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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Joshua Paul Schultz, of 117 Meadow Valley Road, Apt. 11, Ephrata, and Beth Christine Lamicela, same address. Schultz’s parents are Paul O. and Jana L. Schultz. Lamicela’s parents are Ronald J. and Christine H. Lamicela.

Michael S. Heiney, of 336 E. Ross St., and Stephanie Rose Moreno, same address. Heiney’s parents are Richard and Jacqueline Heiney. Moreno’s parents are Esteban Moreno and Candida Rosa.

Randy Jonathan Berg, of 1188 Creek Road, Leola, and Diana Sergeyevna Kravets, of 2405 E. Letterly St., Philadelphia. Berg’s parents are John and Cindy Berg. Kravets’ parents are Sergey and Lidiya Kravets.

Gary Nathanial Duffey, of 408 Brookside Circle, Kearney, and Jessenia Marrero, of 523 White Chapel Road. Duffey’s parents are Gary Dwayne and Michelle Ruth Clevenger. Marrero’s parents are Angel Rafael Marrero and Mayra Luz Rivera.

Jorge Luis Olmeda-Llanos, of 227 Locust St., Apt. 1, and Esther Rivera-Rosado, same address.

Gadiel Jeremias Vasquez Moronita, of 535 Abbeyville Road, Apt. C, and Yndira Ogando Valdez, of 2101 Magee Ave., Philadelphia.

Jose Presinal De Los Santos, of 634 E. King St., Apt. 2, and Jennyfer Figueroa Villa, same address.

Timothy Ryan Fox, of 2671 Noble Road, Quarryville, and Tasha Jolette Fox, of 1143 Division Highway, Ephrata. Timothy Fox’s parents are Stanley Eugene Fox and Janet Sensenig. Tasha Fox’s parents are Vernon Weaver and Vera Jane Fox.

Manuel Alequin, of 14 S. Duke St., Suite 2, and and Jenny Ramirez, same address.

Hector Rafael Almonte Urena, of 612 Wyncroft Lane, Apt. 6, and Arianny Antonhia Mendez, same address.

Gregory S. Uptegraph, of 348 Balmer Road, Lititz, and Brandy Lynn Colombo, same address. Uptegraph’s parents are Kenneth Ronald and Eileen Brelle Uptegraph. Colombo’s parents are Edward Richard and Linda Eileen Weber.

Caleb Darren Hertzler, of 6223 Dark Hollow Road, York, and Sophia Katherine Baker, of 125 Green Lane, Nottingham. Hertzler’s parents are Ken and Rosene Hertzler. Baker’s parents are David Courney and Alissa Kay Baker.

Ashton Elizabeth Ann Cassel, of 176 N. Grant St., Manheim, and Dakota Lee Longenecker, same address. Cassel’s parents are Dennis Lee Cassel and Angeles Javine. Longenecker’s parents are Darry Lee Longenecker and Dana Lynn Hall.

Adam M. Crouse, of 352 Buch Ave., and Brittany Ann Martin, same address.

Chad Joseph Cooper, of 140 Stoney Battery Road, Salunga, and Jenna Elizabeth Dilley, same address.

Edgar Alberto Perez Batista, of 1702 Swarr Run Road, H208, and Raisa O. De Oleo Escalante, same address.

Ricky Kenneth Goodin, of 1465 Turnpike Road, Elizabethtown, and Luann Williams, same address. Goodin’s parents are Perry Ray and Barbara Sue Goodin. Williams’ parents are Frederick Eugene and Sandra Kay Conwill.

Matthew Thomas Ward, of 9300 Willow Creek Drive, Apt. E, Gaithersburg, Md., and Erin Grace Cathcart, same address. Ward’s parents are Thomas Ward and Joann Hoff. Cathcart’s parents are Michael Alan Cathcart and Susan Tyger.

David Emerson Miles, of 42 Broad St., Christiana, and Ashley B. Norton, of 5291 Mine Road, Kinzers. Miles’ parents are David Walter Oakley and Kathy Ann Miles. Norton’s parents are Randy Keith and Patrisha Ruetna Solomon.

Sergey Romanovich Frolov, of 401 Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown, and Kateryna Nosul, same address. Frolov’s father is Roman Frolov. Nosul’s parents are Oleg and Olga Nosul.

Adam J. Cannavin, of 40B Sunset Road, Whiting, N.J., and Stephanie D. Cohen, of 60 Midvale Lane, Willingboro, N.J. Cannavin’s parents are Craig A. and Janet I. Cannavin. Cohen’s parents are William Louis Cohen and Sandra M. Nolan.

John Patrick Morris, 22 Rogues Ridge, Weston, and Richard Joseph Castagna, same address. Morris’ parents are Jerome Raymond and Dorothy Doloros Morris. Castagna’s parents are Eugene Joseph and Dorothy May Castagna.

Joel Austin Arnold, of 1170 Ridge Ave., Apt. 4A, Columbia, and Mary Elizabeth McConnell, of 3120 Lincoln Highway East, Paradise. Arnold’s parents are Wilbur Edward and Irene Elizabeth Arnold. McConnell’s parents are Edward Francis and Theresa Mae McConnell.

Teshome Aboye Ararso, of 409 Dickens Drive, and Marta Wolteji, same address.

Aidyn P. Miller, of 221 Main St., Landisville, and Paige M. Schoelkopf, same address. Miller’s parents are Quentin L. and Lydia K. Miller. Schoelkopf’s parents are Don Schoelkopf and Eileen Schoelkopf.

Leon H. Lichty, of 2667 School House Lane, Narvon, and Mary Ellen Peel, of 326 E. Second Ave., Lititz.

Colson Scott Stoltzfus, of 14 Wyndmere Way, Willow Street, and Rebecca Emily Kruse, of 114 Christine Drive, Downingtown. Stoltzfus’ parents are David Scott and Heidi Elizabeth Stoltzfus. Kruse’s parents are Vincent and Jeanette Kruse.

