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Two Shadowhunters actors reunite for one the most hilarious movies this year. It premieres on VOD Saturday.

Untitled Horror Movie tells the story of a group that is shocked to discover their show is on the verge of being cancelled. So they set out on a mission: to make their own horror film.

Claire Holt, Emmy Raver–Lampman and Timothy Granaderos star alongside former Shadowhunters actors Luke Baines, Katherine McNamara, and Darren Barnet on the flick.

We had the opportunity to meet McNamara and Baines before the movie’s launch.

Baines co-wrote this movie with Nick Simon. Baines says they get along well because Simon is not too serious.

“I had this idea for a horror film about a pendulum. I’d been out and wandering around Los Angeles, and there was a woman who had a pendulum, and she was trying to decide what sort of bread to buy,”Baines shared the story of how the movie became reality.

Untitled Horror Movie Poster

He approached Nick who was determined not to write it as a script that they would make down the line. Instead, they decided to go ahead with the movie.

COVID-19 shut downs meant that many of the actors were unable to work. Baines reached out his friends to have the movie made as a zoom-like movie.

Baines said that Nick and he had written the first draft of the script in less than a week. The project was then adapted from there.

McNamara was happy to have the opportunity to work with Nick and Luke, who she had known for years.

The actress claimed that she was called by a producer to discuss a movie and asked if she would like to be involved.

Kat McNamara as Chrissy

“They really didn’t give me much of a choice in the matter, but I wasn’t happy to be a part of that,”She laughed. 

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“We’re at a place in the year where we’d all been so starved for not only social interaction, but just any kind of creative outlet that felt productive in a way,” McNamara shared.

“It was the perfect opportunity to experiment”Try out different ways to make movies.

“Chrissy is, I think, the most well-intentioned but uninformed,”Katherine spoke highly about her character.

“She is so dedicated to her career. She’s not playing; she’s a bit more image-obsessed than probably is healthy.”

Luke Baines on Untitled Horror Movie

“But that comes with, you know, her role for many years and how she views her career.

“But what’s interesting is because Christie commits a hundred percent, she ends up suffering a lot of consequences of the unwitting, supernatural elements that come into play.”

“It was a lot more fun to really dive into and play a type of character that’s very distinct from me in a lot ways, but also someone who makes it really enjoyable to step into their shoes.

Baines plays Declan who the actor describes to be a “bit of a troublemaker.”

“He’s a pot-stirrer. It’s the nicest way to put that. He definitely likes to cause some trouble and have some fun.”

Katherine McNamara as Chrissy

“He is very much the kind of person who fell into acting. “He didn’t have any dreams of becoming an actor as a child; he just kind of fell into it.”

“It’s a lot, like a lot of people I’ve worked with over the years, being on various different sets and having conversations with people who never really chose to be an actor, they just kind of fell into it,”Luke continued.

They were also excited to collaborate again, as they appeared on Freeform’s Shadowhunters.

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“It was fabulous,”McNamara. 

“That’s the special thing about the shadow fam, you know. I did a movie with Matt Daddario last year, and then doing this one as well, when you’ve worked with someone so closely for so long, it’s just a dream to go back,”She shared.

Shocked Chrissy

“There’s a shorthand and then inherent trust there that it just makes the working experience so wonderful. It makes it really special,” McNamara concluded.

“Working with Kat is like reuniting on a dance number,”Baines spoke of his experience working with his former star.

“We both kind of know each other; we know each other so well that the longer way of doing things doesn’t have to be done because she and I both know each other’s shortcuts.”

“We know how to get what we need. There’s also obviously a level of trust from having worked together and knowing each other for so many years,”He concluded.

“Doing any of the stunt stuff with somebody else would just never would have happened, but being able to talk through everything with her and know each other was invaluable.”

Claire Holt on Untitled Horror Movie

“It was a really hard time, obviously for so many because the world was in a massive state of flux and, you know, people were losing their lives,”Baines spoke of the film’s making.

“There were riots going on. There was protesting going on. It was a really crazy time to be in the world,”He shared. 

“There were times where it felt like truly absurd to be shooting this comedy horror in the middle of all of that. But there were most of the time it was; it was my saving grace,”He concluded.

McNamara shed light on the production of a screen-based film.

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“We’re all on zoom together. And we were able to actually be doing the scenes live with there without the sound being compromised,”McNamara expressed gratitude for the various devices that made it possible,

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Emmy on Untitled Horror Movie

“And that was really helpful because a lot of the movie relies on that kind of answer and the back and forth between the characters. So we’re still able to take advantage of that.”

“I think it will be very immersive, especially since so many of us have become now accustomed to interactions on video and FaceTime and sort of a more remote method of communicating and connecting with people.”

“I miss being on set, and I miss being able to be there, but this was a great way to get work when there was nothing else we could do,”She said she was proud to be a part the project.

Baines was glad to have helped open the doors for other filmmakers by working on a screen-based film.

“We basically just painted a roadmap for people to do it in that way and to shoot a film on their phones and, and make it something.”

See the trailer below.

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