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James Calvin Truett and Angelena Truett, Robert Earl Holliman and Michele Lee Henderson Holliman, Lot 1 Hayborn Road, Webb, $52,200, 07/18/22

Jason Wright Duren and Kim Dean Duren, Zachary Thomas Williams and Jessica Lynn Williams, 205 Centre Drive, $321,900, 07/18/22

Susan Bettina Flowers, Trustee of Mary E. Cannon Family Trust, Jerry W. Holder Jr. and Michele Holder, 3486 Hartford Highway, $75,000, 07/18/22

Christopher Taylor and Tammy A. Carter, Seth H. Griffin and Katherine H. Griffin, 405 Forsythia Lane, $355,000, 07/18/22

Nicholas Christian Zahn, Ryan Reed Shingler Sr. and Katy Shingler, 312 Redbud Circle, $317,500, 07/18/22

Michael V. Henderson and Faith Hope Henderson, Jacob Thomas Batchelor and Kenzie Sartain Batchelor, 105 Ridgecrest Loop, $275,000, 07/18/22

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Robert C. Van Horne Jr., William Ted McKenzie, South State Highway 109, Slocomb, $200,000, 07/18/22

Kayla Ann Amato and Michael Paul Amato, Jeremey Bynum, 128 Winterberry Road, $250,000, 07/18/22

Paul M. Hughes, Jack Collier and Shirley Collier, 85.6 +/- acres, Granger Road, Cottonwood, $261,080, 07/18/22

Michael S. Turner, George Dunn, 124 Shelley Circle, Ashford, $14,000, 07/18/22

Sandra Bishop and Eustace E. Bishop Jr., Cheryl Ann Sweeney and Alfred E. Sweeney Jr., 3106 Foxridge Road, $721,000, 07/18/22

Sarah M. Senn and David E. Senn, Adrian Gomez Rodriguez and Elidia Tovar Tovar, 104 Sunshine Lane, $250,000, 07/18/22

Patti Hollis Trippeer and Jeffrey Hollis, Deborah M. Gary, 22 Ballestone Court, $287,000, 07/18/22

Donavon Wewers and Heather Wewers, Joshua Mullens, 626 Gilmore Road, $199,000, 07/18/22

Refugio Robles a/k/a Rugio Robles and Guadalupe Resendiz, William J. Phares Jr. and Melanie Phares, 954 McCord Road, $522,500, 07/18/22

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Luana Murphy Johnson, Bradley Justin Raybon, 233 Broadway Ave., Ashford, $130,000, 07/18/22

Diana J. Lund and David J. Hannah, Joseph P. Arroyo and Sandy M. Arroyo, 1370 S. Beverlye Road, $30,000, 07/18/22

Jackson T. Timmerman and Leigh Anne Timmerman, Steven Perry Whitfield and Amy Brubaker Whitfield, 268 S. Park Ave, $365,000, 07/18/22

Henry Littlefield and Nancy Littlefield, Donna Syfrett, Robert Arnold Syfrett, Robert Austin Syfrett, and Andrea Syfrett, four parcels of land, $700,000, 07/18/22

Jesse B. Whitfield, Micah Lee Sheppard and Lindsey Leighann Sheppard, 117 Sawtooth Drive, $237,900, 07/18/22

Jennifer Hanners, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Carl A. Hanners, and Evelyn Marie Hanners, SBH Investments LLC, property, $65,500, 07/18/22

Wilton D. McRae, Enfinger Holdings LLC, 1006 Eugene St., $32,500, 07/18/22

Darty Investments LLC, Velverlyn Ann Carlisle and Commando Antwan Carlisle, 2002 Brackin Drive, $120,000, 07/18/22

Daniel P. Miller and Mallory D. Miller, Hailey Outlaw, 105 Periwinkle Court, Taylor, $152,000, 07/18/22

Fred K. Peters, Martiro Holdings LLC, 3300 Grandeur Drive, $105,386.64, 07/18/22

Southern Siding LLC, Ashley Chase Elliot, 1909 Shamrock Road, $150,000, 07/19/22

Ragan Garrett Emberton, Devyn P. Smith and Cindy M. Torres, 108 Scarlet Oaks Court, $185,000, 07/19/22

Carolyn L. Barnette, Emmanuel Scearce and Robyn Scearce. 1164 Furnie Folks Road, Webb, $83,180, 07/19/22

Jerry Sumlar Jr., Ronnie Sumlar, and Tommy Sumlar, Co-Personal Representatives of Estate of Jerry Sumlar, Brian Formel and Claudia Luisa Zapata Formel, 1112 Normandale Drive, $102,000, 07/19/22

Jordon Dykes, Andria I. Chenot, 919 E. Wayne Road, $145,000, 07/19/22

Phillip Tidwell, Omagene Tidwell, and Paula T. Whatley, Duncan Warren Wortmann and Karen Dee Wortmann, 800 Montezuma Ave., $180,000, 07/19/22

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Eastern Sheet Metal Inc. JCDOAL001 LLC, 1300 Enterprise Drive, $8,385,400, 07/20/22

John Lucas Inc., Madison Johnson and Austin Blake Lingo, 820 1st Ave., Ashford, $185,000, 07/20/22

Eddie C. Melton, Michael Peterson, 688 Tifton Road, Gordon, $3,500, 07/20/22

James David White and James H. White Jr., James P. Conard and Deborah Ann Conard, 810 Landview Drive, Taylor, $140,000, 07/20/22

Chad Dean Development LLC, Alpha Woodworks LLC, six lots on Hadden Road (Ryma Plains), $219,000, 07/20/22

Elizabeth C. Jackson, Christopher M. Taylor and Tammy A. Carter, 1204 Magnolia Ave., $332,500, 07/21/22

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Regina Nowell Holmes and Robert Milton Holmes Jr., 217 Paxton Loop, $357,634, 07/21/22

Heather Peoples Wood f/k/a Heather N. Peoples, Kimberly N. Barber, 106 Wembley Court, $135,000, 07/21/22

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Pace Family Properties LLC, Elan Homes & Communities Inc., 24.87 +/- acres south of Smithville Road, $373,050, 07/21/22

Kimball Howell, Personal Representative of Estate of Patsy Newton Howell and Kimball Howell, Michael Alan DelRio, 4910 County Road 22, Headland, $120,000, 07/21/22

Eben Wells and Ashlie S. Wells, Nicole Foley, 1722 Choctaw St., $225,000, 07/21/22

CWS LLC, Alfred Saliba Corporation, Ridgeland lots, $271,575, 07/21/22

Bob the Builder LLC, Ragan Emberton, 2230 Coot Adams Road, Ashford, $206,000, 07/21/22

Ty Andersen and Debra Andersen, Kimberly Light Palanjian and Badrig Palanjian, 109 Porch Court, $300,000, 07/21/22

Badrig Palanjian and Kimberly L. Palanjian, Tillman Bart Hall and Anna-Brooke Harrison-Hall, 108 Porch Court, $173,500, 07/21/22

Jennifer Peel Taylor, Jonathan Dale Peel, and Patricia D. Peel, Lawrence Walter Preston and Marta Rocha Holder, 713 Bridlewreath Ave., $209,900, 07/21/22

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