Eli A. Yoder, of 2646 Creek Hill Road, Leola, and Judith Alice Graybill, of 4069 N. 150 E, Camden, N.J. Yoder’s parents are Andrew E. and Annie E. Yoder. Graybill’s parents are Virgil David and Virginia Marie Graybill.

Erik Matthew McDonald, of 44 Frederick Way, Kirkwood, and Sherry Keith Robinson, of 381 Harbor Drive, Claymont, Del. McDonald’s parents are Edward McDonald and Virginia Pacheco. Robinson’s parents are Scott Christopher Robinson and Diana Domenech.

Richard James Vincent Moore, of 105 Pinehurst Road, York, and Marissa Danielle Colosi, of 3731 Concordia Road, Columbia. Moore’s parents are Richard and Lisa Moore. Colosi’s parents are Marco and Karen Sue Colosi.

Federico Mateo, of 609 S. Christian St., and Kaly Leexin Maria, same address.

Leonard Zagurskie, of 94 Pine Meadow Road, Lebanon, and Barbara M. Montanez, same address. Zagurskie’s parents are Leonard and Jean Olive Zagurskie. Montanez’s parents are Marian and Maria O. Janczewski.

Forrest Seales Jermacans, of 290 California Road, Morgantown, and Juliana Mae McCoy, same address. Jermacans’ parents are Valdis Janis Jermacans and Katherine Trout. McCoy’s parents are Joel Glenn Chamberlain and Faith Elizabeth McCoy.

Ivan Antonio Toledo, of 44 S. Mulberry St., and Rosalie Cruz, of 118 Coral St. Toledo’s mother is Rosa Altagracia Toledo. Cruz’s parents are James Cruz and Rosa Marie Morales.

Andrew Michael Crimmins, of 217 Main St., Denver, and Wanda Sue Klopp, same address. Crimmins’ parents are Robert F. Crimmins and Doris Yvette Hirneisen. Klopp’s parents are Jody Lee and Lisa K. Klopp.

Lisa Ann Citarella, of 1247 Fremont St., and Michelle M. Ward, same address.

Brian Keith Vetro, of 51B Parkside Inn Road, Bernville, and Aimee Michelle Morello, same address. Vetro’s parents are Clyde Herbert and Eva Marie Nonnemaker. Morello’s parents are Louis Rocco and Melinda Doretha Morello.

John H. Ierley, of 339 N. Second St., Columbia, and Whitney Alexis Goldsborough, of 6484 Lincoln Court, East Petersburg. Ierley’s parents are John Henry and Georgianne Kathleen Ierley. Goldsborough’s parents are William John and Brenda Lee Goldsborough.

Justo Luis Munoz, of 234 E. Fulton St., and Joelly Ivette Ramos, same address.

Nehemiah Talbott, of 2356 Middlegreen Court, and Hang Le Pham, of 707 Beaver Spring Road, Harrisburg. Talbott’s parents are Mark Alan Talbott and Kendra Diane French. Pham’s parents are Nhung Thi Nguyen and Minh Van Pham.

Weijie Shen, of 1850 N. Van Pelt St., Philadelphia, and Huilin Wang, of 1906 S. Sixth St.

Carl Russell Heckert, of 1037 Tom Paine Drive, and Amanda Mitchell Bublitz, same address. Heckert’s parents are Carl and Evelyn Heckert. Bublitz’s parents are Farley and Brenda Mitchell.

Troy Anthony White, of 105 Commodore Drive, Bainbridge, and Jennifer Lynn Horn, of 1667 Clover Lane, Landisville. White’s parents are Blaine H. White and Nicole Vegeto. Horn’s parents are Joseph Michael and Donna Louise Horn.

Anthony Terrigno, of 40 Milton Ave., No. 2, Jersey City, NJ, and Aaron Hart Daubert, same address. Terrigno’s parents are Anthony Nicholas and Norma Isabel Terrigno. Daubert’s parents are Harlan Aaron and Jeanne Daubert.

Fabian Diaz-Antuna, of 621 E. Marion St., and Zeneida Frias Bonifacio, same address.

Charles Nathan Hofheimer, of 407 College Ave., Apt. B, and Shannon Marie Lucio, same address. Hofheimer’s parents are Craig and Alice Hofheimer. Lucio’s parents are David and Juanita Lucio.

Alex Robert Dixon, of 1317 Atkins Ave., Apt. A, and Margaret Anne Stevenson, same address. Dixon’s parents are Robert and Kimberly Dixon. Stevenson’s parents are Paul and Julia Stevenson.

Gabriel Kenneth Sauerbrun, of 130 E. Charles St., Wernesville, and Abbie Elizabeth Hardy, of 5822 Watson Ave., Bristol.

Charles Mike Baula Bautista, of 34 Cherry Groveway, Fort Stewart, Ga., and Julia Irene Drebushenko, of 3211 Oakland Road, Dover. Bautista’s parents are Pepito Maala Bautista and Brigida Baula Flores. Drebushenko’s parents are Duane Drebushenko and Colleen Raffensberger.

Jason Lee Beiler, of 188 Quarry Road, Quarryville, and Rebecca S. Fisher, of 35 Lesal Drive, Gordonville. Beiler’s parents are Wilmer J. and Lydia Ann Beiler. Fisher’s parents are Amos S. and Emma Mae Fisher.

Matthew Thomas Kirkley, of 339 N. Charlotte St., Apt. 1, and Sarah Jane Renz, of 219 E. King St., Unit 1. Kirkley’s parents are Donald Lester and Bonnie Ann Kirkley. Renz’s parents are Richard Arthur and Jane Louise Renz.

Rusty James Leighty, of 471 Manor St., second floor Apt. 2, and Emily Marie Swartz, same address.

Robert A. Coble, of 745 Lavender Drive, Mount Joy, and Linda M. Arndt, of 591 Farmview Lane, Mount Joy.

Haydn Juergen Fernitz, of 3331 Nolt Road, and Holly May Kopp, same address. Fernitz’s parents are Kirk Manfred and Kristin Ann Fernitz. Kopp’s parents are Dennis Ray and Carol Lee Shenk.

