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The Good Place’s Kristen Bell has been doing quite well even after the show ended. Many new projects of hers have proved to be major hits that make it natural for one to question her net worth. So, what actually is Kristen Bell’s net worth? To find out, continue reading the article!

Kristen Bell’s net worth and how she earned it?

Despite her impressive net worth Kristen Bell lives quite simply with her husband, Dax Shepard, who revealed in an interview that when it comes to money, Kristen seems to give away most of it. But she makes negotiations with much attention, which helps her in securing great deals. Bell even encourages her kids to adopt the same approach of believing in minimal life. 

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Kristen Bell’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million! She never had everything, so she had to pave her own way. Her parents weren’t famous people; her mother was a nurse, whereas her father was a news director. Bell had a passion for the film industry from a very young age. She was blessed to have supportive parents who let her follow her dream. Later she even enrolled herself in a musical theatre art school. It is indeed real news that for her first project, she even dropped out of college. This happened when she was almost near her graduation! 

Kristen Bell's net worth and how she earned it?Kristen Bell’s net worth and how she earned it?

So, technically her first official project was in 2001 when she starred in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. However, according to some, she started her career in 1998. Then a year later, in 2002 starred in another Broadway show named The Crucible. She got gigs after this, which helped her in her career. But the major role that she got was in 2004! The character of Veronica Mars proved to be a life changer for Bell. She played the character for four years. And it is impressive how she juggled her other shows with this as well. But unfortunately, as the show got cancelled, she had to search for other gigs. 

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She got another big role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in which she starred as Sarah Marshall, the main character. Then from here, she had a lot of hits! So, as we can see, her journey was not always smooth, but despite all these challenges, she made it through. 

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Other than being an amazing actor Bell is also a singer! This explains why she is so good at voicing characters. In case you don’t know, she played a big role in Frozen! Obviously, her major source of income is from acting. According to the official date, she has around 104 credits named to her! Which is quite shocking for someone her age.

Bell is just 41 years old and is a mother to two beautiful daughters. From Gossip Girl alone, she has made around $16 million. And this income comes both from the original show and the reboot version, which came out in 2021. Back in the day, she used to charge $125,000 per episode of Gossip Girl. And not to forget that she didn’t even feature in the show. Instead, she was the person behind the famous voice of the narrator. Well, her husband was right about her bagging well-negotiated deals. 

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As for Frozen, she played a major role in Anna. We are sure that this project also contributed a lot to her net worth, as it was a blockbuster hit! Then she also played Anna in Frozen 2, which again made waves. Although we do not know what her paycheck was, we are sure about the fact that it was a generous one! So, that was everything about Kristen Bell’s net worth and her other career details. For more such information, don’t forget to bookmark this page!

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