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A whole lot of He-Man fans were upset by the death of Orko, the key character in Masters of the Universe: Revelation. He might be considered to be nothing more than a slapstick sidekick character in the classic He-Man & the Masters of the Universe cartoon series, but he’s much more. He’s known for his zany behavior and silly magic, but he has shown heroism since the beginning.

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Orko is always there to help when things get tough. Orko also delivers the most poignant end-of episode morals than any other character. This is despite his small stature, sheepish personality and small body. The purple scarf and red shirt are just smokescreens for the hero.

He Convinces HeMan To Become A Hero Again (The Trouble With Power)

Orko tries to boost He-Man's confidence in He-Man & The Masters of the Universe

Skeletor devised a ruse to convince HeMan that he had inadvertently killed a civilian. It cut deep. He-Man, the most powerful human being in the universe, was shaken by the loss of his confidence. He felt so guilty and shame over the incident that He-Man resolved to quit being He’Man.

Orko immediately tried convincing He-Man it was an accident but when that failed, he increased his game. Skeletor took him into custody after the ruse was exposed. Orko then orchestrated a daring escape in order to tell Prince Adam about what had happened. Skeletor could have won without his courage and support.

He Turns Daimar, The Demon Away From Evil (DaimarThe Demon)

Orko turns Daimar the Demon away from evil in He-Man & The Masters of the Universe

Orko was tired of playing by himself so he decided that he would consult a book on magic to summon Daimar, a friendly little demon from another dimension. The two of them played well at first, with Daimar engaging innocent mischief. But that was before Daimar became a vicious demon with evil intentions.

Daimar attempted to open a portal into the demon realm so that his evil brethren would sweep through to Eternia. But Orko convinced him not to. He still considered Daimar a friend and not an enemy. He-Man provided some encouragement to help this demon turn away from evil and make him a force for good.

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He outsmarts Skeletor (Return Of Evil).

Orko prepares to jump through a dimensional portal in He-Man & The Masters of the Universe

Orko was able to demonstrate why he is one the most intelligent characters of the He-Man cartoon. Aremesh, the powerful being who is known for his power, came to Eternia to find Orko and was able to subdue all those who stood in his path. He eventually reached a deal to trade Skeletor’s Dimension Sphere for Orko’s conquering Eternia. This rare item of great power was his.

Orko, He-Man and others devised a scheme to lure Aremesh through a portal into dimensional space, thus banishing him out of Eternia. Skeletor took the bait but Aremesh did not take it. He chased Orko through the portal, while He-Man fought Aremesh. He-Man then threw Aremesh through the portal by force and trapped Skeletor.

He Saves Dree Elle’s Life (Dawn Of Dragoon).

Orko uses his magic to save Dree Elle's life in He-Man & The Masters of the Universe

Skeletor recruited Dragoon, a dangerous being, to enslave Trolla’s population and steal their magic energy. Dree Elle was a female Trollan who had a special love for Orko. He-Man engaged Dragoon and Orko ran to rescue him.

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Orko tried to revive Dreeelle using his magic, but it didn’t work. He-Man encouraged him to believe in himself, which gave Orko enough courage to summon enough magic power to wake her from deep sleep.

He encouraged Cringer to become a Hero (Fraidy Cat).

Orko and Cringer rescue Queen Marlena from Skeletor in He-Man & The Masters of the Universe

Cringer was furious at himself for not taking action after Queen Marlena was kidnapped and taken by Skeletor’s henchmen. Despite his natural cowardice, Cringer was capable of picking up Marlena’s scent and set out to rescue her. He-Man, however, took a wrong turn after Skeletor left a fake trail that they could follow.

Cringer was almost paralysed from fearful fear when they finally found the Queen. Orko gave Cringer a boost of confidence by putting a useless medal around his neck. He claimed it was a magical charm for bravery. It worked exactly as it was supposed to, giving Cringer the courage to conquer many challenges he would normally find frightening.

He was a part of the rescue operation for the Littlest Giant.

Orko and Teela lead a rescue operation in He-Man & The Masters of the Universe

Squinch, a Widget called Squinch, attempted to imitate He-Man but ended up choosing wrong people to make it possible. He tried to negotiate a deal to Skeletor in order to become as strong and powerful as He-Man. This gave Skeletor an opportunity to capture Squinch within Snake Mountain.

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Squint, realizing his error of ways, apologized to He Man’s friends. They did not rebuke him but instead they forgive him and Orko gives him a pep-talk about how even the smallest person can still be heroic. He led the charge with Teela to rescue Heman from his prison cells.

He Traumatizes Beast Man & Jaw (Orko’s Return).

Orko imprisons Beast Man and Trap Jaw in a magical cube in He-Man & The Masters of the Universe

Beast Man and Trap Jaw find stolen magical seeds that grant them extraordinary powers. They set up a base and kidnap Orko in exchange for Eternia’s Photanium supply. Orko decides that he will make it difficult for his captors to rescue him, even though He-Man is having trouble launching a rescue mission.

They are ready to let Orko go once he has terrorized them with a series of magical tricks that drive their heads up. Orko remained cool throughout the whole ordeal, playing on Beast Man’s and Trap Jaws false senses of power to gain the upper hand. Although Beast Man was not known for his intelligence, Trap jaw was smart enough to see that it was a bad idea.

He defeats Kobra Khan in The Magic Falls

Orko uses his magic to unmask Kobra Khan in He-Man & The Masters of the Universe

Skeletor tried inserting Kobra Khan into a long list of Eternians waiting to have an audience with King Randor. He believed it would be a great opportunity to strike. They knew they would have to deal with Orko, who might reveal his disguise, so they robbed Orko of his magical powers.

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Orko and Heman traveled to the Magic Falls to aid the Trollan in his recovery. A supercharged Orko, who had been sent to the castle to help Kobra Khan unmask his human disguise, was able to stop him from attacking the castle.

He Saves All At The Valley Of Echoes, The Toy Maker

Orko uses his magic to save Teela in the Valley of Echoes in He-Man & The Masters of the Universe

He-Man and his friends take on the Toy Maker, a villain who wants to join Skeletor’s cabal of villains. Skeletor convinces Orko that he is innocent and will take three small toys. They grow in size overnight and kidnap Man at Arms.

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It’s up to He-Man, Ram-Man, Teela, and Orko to rescue him, but their journey takes them into the ominous Valley of Echoes, a place reminiscent of a horror film like The Mist. Orko manages to snap out of his stupor just long enough for him to give the affected magical earmuffs, thus saving them from falling into madness.

His Bravery When It’s Counts

Orko’s confidence and courage are not his strongest assets. However, he is known for his resilience when things get difficult. He understands the importance to do the right thing in the face of evil, even though it may take some convincing. It’s even more challenging when the evil is dangerous.

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He tends to be the winner, even if he stumbles along the way. He’s a great example in how a character can be strong, fast, or smart, but still have enough heart to overcome any of those shortcomings. He-Man will always be a hero character because of that.

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