Edward Girard Stucker, of 2034 Main St., Apt. 2, Lititz, and Paula K. Brommer, same address. Stucker’s parents are Edward Girard and Gloria Sue Stucker. Brommer’s parents are Jon Phillip and Loretta B. Koss.

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Matthew S. Harrison, of 2279 East Mount Hope Road, Manheim, and Jami A. Harrington, same address.

Danny L. May, of 54 E. Washington St., Apt. 201, Elizabethtown, and Stephanie Lynn Bowman, of 174 N. Reamstown Road, Stevens. May’s parents are Mervin Daniel and Betty Lou May. Bowman’s parents are Robert David and Cynthia Ann Stoner.

Rafael Vargas, of 1032 N. 11th St., Reading, and Emelyn Alicea-Ramos, of 809 Highland Ave.

Taylor Glenn Fullerton, of 130 Oberholtzer Road, Elizabethtown, and Katelyn Marie Shipe, of 1761 Bossler Road, Elizabethtown. Fullerton’s parents are Philip Eugene and Sharon Lynn Fullerton. Shipe’s parents are Greg Michael and Jeanette Marie Shipe.

Radu Andrei Tugulia, of 2 Bangor Road, Middletown, and Tabita Andreea Quashigah, same address. Tugulia’s parents are Costica and Viorica Tugulia. Quashigah’s parents are Gheorghe and Olimpia Vacareanu.

Zachary Tyminski, of 203 Crimson Lane, Elizabethtown, and Nicole Marie Snavely, same address. Tyminski’s parents are Frank K. and Carroll Erdene Tyminski. Snavely’s parents are David Lamach and Anne Schnapp.

Joseph L. Stepp, of of 3695 Marietta Ave., Apt. 3, and Frances Vasile, same address. Stepp’s parents are James Marlin and Kathryn Stepp. Vasile’s parents are Raymond Vasile and Guiseppa Lacefield.

Nuri Qua Id Kennedy, of 612 Sterling Place, and Akeya N. Baylis, same address. Kennedy’s parents are John and Vera Kennedy. Baylis’ parents are Walter Jackson and Debra Baylis.

Kevin Matthew Pogwist, of 23 Spruce St., Ephrata, and Celeste Johnson, of 138 Stoney Battery Road, Salunga. Pogwist’s parents are Ronald and Sharon Pogwist. Johnson’s parents are George Dennis and Cheryl Johnson.

Thomas E. Colburn, of 1344 Newport Road, Manheim, and Alisa A. Pisano, same address.

Rey Perez Torres, of 233 W. Main St., Leola, and Julieta Cosio Aguilar, same address.

Clarence Scott Cramer, of 288 Oak Drive, Elizabethtown, and Jill Ellen Kegerise, same address. Cramer’s parents are John Lewis and Dolores Rose Cramer. Kegerise’s parents are Elmer Wesley and Helen Ann Bustard.

Scott Andrew Gray, of 59 Stratford Village, and Maria Joy Watson, of 983 Glenview Drive, Denver. Gray’s parents are Charles Dean and Louise Ann Gray. Watson’s parents are Herbert Lynn and Rhoda Marie Mast.

Noah Michael Wierzbicky, of 729 Robin Road, and Kinsey-Labri Diane Shawyer, of 114 East Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Wierzbicky’s parents are Andrew Michael Wierzbicky and Keren Elizabeth Robison. Shawyer’s parents are Dennis Ray Shawyer and Sheratee Marie Kelley.

Taylor James Costa, of 1459 Robert Fulton Highway, Apt. B, Quarryville, and Amy Nichole Reese, of 659 Lilac Drive, New Providence.

Anthony Lantigua Santos, of 225 Farmview Lane, Mount Joy, and Danette Elizabeth Wann, same address. Santos’ parents are Franklin Miguel Lantigua Hernandez and Milagros Mercedes Santos Rojas.

Samuel Noah Cable, of 1203 Diamond St., Akron, and Jennie Olivia Young, of 8 Middle Creek Road, Lititz. Cable’s parents are Timothy Ryan Cable and Mary Katherine Orndorff. Young’s parents are Michael Wright and Sarah Lynn Young.

Matthew Young James, of 336 E. 81st St., 4H, New York, N.Y., and Kathryn Rose Roop, of 16 Wren Drive, Lebanon. James’ parents are Adrian and Joanne James. Roop’s parents are Stuart Allen and Donna Louise Roop.

John Vincent Wills, of 1003 Chestnut St., Delta, and Sherri Crystal Langston, same address. Wills’ parents are John Vincent and Peggy Ann Wills. Langston’s parents are Richard Vernie and Judith Leslie Langston.

John Allen Shrom, of 2509 Bryant Drive, Indian Land, S.C., and Mindy S. Lawrence, of 703 Oxford Road. Shrom’s parents are Robert Bruce and Hazel Hunt Shrom. Lawrence’s parents are Elroy C. and Janis A. Stauffer.

Jedediah M. Benson, of 564 Friendship Drive, Honey Brook, and Ivy Lynn Medina, same address. Benson’s parents are Barry Benson and Debra J. Martin. Medina’s parents are Jack M. and Betty D. Flanders.

Michael Alexander Schwartz, of 714 N. Shippen St., and Anne Dandridge, same address. Schwartz’s parents are Steven Robert and Susan Elizabeth Schwartz. Dandridge’s parents are Douglas Bates and Deborah Dorwart Royer Dandridge.

Jeremiah Paul Bixler, of 2710 Maytown Road, Marietta, and Kendra Cheyenne Caskey, same address. Bixler’s parents are Joseph and Elizabeth Bixler. Caskey’s parents are Scott Edward and Robin Lynn Caskey.

Bryan L. Martin, of 1869 Gish Road, Manheim, and Traci L. Kissinger, of 516 Hill Road, Robesonia.

