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Every guy in the world wants to look like the two times Mr. Universe and Mr. America, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the only person in the world who shares looks with the bodybuilding giant is his son, Joseph Baena.


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Baena was born in 1997 to Mildred Patricia, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s long-time housekeeper. Joseph Baena is a model-turned-actor currently participating in the 31st season of Dancing With The Stars. His partner is Daniella Karagach, a professional dancer.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger might punish Baena

Baena was asked if he and Arnold Schwarzenegger would be seen in the next season of DWTS. Baena jokingly replied that was not going to happen, not unless Dani was his partner. “Yeah, just, only if, only if Dani is his partner,” he remarked.

Baena has previously revealed that people from his family, especially his father’s side, are not known for their dancing skills. Arnold Schwarzenegger once also expressed his surprise at seeing his son’s exquisite moves.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Look Alike Son Addresses Questions of Father’s Jealousy
About His Beast Like Body at 25

6 days ago

Joseph Baena, 25, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, 75, still share a striking resemblance. Baena was once asked if his father ever gets jealous of his looks, to which he replied, “You know we try not to bring that up in conversation too much because I’ll probably get punished for it.

Baena and Schwarzenegger get along well

Joseph Baena’s mother kept his father’s identity a secret till the resemblance between the two became undeniable. Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed in a 60-minute interview that, “[Joseph] started looking like me, that’s when I kind of got it. I put things together.

The father and son took a while before they got along and started sharing everything. The duo frequently post together on Instagram, where Baena recreates his father’s iconic poses.


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Baena says that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best training partner, and the duo also hits the gym together. The fact that Baena looks like his dad doesn’t put him out. Instead, he takes pride in that his fans have similar expectations from him, just like Schwarzenegger.

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