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Katherine McNamaraShe is reflecting on her time. ShadowhuntersIt’s possible!

The 25 year-old actress, Clary Fray, celebrated the series’ two-year anniversary on May 6, 2019, which marks the six-year anniversary of her booking the role.

“Thank you to all you #Shadowfam Angels who reminded me of the anniversary yesterday. Not only was it 2 years since the finale, it was 6 years to the day since I was cast as our girl Fray,”She wrote it on Instagram. “Embarking on this journey into the shadows has been one of the most thrilling, terrifying, tremendous, and transformative experiences of my career and my life. The descent to Hell is easy, but this journey was pure Heaven. I learned so much as an artist and as a person through the process.”

“Clarissa Adele Fairchild Morgenstern Fray is a small, red haired, bad tempered, badass force with a heart of gold – I was honored to have the gift and challenge of bringing her to life,” Katherine continued. “Thank you to the creators, producers, writers, and the rest of the team for entrusting her to me and giving me so many beautiful stories to tell in her shoes. As for our cast and crew, you know I love you. We carried each other through every good, bad, and ugly of this journey (mostly good 😉) and each of you made going to work every day a pure joy.”

“I am eternally grateful for the plethora of adventures both on and off screen and the beautiful souls I got to share them with and that, my dearest Shadowfam, includes all off you as well. Each one of you angels has touched my life in ways I can never truly express with your kindness, enthusiasm, and thoughtfulness toward the story, each other, and the world at large.”

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“It will always be one of the greatest privileges of my life to be a small part and bear witness to how you have grown such an incredible special community from mutual connection to a story about love, acceptance, and found family. As we all know, my dear angels, love makes you stronger. You will certainly always have mine. Oh, one more thing, I will never stop believing that all the legends are true. xx, Biscuit #shadowhunterslegacy”

If you haven’t seen it,KatherineHer Shadowhunters co-star Luke BainesThe trailer was released just as the group was reunited to film a new movie in quarantine. It’s available here!

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The actress was also reunited with two Shadowfam members at a weekend getaway celebrating Caliwater’s launch.

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