Jason P. Gill, of 432 Maple St., Columbia, and Melissa Lee McGuffie, same address. Gill’s parents are David P. Gill and Dawn McCue.

Justin Kyle Oberholtzer, of 126 Royer Road, Ephrata, and Jalisa Dawn Weaver, of 219 Dryville Road, Fleetwood. Oberholtzer’s parents are Adin E. and Karen Oberholtzer. Weaver’s parents are Kenneth B. and Ruth Ann Weaver.

Lance Edward Kaylor, of 749 Groff Ave., Elizabethtown, and Eileen Marie Brooks, same address. Kaylor’s parents are Dennis Jay Kaylor and Paula Ann MacDonald. Brooks’ parents are Alan and Cynthia E. Ervay.

Kristifer Muir King, of 161 Mountain Lane, Denver, and Amy Lynn Bouren, same address. King’s parents are John Paul and Donna Jean King. Bouren’s parents are Darryl Loren Bouren and Pauline Rudock.

Randy Allen Kurtz, of 441 Chickadee Drive, Lititz, and Sherry Lynn Kading, same address. Kurtz’s parents are Charles Richard and Judy Ann Kurtz. Kading’s parents are Adam Weaver Horst and Elizabeth Redcay Sommers.

Harry B. Hess, of 597 Koser Road, Lititz, and Ruth Emma Brandt, same address. Hess’ parents are Harry G. and Minerva R. Hess. Brandt’s parents are John G. and Emma M. Brandt.

Anthony Cruz, of 429 Hillside Drive, Mountville, and Kristen Ashley Sheetz, same address. Cruz’s parents are Tony Cruz and Diana Dee Figueroa. Sheetz’s parents are Brian Scott Sheetz and Lisa Marie Howard.

Alexander Rodriguez Gonzalez, of 417 E. Frederick St., Apt. 36, and Nildalu Montalvo Ramos, same address. Rodriguez Gonzalez’s parents are Angel Rodriguez and Milagros Gonzalez. Montalvo Ramos’ parents are Santiago Montalvo and Nilda Ramos.

Zachary Brian Dahler, of 20 Spesutia Road, Aberdeen, Md., and Justina Marie Holman, of 3325 Betterton Circle, Abdingdon, Md. Dahler’s parents are James Ronald Dahler and Joy Lyn Duke. Holman’s parents are James Joseph and Sarah Moran.

Kevin M. Brantley, of 429 N. Charlotte St., Apt. 2, and Jessica Lynn Kauffman, same address.

Jonathan Duane Ressler, of 217 N. Pine St., Apt. 3, rear, and Megan Marie Mihaljevic, same address. Ressler’s parents are Jonathan Ressler and Barbara Celi Slonneger. Mihaljevic’s parents are Michael Rudolph and Julie Lynn Mihaljevic.

Michael Alfred Boyle, of 8629 Bridle Road, Philadelphia, and Gina Marie Gardener, same address. Boyle’s parents are Gerard Joseph and Madonna Marie Boyle. Gardener’s parents are Joseph S. and Kim Marie Gardener.

Abanoub Nassan Colta, of 706 Southview Drive, Landisville, and Candie Gold Lee Lo, same address. Colta’s parents are Nassan F. and Magda A. Colta. Lo’s parents are Thue Lo and Linda Yang.

Thomas Edward Cepis, of 133 Schoolhouse Road, Kirkwood, and Bonnie Jean Brake, same address. Cepis’ parents are John and Elizabeth Ann Cepis. Brake’s parents are Robert Lance and Susan Agnes Lohr.

Danny Lee Elliott, of 810 Bellevue Ave., Gap, and Beth Anne Laskey, of 323 E. Main St., P.O. Box 178, Atglen. Elliott’s father is Danny Lee Elliott. Laskey’s mother is Pamela R. Beaver.

Matt Tamon Heilman, of 245 Hill Road, New Holland, and Kristin Lee Skowood, same address. Heilman’s parents are Andrew James and Carole Anne Heilman. Skowood’s parents are Donald Lee Skowood and Linda Jane Lapp.

Jay Francis Bolick, of 1021 Woods Ave., and Dawn Steelman, same address. Bolick’s parents are John Francis and Shirley Marie Bolick. Steelman’s parents are John Elwood Steelman and Linda Ann Wagner.

Ian Abel Gordon, of 205 North Ridge Road, Reinholds, and Madison Lynn White, of 228 S. Fourth St., Denver. Gordon’s parents are Darryl Frederick Gordon and Helen Marie Reinhold-Gordon. White’s parents are Christopher Case and Robin Lynn White.

Evan D. Mast, of 1736 Pine Swamp Road, Mount Pleasant Mills, and Jannah R. Garman, of 1187 Forest Hill Road, Stevens. Mast’s parents are Daniel and Rebecca Mast. Garman’s parents are Kenneth L. and Esther H. Garman.

Matthew Stuart Brown, of 3219 Cloverfield Road, Harrisburg, and Danielle Marie McCoy, same address. Brown’s parents are Stuart Warren and Joan Marie Brown. McCoy’s parents are James Dean and Tina Marie McCoy.

Richard Lewis Weaver, of 25533 SR 35 N, Mifflintown, and Kayla Lynnae Musser, of 2604 Hossler Road, Manheim. Weaver’s parents are Richard Lee and Freda Marie Weaver.

Derek Weston Golembrosky, of 4407 Wilmington Way, Milton, and Nicole Elizabeth Certesio, same address. Golembrosky’s parents are Kurt and Jessica Golembrosky. Certesio’s parents are Joseph and Debra Certesio.

Marcus Luis Vargas, of 1079 Monticello Lane, and Nelida Aracelis Badillo, same address. Vargas’ parents are Miguel Angel and Maritza Ivette Vargas. Badillo’s parents are Efrain and Nedeina Badillo.

Todd Eugene Snyder, of 302 Stone Run Driving, Rising Sun, Md., and Jessica Brande Humphrey, same address. Snyder’s parents are Harold Ernest Snyder and Brenda Lee Baighman. Humphrey’s parents are Charles William and Sandra Sue Basta.

