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Harry Potter began in 2001 and captured the attention and hearts of fans all across the world. After the series ended in 2011 with its eighth film, The Deathly Hallows – Part II, fans had watched the main characters grow from children to adults. The wizarding world and its beloved cast of characters left such an impression that Harry Potter is still garnering a fanbase to this day.

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As the students of Hogwarts grew up, many relationships were formed. Some couples were perfect matches, but others weren’t as compatible. Harry Potter showcased many healthy relationships, which often consisted of beloved and popular characters.

10 Cho Chang And Cedric Diggory Were Both Seekers In Quidditch

Cedric Diggory in the Triwizard tournament in Harry Potter.

Cedric and Cho were both seekers in their respective Quidditch teams, and they attended the Yule Ball together. After the ball, they began to date, gaining the ship name ‘Chedric’ from fans. The pair didn’t end up together because Cedric tragically died during the Triwizard Tournament in The Goblet of Fire.

However, Cho was part of the tournament. She was the person Cedric had to save, and he rescued her before dying after the Third Task. They had a sweet relationship, based on the limited interactions fans see, and his unfortunate death devastated Cho.

9 Hagrid And Madame Maxime Found Companionship

Hagrid and Madame Maxime dancing at the Yule Ball

Hagrid and Olympe Maxime had a brief relationship, during which Hagrid asked Maxime if she wanted to go to the Yule Ball with him. Hagrid got dressed up in his best clothing, which was very unusual for him, and combed his hair to impress her. At the ball, the pair danced together and shared a romantic moment.

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The Yule Ball didn’t exactly go well, as Rita Skeeter heard Hagrid admit to being a half-Giant and published her findings in the Daily Prophet. Maxime and Hagrid’s relationship didn’t last, but their bond endured. Maxime kept Hagrid’s brother a secret, which proved her loyalty. They comforted each other during the dire situations, like Snape’s death and Dumbledore’s funeral.

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8 Knowing George Weasley Ended Up Happy With Angelina Johnson Was Comforting For Fans

George Weasley Earless

Throughout Harry Potter, George Weasley suffered plenty and was definitely deserving of a happy ending. He lost his ear while disguised as Harry in an attempt to ensure Harry’s safety, and he lost his twin brother and best friend, Fred.

While George and Angelina didn’t have much screen time as a couple, there was definitely some comfort for fans to know that George ended up happy and healthy, married to Angelina Johnson. Angelina was friends with both George and Fred, and the couple named their firstborn son Fred Weasley II.

7 Lily And James Potter Enjoyed A Short But Happy Relationship

Lily and James Potter smiling

A central point to the story of Harry Potter and a pivotal moment was the death of Lily and James Potter, Harry’s parents, who were killed by Voldemort when Harry was just a baby. The couple did everything for their son. Eventually, they made the ultimate sacrifice to protect Harry.

Not much was known about their origins, other than bits and pieces from Dumbledore or Snape’s stories. Lily and James began dating at a young age and died at 21 in protection of their child. It was a beautiful but terribly sad story.

6 Bill Weasley And Fleur Delacour Stuck Together Despite Doubts From The Weasleys

Bill and Fleur

Bill Weasley was the eldest of the seven Weasley children born to Molly and Arthur. Compared to his comedic and playful brothers, Bill was a more serious figure. He was a prefect, head boy, and went on to work for Gringotts Bank. Bill met Fleur and got engaged a year later.

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Molly believed Fleur’s love for Bill was based on physical attraction, but Fleur went above and beyond to prove her love for Bill, and he did the same. They proved the healthiness of their relationship by sticking together through thick and thin.

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5 Neville Longbottom And Luna Lovegood Found Solace In Each Other

Luna and Neville from The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Although Luna and Neville never became an official couple, their chemistry and obvious connection was undeniable and left fans wanting more. It was confirmed that they ended up marrying other people, but they were a healthy couple in their brief romantic connection.

Luna was quirky and cool and Neville was shy but brave, and the pair seemed to fit really well together. Neville set out to find Luna at the end of Deathly Hallows: Part 2 so he could declare his feelings. They were two of the best supporting characters in Harry Potter series.

4 Harry Potter And Ginny Weasley Had A Long Friendship Before Becoming A Couple

Harry and Ginny Kiss in Deathly Hallows Part 1

Ginny and Harry met through her brother Ron, who was protective over her because she was his only sister and his younger sibling. Harry dating his best friend’s sister became quite awkward, but his connection and chemistry with Ginny was undeniable.

Ginny had feelings for Harry for some time before he reciprocated them, but the pair ended up in a healthy marriage with three kids: James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. The inspiration behind these names was touching and their lost loved ones lived on in name and in memory.

3 Nymphadora Tonks And Remus Lupin’s Relationship Was Based On Mutual Respect

remus lupin and tonks

Lupin and Tonks were fellow Order members. Lupin struggled with insecurity surrounding his status as a werewolf, and often considered himself unworthy of Tonks’ love. Lupin never considered that she may reciprocate those feelings. Upon witnessing the love that Bill and Fleur shared, Tonks told Lupin that she loved him. Soon after, the pair got married and had a child together.

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Lupin and Tonks’ relationship was based on mutual admiration and respect. Their loving and healthy relationship ended tragically when the pair died fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts. Their bodies were laid side by side, having fought together and loved each other in both life and in death.

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2 Ron Weasley And Hermione Granger Had A Healthy Relationship And Friendship

Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter

Harry Potter boasted some of the best examples of the friends-to-lovers trope. While Ron and Hermione found it difficult to navigate the changes between their platonic and romantic relationship, they slowly grew a strong and unbreakable bond.

At some points in the series, fans thought Hermione might end up with Harry. Ron even felt sad and envious when he thought Hermione might have feelings for Harry, which proved his long-standing crush on her. Nevertheless, the couple ended up together with two children: Hugo and Rose Granger-Weasley.

1 Molly And Arthur Weasley Raised A Big Family And Took In Harry

Molly and Arthur Weasley celebrate Christmas

The sweetest and healthiest couple in Harry Potter was Molly and Arthur Weasley. The pair had seven children together and ended up with many grandchildren. Molly was beloved because of her big heart and her kind treatment of Harry. She opened up her home to him, despite the fact that the Weasleys didn’t have much money. Arthur was loved for his strange, likable charm and interesting occupation.

Molly and Arthur undoubtedly suffered and struggled after they lost their son Fred. Still, the couple were a united front and were an incredibly wholesome pairing.

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