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Mark Cuban recently gave his thoughts on the Kyrie Irving controversy. The billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner talked about the antisemitic matter that has recently caused an uproar in the league. Cuban pointed out how a celebrity could have a huge difference with their comments. The interview was released by RealLyfe Productions on November 14, 2022.


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It might take quite some time before the Kyrie Irving controversy completely dies down. Ever since the NBA star got caught up in the controversy around anti-semitism, several big names have come forth to give their take on the matter. While many have condemned Irving’s comments, there were some, including Kanye West, who spoke in support of the Brooklyn Nets star. It has been several weeks since the controversy first started. In a recent interview, billionaire Mavs owner Mark Cuban shared that being Jewish, he too had to deal with antisemitism. According to Cuban, if an ordinary person would have said the same things that West or Irving said, everyone probably would have dismissed it. He stated that being a celebrity restricted you from saying certain things that could be hurtful.


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$150 Billion Worth Company “Asked” LeBron James to Condemn Kyrie Irving:
Ex-Lakers Star

8 days ago

“You have a platform, so people pay attention. I don’t think Kyrie has got a bad heart, but I think he’s definitely not educated about the impact it has, and that’s part of the process,” said the Dallas Mavericks owner.

NBPA might take action if Kyrie Irving does not return to the team

The Brooklyn Nets have yet to reinstate Kyrie Irving. NBA Insider Marc Stein recently reported that the NBPA might soon step in if the franchise delays Irving’s return to the team. According to Stein, Irving is more than ready to join his teammates. However, there have been no reports as to when the Nets guard will be able to get back into action.

“Word is Irving is itching to get back on the floor and there have been rumbles for days that the National Basketball Players Association, at some stage, could move to file a grievance on Irving’s behalf if the various parties involved can’t reach a resolution on a return timetable,” wrote Stein.

Earlier, NBPA’s vice president and Boston Celtics superstar Jaylen Brown said that the terms presented to Irving were too severe compared to Irving’s actions. Following Irving’s suspension, the franchise had given six tasks for Irving to complete. The condition was that only after the completion of the terms will Irving be able to rejoin the team. Apparently, the NBA champion had recently met with Nets owner Joe Tsai who tweeted that he was convinced that Irving did not have any hatred towards any community or group.


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Meeting with Tsai was the last task on the list. Therefore, it might be safe to say that Irving has successfully completed all the tasks. Despite that, the franchise has not announced Irving’s return to the team.

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