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In Vanity Fair’s popular lie detector video series, Joe Jonas revealed some interesting facts about himself.

One of the most notable was his reaction to being asked if he would date Pete Davidson and Kanye West.

When asked about Pete, Jonas didn’t hesitate to answer, “Yes.”

However, when asked about Kanye, Jonas answered “No,” with a chuckle.

The humorous clip has gone viral on TikTok, and brings back a joke that Jonas’ wife Sophie Turner made during a roast.

Jonas and Turner frequently have fun poking fun at one another and garnering comments about how “iconic” they are, and it seems fans have rightfully concluded the couple are made for each other.

That was further illustrated in the 2021 Netflix comedy special The Jonas Brothers Family Roast, when Turner told Joe not to wait up for her, because “Pete Davidson slipped me his phone number.”

The joke followed the appearance of Davidson in the audience, dressed as a JoBros super fan.

“A Little Bit Longer is both my favorite album, and what Sophie wishes Joe’s penis was… Winter is coming, Sophie not so much,” Davidson joked during the short appearance.

One commenter on TikTok pointed out that Jonas’ response to being asked about dating Pete or Kanye was true.

“Lie detector determined he was telling the truth,” they said.

Another person joked, “I feel like Joe and Sophie give strong bi couple vibes lol.”

“Celebrities: they’re just like us!” someone else said.

One commenter summed up the video with, “Valid points have been made.”

The interview also featured questions about Jonas’ brothers, Nick, Kevin, and Frankie, and their lives growing up as Disney Channel stars, including their show JONAS, which Joe said he doesn’t regret.

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Watch the full lie detector interview, below:


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