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This is regular Daniel Radcliffe, not “Weird”

This is regular Daniel Radcliffe, not “Weird”Photo: Amanda Edwards (Getty Images)

With all of the major superheroes already used up (no offense to Plastic Man or whatever), we’ve lost the exciting moment of getting to see our favorite fictional characters in live-action for the very first time. Oh sure, it’s fun to see Robert Pattinson in his Batsuit, but we’ve seen what Batman looks like before. We’ve seen what Iron Man looks like. We’ve seen what Thanos and Star-Lord and Hal Jordan and freakin’ Peacemaker look like in live-action. Surely there’s no other great hero we have yet to see make their live-action debut, right? Right?!

Wrong! Today, Roku released the first glimpse of Daniel Radcliffe as “Weird Al” Yankovic from its upcoming biopic WEIRD: The “Weird Al” Yankovic Story, and it’s just as exciting—if not more exciting—than the very first time we saw Batman, Uncle Ben, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, the Black Panther, or any number of other iconic fictional characters who have made an indelible impact on our lives both before and since. And here it is, in all its glory:

Daniel Radcliffe as “Weird Al”

Daniel Radcliffe as “Weird Al”Photo: Roku

To be clear: We are aware that “Weird Al” is a real person. There’s only so much to say about this image, so we’re trying to have some fun with it by comparing him to Batman. As for the photo: It’s Harry Potter with curly “Weird Al” hair and a “Weird Al” mustache and “Weird Al” glasses. And, oh, what’s that? A “Weird Al” Hawaiian shirt? And a “Weird Al” accordion? That’s all the things you need to make a “Weird Al” happen!

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The real test will be whether or not Radcliffe can capture Yankovic’s wild energy and whether or not he can actually sing some parody songs—much like how the real test of a Batman actor is whether or not they can do a good growl and swirl the cape around. “Weird Al” is like Batman, you see.

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