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“You’re gonna have to toss me.”

The Harry Potter films and the Lord of the Rings saga gave us fantasy, action, and drama for dayyyyyys, but they also gave us humour. Don’t believe me? Here are 30 of the funniest moments from the two epic series.


When Sam taught us how to cook potatoes.

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Okay, whenever I’m chopping/peeling spuds, you know I’m saying “Po-tay-toes,” and I can’t be the only one. 


This moment: when that Legolas defied the laws of physics.

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He’s obviously a badass, but at times his elven skills get a bit comically overpowered. For example, this absurd stunt with the horse is just ridiculous (I know, I know it’s a fantasy world, but still).


Whenever Draco said “Potter” like it was causing him actual physical pain.

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I’m convinced that if Malfoy was a muggle then he would have been a stand-up comedian – his timing was impeccable.


When Hermione punched Draco right in the mouth.

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I think we were all with Hermione when she landed this punch in the third movie, but it happened so suddenly! I was like… Damn Hermione, that was cooold. 


That time that Barty Crouch Jr. – disguised as Mad Eye Moody – turned Malfoy into a ferret.

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Poor Draco, one year he’s getting a jab to the face, the next he’s being turned into a ferret. In this scene, we even got a famously sassy “Wait till my father hears about this.” 


When Gollum had a roast battle with himself.

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Gollum also has impeccable comedic timing, his voice in this whole scene is hilarious – particularly when Gollum’s good side wins the argument: “Leave now, and never come back!”  


When Sam thought he’d be cooking up a feast en route to Mordor.

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Sam really thought he was going on a merry adventure, complete with home-cooked meals – he couldn’t have been more wrong. “Just a bit of seasoning. I thought maybe if we was havin’ a roast chicken one night or something.” Poor naive sam. Frodo’s face says it all.


When Neville stood up to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

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Poor Neville was only trying to save his Gryffindor some house points, but everything from his pyjamas to the way Hermione ruthlessly body-binds him is fully hilarious. 


When Harry’s fame got to his head, and Hermione had to put him in his place.

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You gotta love Harry finally owning his name recognition to get dates (hormones and all that). He nearly became the Stifler of Hogwarts until Hermione beat him down.


Every time Hermione got frustrated with Ron for eating during crucial moments.

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There are a couple of moments that Hermione gets on Ron’s case for eating, I don’t know why it’s funny – it just is. 


That time Pippin ate an entire feast worth of lembas bread.

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DW Pippin, we’ve all been there after polishing off a big meal and someone’s just like “ohh, I could never finish this” – that’s sooo Legolas.


The time when Aragorn had to pretend to like Éowyn’s cooking.

New Line Cinema

Éowyn gave us a Rachel in Friends beef trifle moment when she served up a stew for the fellowship during the trip to helms deep. Evidently, it did NOT taste good. We’ve been here, amiright???


The infamous lip-lick of Barty Crouch Jr.

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Idk if Barty was just super hungry, or if the the tongue hanging out was to make him look all intense, but I don’t think they quite pulled it off – Heath Ledger’s Joker certainly did it better. Maybe it’s just me, but it always makes me laugh. 


The time Legolas out-drank Gimli.

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The way Legolas reacted to trying ale is great in this scene – “I feel something, a slight tingle in my fingers.” Gimli being Gimli will always be funny.


When Harry got high AF on Felix Felicus.

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“Liquid Luck” eh? Yeah, right… Harry’s 16, he’s just gotten intoxicated for the first time. He’s saying “hi” to random people and being all sassy to Hagrid and Slughorn – there’s nothing not to love about this scene. Considering how serious this film is, this moment truly is hilarious. The way that Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and Slughorn all just look at Harry like he’s fully away with the fairies was all the comic relief we needed. 


And similarly, that time when Merry and Pippin smoked loads of pipeweed and teased Gimli.

New Line Cinema

Gimli’s look of outrage when finds Merry and Pippin just lounging on a wall having a whale of a time after they’d ran for days to rescue them gets me every time. They pair are clearly quite pissed too, which I guess is why Gandalf mutter’s “Hobbits” to himself – there’s nothing wrong with knowing how to have a good time Gandalf!


