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GETTING new new hair cut can be risky if it’s a drastic change.

That’s what this hair hopeful discovered when she got her long locks chopped off and was left less than satisfied with her new do.


The hair hopeful had long hair before it was all chopped offCredit: TikTok
The finished look was far from what she wanted


The finished look was far from what she wantedCredit: TikTok

The TikTok user @carrotsandkiwis posed a clip of her looking excited to change her style, showing herself looking care-free with her luscious strawberry blonde hair.

She went for a dramatic change, presumable aiming for a 90’s style layered look – but that’s far from what she got.

She wrote in the caption of the clip: “Am I allowed to sue over a hair cut?”

The look was more choppy than layered and pretty uneven as well.

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Her cheery attitude had completely vanished when she showed off her new look with a shocked expression.

Viewers were quick to draw comparisons, pointing out the the new style made her look like Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter.

The user said: “I’m going to be honest, I had to google their hair but now I can’t un-see it.”

Another joked: “More like Weasley twins hairstyle lol sorry.”

Some people were more empathetic, one wrote: “I feel your pain I’ve gotten this exact haircut before.”

Another commented: “Good thing that it grows back but they definitely lost you as a customer.”

The user replied saying that the salon has “lost me and anyone who reads my Yelp review as a customer.”

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People were quick to compare her look to certain Harry Potter characters


People were quick to compare her look to certain Harry Potter charactersCredit: TikTok
Fred and George Weasley probably weren't the inspiration for the look

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Fred and George Weasley probably weren’t the inspiration for the lookCredit: Warner Bros

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