Thomas Jacob Tweddle, of 434 W. Lemon St., and Emily Ann Broadbent, same address. Tweddle’s parents are Thomas Jacob Tweddle and Rosemary Bostick. Broadbent’s parents are Richard Logan and Allison Kay Broadbent.

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Dusty Lee Cronk, of 562 Kinderhook Road, Columbia, and Evan Clay Mumma, of 558 Kinderhook Road, Columbia. Cronk’s parents are Stephen and Nancy Cronk. Mumma’s parents are Mark Alan Mumma and Amy Lynn Norton.

Sergio Alejandro Gallego, of 1307 Mapledale Road, Elizabethtown, and Luz Angela Saldana, same address. Gallego’s parents are Luis Alberto Gallego and Maria Josefina Agudelo. Saldana’s parents are Leonardo Saldana and Miryam Rodriguez.

David James Corwin, of 1563 Hickory Run Court, Elizabethtown, and Christina Kaciuban Horangic, same address. Corwin’s parents are James Thomas and Jill Clark Corwin. Horangic’s parents are Stanley Phillip Kaciuban and Nancy Jane Falcone.

Jacob F. Glick, of 1077 W. Main St., New Holland, and Susanna S. Stoltzfus, of 65 Peach Lane, Ronks. Glick’s parents are Jacob F. and Mary L. Glick. Stoltzfus’ parents are David S. and Esther S. Stoltzfus.

Theodore Charles Allen, of 9418 Elizabethtown Road, Elizabethtown, and Karla Rose Breneman, of 2373 Bainbridge Road, Elizabethtown. Allen’s parents are Douglas Ray and Deloris Ruth Allen. Breneman’s parents are Gilbert Harnish and Judy Renee Brenenman.

Brian Scott Romich, of 134 S. State St., Ephrata, and Ashley Nicole Leaman, same address. Romich’s parents are Charles H. and Beverly K. Romich. Leaman’s parents are Thomas Leaman and Dorette Hartl.

Cory Edward Smith, of 134 N.Main St., Manheim, and Rebecca Lynn Schappell, same address. Smith’s parents are Edward and Margaret Smith. Schappell’s parents are Joseph and Patricia Schappell.

Joseph Tywan Thomas, of 305 E. Fulton St., Apt. B4, Ephrata, and Megan Renee Forrey, of 52 Winding Way, Lititz. Thomas’ parents are Anthony Tyrus Thomas and Shirley Ann Smith. Forrey’s parents Douglas Scott and Tracy Lynn Buchter.

Matthew Elliot Wilhelm, of 19 Miller St., Apt. G, Strasburg, and Brianna Grace Brady, of 2103 Mount Pleasant Road, Mount Joy. Wilhelm’s parents Gregory and Deborah Wilhelm. Brady’s parents are Jonathan Paul and Judith Ann Brady.

Frederick C. Armstrong, of 1961 Carlton Place, and Elizabeth Ann Amara, same address. Armstrong’s parents are Francis C. and Arlene S. Armstrong. Amara’s parents are Robert J. and Elizabeth A. Amara.

William Michael Nies, of 440 Southampton Drive, Lititz, and Linda Eve Hirsch, same address.

Zane David Walizer, of 408 S. Market Ave., Mount Joy, and Trista Joy Brougher, of 5947 Molly Pitcher Highway, Chambersburg. Walizer’s parents are Ronald Gale and Katherine Walizer. Brougher’s parents are Andrew Nathan and Faye Ruth Brougher.

Moo Dah Htoo, of 135 Manor Ave., Millersville, and Klu Moo, same address.

Jose A. Lopez-Lopez, of 74 Weis Ave., and Maria Magdalena Fernandez Rodriguez, same address.

Angel Luis Santiago, of 333 S. Ann St., and Ruthanna Kohl, same address. Santiago’s parents are Angel Luis Santigao and Lourdes Maria Sanchez. Kohl’s mother is April Ruth Kohl.

Jonathan E. Crawford, of 549 W. Main St., New Holland, and Angela Michelle Price, of 617 W. Main St., Ephrata. Crawford’s parents are Jimmy D. and Katrina M. Crawford. Price’s parents are Donald E. and Marjorie E. Price.

Mahlon Jay Esh, of 85 Old Leacock Road, Ronks, and Linda Fern Esh, of 549C Gibbons Road, Bird in Hand. Mahlon Esh’s parents are Levi A. and Sadie L. Esh. Linda Esh’s parents are Mervin M. and Arie Ann Esh.

Scott Philip Auchter, of 707 Brentwood Drive, Lititz, and Allison Elizabeth Bitner, same address. Auchter’s parents are Raymond Philip and Sandra Lee Auchter.

Alyssa J. Johnson, of 308 Sassafras Terrace, Mount Joy, and Jerimya J. Stonier, same address. Johnson’s parents are Ronnie Lee and Cherie Lyn Johnson. Stonier’s mother is Melissa Sue Stonier.

Erik Michael Wright, of 139 Gina Court, Elkton, Md., and Natalie Renee Frappier, same address. Wright’s parents are Michael Lee and Lisa Walker Wright. Frappier’s parents are Kenneth Raymond and Ruth Marie Frappier.

Timothy Glenn Fry, of 1 Colonial Crest Drive, Apt. B, and Rhoda Irene Fry, same address. Timothy Fry’s parents are Harold Glenn Fry and Joanne Louise Ferguson. Rhoda Fry’s parents are Lester Boyer and Bertha Arlene Kinard.

Brian Leslie Lounsbury, of 920 31st Street S, Birmingham, Ala., and Lindsay Pickell, same address. Lounsbury’s parents are Brian Leslie Lounsbury and Allie Polikoff. Pickell’s parents are Elwood and Lori Pickell.

Robert James Recher, of 1009 Fountain Ave., and Olga Nelly Roman, same address. Recher’s parents are Robert William Recher and Beth Ann Mackie. Roman’s parents are Benjamin Roman and Maria Esther DeJesus.

