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As the saying goes, life imitates art, and this person was compared to Ross Geller from Friends when he detailed in a viral video his ritual for checking out of a hotel.

Dutch, who goes by the username @dutchdeccc on the popular TikTok account, told his followers about all the toiletries he takes from a hotel before he checks out.

“So I’m getting ready to leave the hotel and check out, and when I tell you I take everything out of this hotel,” the New York native began the video, which now has more than one million views. “I take the coffee. I don’t drink coffee. Somebody will.”

“You know I’m taking all the bath amenities and you know I have a bag full in my suitcase already of all the bath amenities they’ve restocked every day,” Dutch said in the video. A clip of his bag showed handfuls of body wash and razors, compliments of the hotel, plus a notepad and packets of instant coffee. He couldn’t use the hotel’s bar soap due to his sensitive skin, but that didn’t stop him from taking it too. There was no room for the tissue box left in his bag, but he assured viewers that he would’ve taken that from the hotel room as well.

Dutch joked about taking the bed, which would be harder to sneak out than some toiletries. “I’m not actually going to take the bed but do take the sheets … off,” he explained as he pulled off the bedding. “I’m not taking the sheets with me. It makes it easier.”

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The TikToker was so enthused by his hotel check-out routine that he worried he couldn’t stop there. “Part of me is even like, should I take the cups?” Dutch said.

The video drew comparisons to a scene from Friends, in which Ross Geller can’t contain himself from stocking up on hotel toiletries. During an episode of the popular sitcom, Ross (played by David Schwimmer) details his tendency to take hotel items to Chandler (played by Matthew Perry) without technically stealing them.

“You have to find the line between stealing and taking what the hotel owes you,” Ross explains to Chandler in the scene.

“Ross and Chandler,” commented one person with a crying laughing face emoji. “Take the light bulbs and batteries from the remote”.

“Ross would be so proud!” said someone else.

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“It’s giving Ross Geller,” another person commented.

One TikTok user suggested donating the unused toiletry items to homeless shelters, while a housekeeper commented that taking the sheets off a bed helps make their job easier. “I’m a housekeeper and I love when ppl take the sheets off,” they wrote, “Says a lot about a person!”

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