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One of the most important things you can do is to positively affect the life of a child. Some people only get to make a positive impact on their own kids, and the children of neighbors and friends. But, some people get to make a positive lasting impression on hundreds of kids. One of those people is Jonita Greene, a school bus driver for North Gibson School Corporation.

A surprise thank you for an act of kindness

Recently, Jonita was approached by a young man who wanted to thank her for the kindness she showed to him and his girlfriend. Her kindness is something that the man never forgot.

Jonita posted the story to her Facebook page.

Yesterday I was taking some mail into Central Office. A car pulls up beside my bus and the driver says “hey I’ve got something for you!!” I was like “ok”. I stepped around the front of my bus…the driver says “I just want to give you this (arms extended…a hug) and tell you, thank you!!” I had no idea what for. They proceed to tell me what for. 14…15 years ago they rode my bus. They were expecting a child. I’m sure people/students were saying this and that about the situation they were in. I would talk to them and tell them it was going to be alright. I told them about my high school year when I had my son. How we grew up together…you live and learn together. They told me how much they appreciated me talking to them..that they had been thinking about our conversations. The hug was so tight…tears in our eyes. I’m glad to know they are close to their son and things are going great!!! You never know how your words can help someone. Thanks for tracking me down!!!

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Jonita goes above and beyond every day to make others feel good.

People like Jonita bring light into the world that continues to resonate for those it touches every day. If there were more people like Jonita in the world, the world would be a better place filled with compassion, empathy, happiness, and love.

Jonita M. Greene

Jonita M. Greene

Look at one of her amazing and inspirational morning Facebook posts.

Goooooodddd Mornin Facebook Crew!!! About time to roll out to pick up my Precious Cargo!!! I think we are down to maybe 18 days!!! Howeverrrrrr I will continue to see some of my and other drivers at Precious Cargo because I will be helping out with the Grab N Sit Meals!!! Everyone, have a Blessed Day and try to stay dry from the off-and-on raindrops we are to have today!!!

She is my hero! Love her!

I’m going to try to be more like Jonita, and you should too.

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