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This is a quick transcript of “Gutfeld!”October 11, 2021. This copy may not reflect the final form of the original and may be modified.GREG GUTFELD FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOOST : Yes. Here we are. Happy Monday everyone, or as Kat prefers to call it IV drip day. Because, you know, her weekends can be a bit rough. This show is doing very well. This is because I actually read the mail. Clive, my young assistant, reads them to my while I lay in my hammock. He then gives me grapes. He actually shoots at me. It’s quite an artist. Dude, have you been working out? It’s almost like you get taller each day. Signed at Neil Patrick Harris. However, I do get some complaints. There are not enough photos of Kat’s feet on the camera. I forgot to give Varney mine e-mail. It’s mostly about swearing. The show has too many swear words. I agree. It’s easy to laugh and it’s fun. But, I don’t like it when it gets too much. So, why am I saying this? We’re (BLEEP). Sorry. The current situation is so dire that there’s no other way to describe it. (BLEEP). Think about it. As we criminalize parenting we decriminalize criminals. We protect those who are trying to protect their children by criminalizing parenting. We live in a time where we catch, release, and pick up criminals. Then we toss them back into the population. It’s now a game known as Russian Roulette. The government is the gun, the bullet the criminal, and you are the target. All the rest of us are content to watch Squid Game on Netflix. A South Korean drama where children are randomly killed in a series involving children’s games. You know, play hide and seek with machetes. The first episode was enjoyable but I wasn’t interested in the second. I can see it all for myself outside. Jermaine Foster is a sick maniac who allegedly robbed a woman on Saturday and then knocked another woman down to the ground. Maria Ambrosio. A 58 year-old nurse who specializes in cancer. She fell, sustained a fatal head wound, and died the following day. It happened in Times Square in the afternoon. You know that this is the only place decent people will go. It was once the capital of tourists, but it is now Squid Game. Everybody there is either a criminal or a victim. The second part of the story is, of course. The fiend was already arrested but was released as if by magic. Tell me again how racist our justice system is. Perhaps it was the middle-aged Filipino women. The perp was arrested on a groping offense. Like most other heinous thugs the victims were women. This story is repeated more often than Seinfeld. It wouldn’t’ have happened if he had been in jail and received mental health treatment. Like when a republican was mayor. Did you know that the current mayor’s spouse runs a $800 million program to assist the mentally ill? It has only helped two people, the mayor and his spouse. $800 million No one knows the exact location of the money. I think patio furniture or weed. Meanwhile, the mayor’s boy is chauffeured to and fro by actual detectives. It makes sense. De Blasio does not want his son to be a victim in the crime wave he is responsible for. This is because Attorney General Merrick Garland directs FBI to investigate parents as domestic terrorist threats. However, flat Earthers have more evidence to support its claims. As real homicide rates skyrocket. He is now focusing on harassment claims against school boards. He is correct. You’ve seen those videos of parents following their teachers into the bathrooms on their cell phones. Parents screaming at school board members, while they’re trying have a quiet meal in a restaurant. Going to peoples’ homes and chanting bull horns in mid-night? He has a team. Let’s see where this could lead.(BEGINVIDEO CLIP.) UNIDENTIFIED MALE. What are you up to?JOE MACHI. COMEDIAN. I married a man. Back to the Dalhousie station.UNIDENTIFIED MAALE: What about my baby? Back to the Dalhousie station.UNIDENTIFIED MAN: What about my baby.UNIDENTIFIED MALE : He’ll raise them.MACHI: Only one.(END VIDEO CLIP).GUTFELD – Those are better than New Yorker cartoons. Perhaps it’s a game to deflect. To distract from the real problems, create mass hysteria by creating a fake problem. It’s difficult to forget about your stolen car, clothes shop, and knife wound. People continue to die, from African-American teens in Chicago to Asian-American women in Manhattan. They don’t matter because their suffering has no political purpose. Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about those black lives. What are you left with then? An activist government creating activist parents is the best way to red pill millions of Americans. To call them terrorists is the second. The second way to make sure you protect the thugs is to do the same. All of this is enough to put us all in danger. Now the tide changes. A red tide, if your will. And like a red tsunami, small antigovernment activist groups will rise to the surface and blossom. We’ve seen movements change. Perot back in 1990s. The Tea Party, Black Lives Matter and line dancing. It’s time to create a parent’s movement that resists this bowel movement we call government. Good schools and safe streets are a popular idea, no matter what news channel it is. And why pay taxes for a government that targets you? It’s like continuing giving lunch money to the schoolyard bully every day. It’s like having to accept a government that views you as a greater threat than al Qaeda. As citizens are murdered in broad daylight. It’s high time for Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. Greg (BLEEP) self, that’s a blatant racist. Sorry. I am sorry I swore. I also apologise for any future swearing. UNIDENTIFIED MALE (BLEEP): It’s time to give (BLEEP). When she refers to tickets to the gun show, she is referring to her biceps along with her gun. Fox News contributor Lara Trump. He has a pornstar’s nickname and a hairstyle that looks like a Lego figure. Buck Sexton, podcast host and radio host. This cat got stuck in a tree, and the fire department is no longer able to respond. Fox News Contributor Kat Timpf. He’s strong enough and smart enough that he can beat you in wrestling. My sidekick and the NWA World Television Champion Tyrus. I’m actually going.GUTFELD : I — before I go, why not gloat a bit? Because you’ve left New York. TRUMP: Yes.GUTFELD. This isn’t just New York. TRUMP: Yes. You can see why. You just laid the foundation for why so many people have fled New York and California. People are using — losing congressional candidate in — congressional seats across the country because they don’t want this lifestyle. You did it right. You want safe streets and you want your children to be educated. And I am proud to be a Florida resident.GUTFELD : Yes. TRUMP : I return from time to time just for GUTFELD! Because it’s the best late night TV show.GUTFELD, thank you. I think you should have stopped by the greatest show on T.V.TRUMP.GUTFELD, Yes, yes. TRUMP: Yes, exactly. It’s really sad to see what’s happened to cities such as New York. This was once one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I’m sure it will come back, but it doesn’t seem like we are on that path right now.GUTFELD : Yes. Someone will say that we have great restaurants and great Broadway shows, but they are wrong. You can’t really say that anymore, because a lot of the restaurants aren’t open. I have a better question. You’re smart. I.Q. about 170 maybe.SEXTON: Seventy-five.GUTFELD: It’s 175. Why can’t catch and release be stopped? SEXTON : Oh, boy. There are many other things. It is terrible that people keep focusing on defunding the police. Now they are actually reimbursing police in Austin, where they have cut the budget by more than 100 million. Guess what? They had their highest annual number of murders. This is true in all cities, but it also applies in prosecutor’s office. I have friends in New York City’s district attorney’s office. And they won’t prosecute minor crimes because of the pressure from above. They are not allowed to enforce many of these laws because the political winds have changed so drastically. This is why, if you go to Duane Reade on the corner, you’ll find me right around the corner. Everything is made of plastic. You can’t actually get. If you want to get four things, you must press the button. After that, the annoyed employee must calm down and open the package for you slowly. You can see next to one of the homeless shelters that actually houses a hotel that all those who are paying taxes are paying. It is right in front me and it feels like a refugee camping. People are cooking, they’re smoking pot, and there’s open-air heroin use.(CROSSTALK)GUTFELD: Wait. KAT TIMPF FOX NEWS CHANNEL EDITOR: Yes.(CROSSTALK),TYRUS FOX NATION HOST : No.GUTFELD. I mean –TYRUS : No.GUTFELD. Don’t jump to any damning conclusions just yet. This sounds like a helluva lot.SEXTON. There is a love musically. That is the thing.GUTFELD. I think there is a certain coziness among these hotels and politicians. They’re full, and they’re paying the full price, right?SEXTON : All of the usual rules, quality of life stuff, broken windows –GUTFELD : It doesn’t matter right now. SEXTON : Once you stop enforcing some, it’s not worth it. There are Mad Max-style drag races with all illegal cars and it looks like it’s at Mad Max. They looked like spikes on the sides of ATVs. They won’t change it. SEXTON: That was me. Should you have gotten out?GUTFELD : Yes. Yes. I remember you were shirtless. Kat, you know.