Flashing”. “flashing the hot dog man” incident in Chapin lore. Ivanka was the ringleader. However, she pleaded her innocence before the headmistress and was released. The rest of us were suspended. 

Fox reports that Trump was not asked back to Chapin due to the hot dog incident but rather because Chapin was unhappy with the number of classes she missed while she was trying to be a model. “She traveled to Mar-a-Lago to put together her modeling portfolio and lied to administrators about why she was missing school,”Fox recounts the story in her book.

Ivanka would prefer that these stories are not discussed anymore and that the press focus on other matters. For example, not about how she made $640 million working in the West Wing with her husband or how they made their Secret Service details go to extremes to. “find a bathroom.” Acceptable topics would be about how she’s just a few short years away from returning to the White House in her own right and how Jared is just putting the finishing touches on his plan for world peace. Anything else? Run it by her office to get approval. Sound good? It sounds great.

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A busboy in Mar-a-Lago just got a 47-minute lecture about Trump’s wealth

Sorry to everyone else who will need to hear this for all eternity. Per the Washington Post

In 1982, when Forbes magazine launched its rich list, a compilation of the 400 wealthiest Americans, a young Donald Trump made the coveted roster, but only to reflect that he held some ill-defined portion of his family’s real estate fortune. The publicity-hungry developer waged a decade-long campaign to be on the list permanently, claiming an ever increasing number of fans. net worth that would push him up the ranks of the nation’s richest people. Trump stated that money was the way people make their lives better. “keep score”In your life.

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This week, for the first time in more than a quarter-century, Forbes dropped Trump from the list entirely, reporting that the former president is now worth about $2.5 billion — the same as last year, but as the rich get richer, stasis won’t cut it on the rich list. Trump’s worth is down about $600 million since the start of the pandemic, the magazine reported, leaving him $400 million short of qualifying for this year’s Forbes 400.

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