Nathan Jay Stoltzfus, of 153 Maple St., Gordonville, and Aary Mae King, of 87 Springville Road, Quarryville. Stoltzfus’ parents are Elmer G. and Rachel E. Stoltzfus. King’s parents are Amos Jay and Susie Ann King.

Jonathan Albalbaladejo Negron, of 7907 Oakstone Court, Orlando, Fla., and Perla D. Garcia Malpica, of 828 Fourth St.

Pablo Delgado Mendez, of C. Caribata 14, Santo Domingo, DR, and Lilianna M. Salvador Montanez, of 236 Chester St. Apt. 3. Delgado Mendez’s parents are Luis Reynaldo Delgado Valdez and Yrcania Guillermina Mendez Rogiers. Salvador Montanez’s parents are Rafael Mercedes Salvador and Shanny Esther Perdomo.

Andrew James Guers, of 1248 W. Swartzville Road, Reinholds, and Bethany Cara Moore, same address. Guers’ parents are Dan Dennis and Patricia Ann Guers. Moore’s parents are Todd and Cara Moore.

Alex Dean Beamesderfer, of 48 Akron Road, Ephrata, and Kelly Ann Kiousis, same address. Beamesderfer’s parents are Dean Lyle and Donna Ann Beamesderfer. Kiousis’ parents are Christos John Kiousis and Deborah Ann Flynn.

Patrick Christopher Sollenberger, of 6311 Jackson Drive, East Petersburg, and Brittany Marie Walls, same address. Sollenberger’s parents are Jeff Lee and Toni Sollenberger. Walls’ parents are James Ray and Amy Marie Walls.

Aaron Herman Donnachie, of 1303 Sylvan Road, and Willow Sophia Williams, of 173 E. Main St., Mountville. Donnachie’s parents are Keith William and Amy Jo Donnachie. Williams’ parents are Anthony Todd and Amy Elizabeth Williams.

Andrew Jonathon Nowacoski, of 1809 Brubaker Run Road, and Ariana Elizabeth James, same address. Nowacoski’s parents are David John and Marla Ruth Nowacoski. James’ parents are Jimmy Douglas James and Susan Estelle Mickelson.

Logan Blake Simmons, of 732 N. Queen St., and Jessie Swinford, of 464 W. Vine St. Simmons’ parents are Lee Brian and Rita Frey Simmons. Swinford’s parents are Bruce Swinford and Deborrah Ballard.

Victor Alaia, of 210 E. Dayton Road, Eglin AFB, Fla., and Genesis Yemima Arias, of 377 Old Forge Crossing, Devon. Alaia’s parents are Cesare Alaia and Larysa Shulha. Arias’ parents are Arturo S. Arias and Sonia Janett Orellana.

Kayde Jesse Althouse, of 1250 Seglock Road, Lititz, and Brianne Elizabeth Landis, of 127 N. 11th St., Akron. Althouse’s parents are Jesse Neil and Lenette Paula Althouse. Landis’ parents are Jeffery Eugene and Amanda Lou Landis.

Jonathan S. Zarceno Borrallo, of 186 Lepore Drive, and Limsy Mayeli Paredes Escobar, of same address.

Justin Lyle Barlup, of 316 Valley St., Marysville, and Whitney Nicole Shumaker, of 2120 E. Mount Hope Road, Manheim. Barlup’s parents are Randy Lee Barlup and Rita Marshall. Shumaker’s parents are J. Bryon and Deborah Joy Shumaker.

Kurt Thomas Wasielewski, of 434 Honeysuckle Drive, Marietta, and Amanda Jo Boughter, same address. Wasielewski’s parents are Timothy Joseph Wasielewski and Terry Ellen Degauges. Boughter’s parents are Thomas George and Joan Marie Lehman.

Randy S. Faus, of 74 Cranfield Court, Elizabethtown, and Jami L. Roetting, same address.

James Eugene Griel, of 103 Cheryl Ann Court, Willow Street, and Jo Ann Plank, of 5476 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gap.

Sean Achey, of 1975 Crooked Oak Drive, and Miriam M. Kenney, same address. Achey’s parents are Russel F. and Barbara Achey. Kenney’s parents are David Radcliff and Susan Moe.

Samuel Guerrero, of 2824 Lincoln Highway East, Apt. B, Ronks, and Anabelle Nunez Cascante, same address.

Calvin Thomas Walsh, of 1903 Huntfield Court, Fallston, Md., and Catherine Marie Wheeler, same address. Walsh’s parents are Clifton Thomas and Maria Walsh. Wheeler’s parents are James Donald and Edna Mae Hughes.

Robert M. Kelly, of 134 S. Sadsbury Court, Gap, and Jaime Sheetz, same address. Kelly’s parents are Robert and Donna Kelly. Sheetz’s parents are James Russell and Carol Sue Sheetz.

Shaun David Bellaman, of 317 W. High St., Apt. 101, Elizabethtown, and Stephanie Renee Duross, same address. Bellaman’s parents are Richard Bellaman and Josephine Popp. Duross’ parents are Michael and Patricia Duross.

Michael Anthony Boyer, of 412 Dogwood Lane, New Providence, and Jazmyn Lynn Gamber, same address. Boyer’s parents are Douglas and Kimberly Myers. Gamber’s parents are Mark Christopher Gamber and Dodie Lynn Neff.

Joseph Wesley Chaffin, of 8556 Williams Ave., Philadelphia, and Deborah Elizabeth Barrow, of 214 Hillside Lane, Ellenville. Chaffin’s parents are Joseph Wesley and Virginia Renee Chaffin. Barrow’s parents are Henry Calhoun and Olive Ernestine Branche.

Kenneth E. Ruffner, of 1330 Hillcrest Road, and Susan J. Snyder, same address. Ruffner’s parents are Ronald E. and Patricia J. Ruffner. Snyder’s parents are Richard S. Muehleisen and Florence A. Muehleisen.

