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When it comes to book-to-screen adaptations, fans of Cassandra Clare’s best-selling Shadowhunters novels haven’t had an easy ride. With 2013’s City of Bones never getting a sequel and Freeform’s Shadowhunters series canceled after just three seasons, those hoping to see Clare’s world brought to life onscreen have faced multiple disappointments. Fortunately, Shadowhunters star Katherine McNamara doesn’t think that’s lessened their passion for this fictional universe. 

Despite the ‘Shadowhunters’ cancellation, Katherine McNamara sees a ‘resurgence of fresh enthusiasm’

Katherine McNamara | J. Countess/Getty Images

Shadowhunters premiered to a fairly dedicated audience back in 2016, considering how many viewers were already fans of the novels the show was based on. For this reason, McNamara, who portrayed the show’s lead character, Clary Fray, knew she was stepping into a role accompanied by plenty of responsibility. What she wasn’t prepared for is how much the series’ fan base has continued to grow, even after being taken off the air

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