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thThe secret sauce for James Cameron’s 1994 blockbuster action comedy True Lies was right there in the film’s tagline: “When he said I do, he never said what he did.” The Arnold SchwarzeneggerJamie Lee Curtis hit about a wife who finds out her “computer salesman” husband is actually a top government spy — and then joins him on a perilous mission — took a 29-year path to this TV adaptation (a 2017 Fox pilot fizzled), but executive producer–writer Matt Nix’s (Burn Notice) reboot may be worth the wait.

The series follows Harry and Helen Tasker, played with fiery chemistry by Steve Howey (Shameless) and Ginger Gonzaga (She-Hulk: Attorney at Law), who redefine “till death do us part” after Helen also becomes part of U.S. spy agency Omega Sector and proves quite adept at beating back baddies. What else do we know? Here’s the intel.

1. The movie’s plot points, and its winning mashup of thrills and silliness, remain.

2. The show has an updated spin on love and marriage.

3. Expect enough action to rival the original film.

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