John Cummings, of 1530 P B Lane No. C4203, Wichita Falls, Texas, and Cynthia Ho, of 1532 Viejo Road, League City, Texas. Cummings’ parents are Richard Cummings and Dawn Miller. Ho’s parents are Hai and Thuan Ho.

James Jay Wimer, of 63 Valleybrook Drive, and Cynthia Ann Kluth, same address. Wimer’s parents are Richard Francis and Kathern Wimer. Kluth’s parents are William Shaffer and Helen McMillan.

Jason Alvarado Merlo, of 109 E. King St., Apt. 5, and Elena Mercedes Camacho Rivas de Camacho, of 109 E. King St., Apt. 2. Alvarado Merlo’s parents are Julio Alvarado and Guillermina Merlo. Camacho Rivas de Camacho’s parents are Bienviendo Ramon Camacho and Reina Ramona Rivas.

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Jordan Anthony Spahr, of 206 W. Main St., Strasburg, and Maci Elizabeth Langone, same address. Spahr’s parents are Christopher Micheal and Shannon Leigh Spahr. Langone’s parents are Anthony Joseph and Theresa Ann Langone.

Richard Saez, of 505 S. Lime St., and Awilda A. Cedeno, same address. Saez’s parents are Pablo and Gladys Rosa Saez. Cedeno’s parents are Elias Cedeno and Luz V. Ramos.

Cody Michael Wireback, of 925 E. Madison St., and Erika Grisales Hoyos, of 907 W. Fairway Drive. Wireback’s parents are Charles Gregory Wireback and Cathy Marie Rowe. Hoyos’ parents are Edward Johnny Arboleda Torres and Solangee Hoyos Pasos.

John Peter Bullock, of 305 N. Lime St., and Margaret Maryanne Sweeney, same address. Bullock’s parents are Peter Bullock and Jane Ellen Baker. Sweeney’s parents are Joseph Vincent Sweeney and Linda Porr.

Joshua Brian Gavin, of 637 S. West End Ave., and Teresa Elaine Vandermale, same address. Gavin’s parents are Patrick Dennis Gavin and Hillary Sue Baker. Vandermale’s parents are Robert Martin and Marie Elizabeth Vandermale.

Tyler Andrew Schafer, of 2136 Nicole Way, Abingdon, Md., and Ashleigh Ann White, same address. Schafer’s parents are Robert Scott and Dawn Lynn Schafer. White’s parents are Michael Eugene White and Marianne Neely.

Henry Joel Morales Roman, of 348 Hand Ave., and Beth Anne Machuca Roman, same address.

Justin Edward Bowman, of 210 S. Prince St., and Katherine Lorrayne Bowser, same address. Bowser’s parents are Garry Preston Bowser and Lisa Marie Burkhardt.

Andrew Edward Wasson, of 364 Garey Road, Douglassville, and Julia Claire Wolinski, same address. Wasson’s parents are Daniel Edward and Diane Louise Wasson. Wolinski’s parents are Paul Anthony and Darlene Elizabeth Wolinski.

Joseph Anthony Abramowicz, of 457 New Dorwart St., and Jeffrey Robert Coon, same address. Abramowicz’s parents are Joseph and Theresa Abramowicz. Coon’s parents are James Howard Coon and Mary Ann Riley.

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David Andrew Schultz, of 1 Groff Drive, Ephrata, and Gabriella Shea Pettis, of 202 Broad St., Landisville. Schultz’s parents are Steven Kenneth and Cynthia Ann Schultz. Pettis’ parents are Ronald Scott and Carol Lynn Pettis.

Erynette Felicano-Rosario, of 803 N. Reservoir St., and Julian Bryce Morales, same address. Morales’ parents are Aura Dorothy Huete and Alyson Morales.

John Paul Tracy, of 489 Resolution Drive, Lititz, and Amy Okumura, same address. Tracy’s parents are Jack Martin and Beverly Jane Tracy. Okumura’s parents are Shuzo and Hisako Okumura.

Dieu Sauveur Dugene, of 27 King Court, Elizabethtown, and Dieulene D. Jean, same address.

John Stevenson, of 1307 Lookout Lane, Lititz, and Amy Gaio, same address. Stevenson’s parents are William and Mary Stevenson. Gaio’s parents are Frederick Gaio and Regina Stolburg.

Vincent Emmanuel Vitola, of 10 Aspen Place, Bellmawr, N.J., and Aubrey Nichole Draham, same address. Vitola’s parents are Vincent Emmanuel Vitola and Carrie Lynn Kuc. Draham’s parents are Michael James Barbara Marie Draham.

William Alexander Cashaw, of 2020 Main St., No. 2, Lititz, and Alicya Marie Bingham, same address. Cashaw’s parents are William Alexander and Kim Marie Cashaw. Bingham’s parents are Joseph Twyman and Marcella Lynn Bingham.

Jonathan Daniel Thompson Myer, of 112 Kinseyville Road, Nottingham, and Sara Louise South, same address.

John Allen Stoltzfus, of 250 Maple Ave., Bird-in-Hand, and Becky Rose Stoltzfus, of 88B S. Harvest Road, Ronks. John Stoltzfus’ parents are Christian and Barbara Stoltzfus. Becky Stoltzfus’ parents are Jonathan and Mariam Stoltzfus.

Jason Michael Spence, of 421 W. Vine St., and Flavia Chiquita, same address. Spence’s parents are Ronald Keith and Sandra Jean Spence. Chiquita’s parents are Tjan Kim Jung and Lislianty Nada Tjoa.

Joshua M. Warner, of 332 N. Lime St., Apt. 1, and Christina F. Peek, same address. Warner’s parents are Joseph and Michelle Warner. Peek’s parents are Kenneth Batten and Penny Mercer.

William Charles Swatton, of 5 Continental Court, 204, Owings Mills, Md., and Natalie Riane Montanye, of 614 Bailey Lane, Mount Joy. Swatton’s parents are Clive Charles and Jill Suzanne Swatton. Montanye’s parents are Mark Thomas and Gretchen Lee Montanye.