Let’s keep this inebriation train rolling, with the time Ron accidentally took a love potion.

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Ron’s love-drunk scene comes in at a close second to Harry’s scene – what is it about the potions at Hogwarts that seem to also get you utterly wasted? The way he cuddles up to Harry and then chucks the box of chocolates at him is absolute gold. 


When George walked in on Harry and Ginny kissing, and just stood there sipping tea.

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George sneaking in the background is brilliant, and his wink is hilarious. The awkwardness of Harry and Ginny just make George’s reaction even funnier. 


We can’t ignore the cringeworthy Harry and Ginny scene at Christmas.

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Every moment in this short scene is both horrible AND hilarious. From Arthur essentially becoming the Homer Simpson meme, to the frankly disturbing way that Ginny says “open up you” to Harry as though she’s trying to coax a child into having his medicine. That’s not even mentioning Ron going full cock-blocker with his plate of mince pies. 


The time that Gimli just couldn’t keep up.

New Line Cinema

Let’s be real, we are ALL Gimli. The way Legolas and Aragorn run around for days on end without ever seeming tired is simply not relatable, whereas Gimili keeps it real. He’s not a cross-country guy, and he’s gonna let you know about it!


Whenever Ron said “Bloody Hell”.

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In my eyes, Ron Weasley invented “bloody hell”. I get it, there’s not much swearing in HP, but he says it so often and each one brings a smile to my face.


The time that Aragorn hadn’t heard of second breakfast.

New Line Cinema

Much like Samwise, Pippin left The Shire with high expectations of the trip vis-à-vis eating opportunites, and his list of mealtimes gets me every time!


When Harry and Myrtle shared a bath.

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You can’t blame Harry for being super awkward, I mean, imagine having a nice bath and then suddenly someone jumps in there with you, let alone a famously loud ghost! It does make for one of the funniest scenes in this film though. “It took Cedric ages to figure it out, almost all the bubbles were gone.”


The moment in The Goblet of Fire when Filch entered the hall, prancing along like he was running on hot coals.

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What are all those high-knees about, Filch?!


When Harry tripped all over his words asking Cho to the ball.

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The awkwardness in a lot of Harry Potter moments is both uncomfortable and very funny – particularly in this scene. It happens to the best of us though Harry! 


The time that Professor Dumbledore commented on Lavander storming out after Ron woke up and said Hermione’s name.

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Dumbledore being that teacher who’s akwardly observing a silly student love quarell is such an excellent moment. It’s also hilarious to see the teachers just watching the confrontation between Lavender and Hermione, having no clue what to do. 


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The time that Aragorn tossed Gimli across to the Gate.

New Line Cinema

The way this moment was nestled in one of the most epic battles in film history makes it so much funnier. Gimli is probably the comedy genius of The Lord of the Rings, and this moment has to take the biscuit. “Don’t tell the elf.”


When Dumbledore sprinted.

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Occasionally Dumbledore’s deadly serious scenes were actually quite funny – I give you his reaction to Harry’s name coming out of the goblet of fire. A bit OTT Albus?


When Molly Weasley said to Bellatrix what we were all thinking… Before killing her.

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Molly is such a great character, so it was brilliant to see her have a proper badass moment. Also, if you’ve only got one use of ‘bitch’ in the whole of the Harry Potter film series, you simply have to give it to Julie Walters. 

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Wait, there’s more?! Oh, we get to see them back at the shire – and Sam, after facing all sorts of dark beasts and countless near-death experiences now has the courage to ask Rosie out! A perfect ending.

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How are we still watching this film, I swear it ended two endings ago?? Ah I see, they’re going off to the Grey Havens. I guess they wanted to stay true to the book (even though they left out all of the other book endings).

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Hold up, am I in some sort of time loop situation?? Does this film ever end? The trilogy is already incredibly long – why give it this many endings?!

Are there any more moments from these two great film series that make you laugh out loud? Let us know in the comments below!

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