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The world was shocked to learn about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s divorce, which caused the family to split. It later became more shocking when the reason for their divorce came out. In 2011, some media groups revealed Schwarzenegger’s long-standing affair with her housekeeper.


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The news didn’t end there; it took a more intense turn as the world learned that he had also fathered a child with her. However, even after all this, Arnold didn’t forget to be a good father. 


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Arnold Schwarzenegger fathering Joseph

When Arnold was still married to his ex-wife Maria Shriver, the seven-time Mr. Olympia was having an affair with Mildred Baena. It ultimately explained why the couple separated after 25 years of marriage. However, once during an interview, he told reporter Leslie Stahl how he helped Joseph financially from a distance. 

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria Shriver (Photo by Jason Merritt/FilmMagic)

Arnold stated, “It just appeared to me there was something off that he started looking like me. So that’s when I kind of got it. It was never discussed. But, I mean, I put the things together here.” He felt responsible for his son with Mildred. He added, “I felt like that I should take on the responsibility of taking care of him and her. And so I started taking care of Joseph financially.”


“My Life Transformed Before My Eyes”: 13-Year-Old Joseph Baena’s Reaction When
He Found Out Arnold Schwarzenegger Is His Dad

about 1 month ago

Arnold and Joseph Baena’ have a good connection. And it comes from their shared enthusiasm for bodybuilding. Baena feels motivated seeing his father working out even at 75. Meanwhile, like his father, he has profound greatness in bodybuilding while also embarking on a glamorous career in Hollywood.

Joseph Baena’s perspective on Arnold

The father and son duo have since worked hard to strengthen their relationship and become close. Meanwhile, they frequently team up, work in the gym, cycle, and lift weights. There was a time when Mildred shared her experience with Joseph when she told her about Schwarzenegger. She said“When [Joseph’s] grandmother sat him down to explain that Arnold Schwarzenegger was his father, he exclaimed, ‘Cool!’” 


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When this news popped out in the media, everyone appreciated Baena’s maturity at age 13. At the same time, some related his calm behavior to his father, Schwarzenegger. The obligation was much greater for little Baena, as media was all over him. As a result, he has to face many harsh questions as the year passes. However, his maturity helped him make things easier for him and his mother.

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