Esther Elizabeth Johnson, of 133 E. New St., Lititz, and Ashley Alexis Delacruz, same address. Johnson’s parents are Donald Richard and Beverly Anne Johnson.

Riley Alexander Wedhe, not provided, and Vaughn James Currinder, same. Wedhe’s parents are William and Jackie Wedhe. Currinder’s parents are Clifford and Bonnie Currinder.

William Michael Good, of 857 Millwood Road, Apt. 1, Willow Street, and Krista Rittenhouse, of 916 N. Plum St. Good’s parents are Linford and Velma Good. Rittenhouse’s parents are Donald Lee and Jane Marie Rittenhouse.

Pedro Luis Carmenate, of 442 E. King St., Apt. 5, and Deborah E. Rivera-Moore, same address.

Haydan Deangelo Guerrero, of 539 Hill St., Mount Joy, and Madison A. Trigg, of 913 May Road, Lititz. Guerrero’s mother is Jessica Nicole Grouse. Trigg’s parents are David F. and Carrie Ann Trigg.

David Jeffrey Wolgemuth, of 28 S. Lime St., and Laura Jo Luce, same address. Wolgemuth’s parents are Steven Roy and Lori Ann Wolgemuth. Luce’s parents are Joel Harry and Mary Christina Landis.

Noelvis Diaz Lozano, of 228 Coral St., and Regla de la Caridad Vives Ibatao, same address.

Mars Hong Bielski, of 540 N. Jefferson St., and Miranda Szczepanski, same address. Bielski’s parents are Francis Xavier and Jacqueline Marie Bielski. Szczepanski’s parents are Phillip Paul Szczepanski and Jennifer Vandergrift.

Christopher Neal Hooks, of 101 First St., Annapolis, Md., and Nora I. Alsaif, of 542 W. Marion St., Lititz.

Adam Gregory Schmalhofer, of 240 Birchwood Lane, Lititz, and Samantha Dale Smith, same address. Schmalhofer’s parents are Gregory Robert and Brenda Kay Schmalhofer. Smith’s parents are Samuel Jay and Babs Smith.

Solomon James Myers, of 1128 Miller Road, Mount Joy, and Mackenzie Renee Arndt, of 5 Oakbrook Lane, Elizabethtown. Myers’ parents are Kenneth David and Michele Lee Myers. Arndt’s parents are William Westley and Karen Eileen Ardnt.

Jeremy A. Panzarella, of 321 W. 28th Division Highway, Lititz, and Brenda Lynn Jordan, same address. Panzarella’s parents are Gerald and Susan Panzarella. Jordan’s parents are Jeffery Jordan and Cathy Vera.

Edward L. Heilinger, of 1120 Mountain Drive, Fredericksburg, and Hope E. Piscopo, of 204 Prospect Road, Mount Joy.

Maximiliano Vega Lopez, of 120 E. Chestnut St., Apt. 2, and Anahi Santiago Cruz, same address.

Hector Rafael Martinez, of 1053 Tom Paine Drive, and Julianna Ramirez, of Respaldo Hermanas Mirabal 15, Santo Domingo, DR.

Raymond Jay Glick, of 183 Amsterdam Road, New Holland, and Rosanne F. Zook, of 5560 White Oak Road, Paradise. Glick’s parents are Jonas Z. and Fannie M. Glick. Zook’s parents are Christ M. and Anna Ruth Zook.

Christopher James Gredzinski, of 765 Mount Vernon Road, Gap, and Anna Kathleen Moore, same address. Gredzinski’s parents are Edward James and Joan Starrett Gredzinski. Moore’s parents are William Glos and Ethel Stancil.

Hasim Selami Kaygisiz, of 518 E. 28th Division Highway, Lititz, and Zeliha Tezce, same address.

Robert Kinch Bowman, of 600 W. Sixth St., Apt. 1001, Lititz, and Christine Elizabeth Kennedy, of 10 N. Market St., No. 207. Bowman’s parents are Luther Kinch and Eleanor Lehman Bowman. Kennedy’s parents are Matthew Anthony Kennedy and Leona Joan Cahill.

Matthew Stephen Parks, of 348 Owad Road, Airville, and Mary Collette Summers, of 1249 Robert Fulton Highway, Quarryville. Parks’ parents are Durwin Wayne and Brenda Faye Parks. Summers’ parents are James Allen and Sharon Jo Nickle.

Matthew Lee Miller, of 151 Church Road, Lititz, and Lauren Kathryn Pettit, of 57 Lady Diana Circle, Evesham, N.J. Miller’s parents are David Carl Miller and Patricia Lynn King. Pettit’s parents are Raymond James Pettit and Adeline Yolanda Saffioti.

Robert Lee Mittan, of 250 Oberlin Road, Middletown, and Kathleen Grace Babb, same address. Mittan’s parents are Lawrence Allen and Susan Scott Mittan. Babb’s parents are Joseph Aloysius and Patricia Ann Babbs.

Christopher Jon Delp, of 80 Diller Ave., No. 17, New Holland, and Cynthia Marlene Sweigart, same address. Delp’s parents are Floyd A. and Dorothy L. Delp. Sweigart’s parents are Richard W. Sweigart and Lillian M. Enyeart.

Philip Carter Smink, of 1274 Rawlinsville Road, New Providence, and Ashlyn Jo Fisher, same address. Smink’s parents are Stephen Gerard and Teresa Smink. Fisher’s parents are Todd Richard Fisher and Veronica Bea Heckel.

Daniel John Yocum, of 7025 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim, and Natasha Whitney Orth, same address. Yocum’s parents are Mark and Marie Malia Yocum. Orth’s parents are Christopher and Catherine Orth.

Eric Bell, of 5114 Greene St., Philadelphia, and Kaijah Pagan, of 4914 Lincoln Highway, Kinzers. Bell’s parents are Eric Bell and Kemyatta Yvette Devlin-Knight. Pagan’s parents are Miguel Pagan and Kenya McGrier.

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