(CROSSTALK:GUTFELD) This is the greatest crime increase in my entire life. Granted, I’m only 35. Yet, it’s quite dramatic. How do you feel as a woman about this? It’s a very generic question.TIMPF : I am a female. And I feel that I will. This is not something I like. I am afraid to take my dog out at night. You know that apartments are small. Greg, it’s not all about you. You don’t have to go out to do things, Greg. We are very happy.GUTFELD : But your point — your argument is well taken in that someone like you or any of us can move. There are also seniors. There are many poor people who grew up in this area and they can’t go anywhere. Tyrus says that the little old lady cannot go to CVS anymore. She has to take all her stuff with her or she will be pushed and killed. That was more of a statement than a question.TYRUS : Yes. Because I am not trying to kill any old women anytime soon. It’s not economically feasible. You won’t get as much respect as you used. What are you in for? Oh, I had three grandmas. I was like my guy.(CROSSTALK]GUTFELD : Why is it now? It’s strange that there are more women. I thought that was something that was off limits.TYRUS : I’ve given us a lot to think about because we talk about – but not about the show. You get a rundown of the show and then you look for the funny ending to things. But the joke is on us.GUTFELD.TYRUS. Yes. They keep talking about the January 6th coup. Right now, there is a coup against our American way of living. We are trying to become a welfare state. Americans are content to check their mailbox for their checks. And that’s it. Why not go to work right? It cost me 100 dollars to fill it. It cost 100 bucks to fill. It stopped, which means that my truck wasn’t full. Joe and Anna are both paying taxes in this nation, but they’re getting murdered. All the work is taken away, and you let — you allow — all the minor crimes out. So, we hear about murder, but I cannot imagine what assault is like. Rape is on the rise. All these things are happening and people aren’t reporting because no one is coming to the door.TYRUS : The coup is not January 6th. It is now. We need to make sure everyone votes and does something to stop it from going on. And I’m a six-eight man who owns (BLEEP), guns, and I give zero (BLEEP), if anyone messes with my. But not everyone is me.GUTFELD : Yes. That is true. That is true. It’s horrible. It’s all right. Next. Kamala talks about space. Lighter fare.(COMMERCIAL BREAKING)GUTFELD: Kamala encourages children to forget about the haters. Let’s not forget the craters. Vice President Harris appears as fake as the moon landing in a NASA video. She mentioned her own passion for exploring unknown areas, which in her case is the southern border. Harris, who is the chair of the National Space Council, spoke to the teens as if they had suffered head injuries. I guess it was a habit she picked up talking to Biden all day. These are so mean, even though they are all he. However, even these kids would have done better at withdrawing from Afghanistan. This makes me wonder if Kamala loves the idea of exploring the unknown. Are there things we haven’t discovered or figured out yet?(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP).KAMALA HARRIS VICE PRESIDENT UNITED STATES : I loved the idea exploring the unknown. There are others (INAUDIBLE), which we haven’t discovered yet.(END VIDEO CREDIT)GUTFELD. I think that’s why they believe men can have babies. It’s wonderful to see her acting completely relatable once in a while. Those children were child actors. They are great actors considering Kamala has been able to enjoy all the warmth and ice fishing with Hillary Clinton. But will these children be able to see the Craters of the Moon from their own eyes? It will be amazing.(BEGIN VIDEO CRIP)HARRIS – You’re going see the moon’s craters with your own eyes. It’s going to be amazing with your own eyes, I promise.(END VIDEO CLOSURE)GUTFELD If they want to see the unimaginable, we suggest that they show sleepy Joe awake after 5:00. It was the first time she had ever come into contact with children. They had to tell her that they are smaller and dumber versions of adults. Seriously, you should wait until you see the moon. I don’t know anything about the craters on moon.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP).HARRIS: Wait till you guys see the moon. I’m telling the truth. I don’t even know what it is about the moon’s craters.(END VIDEO CREDIT)GUTFELD. I don’t know either. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to use a NASA telescope if you want to see the moon’s craters. You can also check out the Harris- Biden economics. This is also cratering. Kat has a lot of fun with language. Is it because she comes off as inauthentic? Is it because she is inauthentic?TIMPF : This was not live?GUTFELD says no.TIMPF: It was recorded. I want to see other takes. –TYRUS : No, you don’t.TIMPF : If these were her best takes, they would be the most relatable. What were the other tics? It’s not possible to teach this right. She clearly doesn’t understand how to be a person who has feelings and is interested in others. You know what, Buck? They actually hired image consultants to make her a real person. Buck, you know what? They actually hired image consultants in order to make her a real person. SEXTON. She was familiar with the California political system and worked her way up. She is not someone with a common touch. He’s not someone that people can relate too. So it doesn’t seem like things will change soon. Oh, and I loved it when she tried to get away with saying she’d been at the border when she hadn’t. And assumed that you guys are in the press. This is what you’re supposed to do. You’re not going calling me out on this. Lester Holt even said, Lady, you need to calm down. This is too much. This is getting too much.GUTFELD : Tyrus, I think they tried to get her away from practical issues. Why not outer space?TYRUS : Because that’s the first time anyone has ever loved the crater. It’s a horrible feeling to have a crater on your forehead, especially for kids. It’s the worst thing. I was just waiting for it. Everyone, look under your seats. There’s a helmet. The kids would have said yes if they could see the moon. Instead, they’re going be like, “Look through this magnifying lens,” and you can see the moon.TYRUS : You can still see it. They had to be child actors, because I’ve done a commercial for children. It was very sweet.(CROSSTALK:SEXTON): That was very sweet.TYRUS : Oh no. I was thinking about you. She has no personality — I’m just going the tell it. She doesn’t have a personality. She would be much more comfortable being like I’m V.P. I don’t like anyone.GUTFELD : Yes. One thing is certain: it’s crazy. The reality T.V. The reality TV. Thank you.GUTFELD, so fun and brilliant. Laura, I think Tyrus is onto something. I’m terrible with children. I’m not trying to be good with children. TRUMP: They are trying to force a square hole in a round hole here.GUTFELD. TRUMP: It is almost insulting. I feel for the American people at a certain moment because there is a crisis at our southern border, Kamala Harris.GUTFELD.TRUMP. It’s almost like she’s folding origami inside her bedroom, and her front door is on fire. She doesn’t care –GUTFELD.TRUMP: — that there’s no real situation she should be addressing. We have a NASA video that she does with children. It’s ridiculous and clearly she is trying too hard. It’s quite uncomfortable to watch. TIMPF: Yes. To be fair, it could be space aliens. Maybe it’s space aliens.SEXTON: Yes.GUTFELD: She –(CROSSTALK)TYRUS: And there was only two words on the prep.TRUMP: You’re not going to be able to call them that –(CROSSTALK)GUTFELD: Undocumented extraterrestrial.TRUMP: Yes.TYRUS: There was two words. Crater, and the moon. Nothing else.GUTFELD : Okay. Next, Jon Stewart is pissed when you tell him that canceled culture exists.(COMMERCIAL BREAKING)GUTFELD: He would rather preach that worry about free speech. Yes. Jon Stewart demonstrates he’s outof touch by calling cancelculture a crutch. In an interview to promote his new show “The Problem with Jon Stewart. Jon claims canceled culture is a myth.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)JON STEWART, COMEDIAN: People that talk about cancel culture never seem to shut (BLEEP) up. Look, the Internet has democratized criticism. What do we do for a living? We (BLEEP) talk. We criticize. We postulate. We opine. We make jokes. And now other people are having their say, and that’s not canceled culture, that’s relentlessness.(END VIDEO CLIP)GUTFELD: Whoa, hold on their beard guy. You’re not talking about cancel culture. You just described how an Internet comment section works. Cancel culture is about people losing careers, not telling people you suck in a chat room. I know you’ve been out of the game, but read up a little before you call something a myth.But it’s easy for Stewart to call cancel culture a myth. It’s not like you really ever had to worry about the mob coming for him, when they already approved of his talking points. And it’s not about famous TV stars with F.U. money getting canceled. It’s about parents, business owners, even refugees who can lose it all when the mob comes for them.Like University Michigan Music Professor Bryce Shang, he was born in China in the 1950s and survived Mao’s cultural revolution. That’s something. But now, he’s being accused of racism for screening the 1965 version of Shakespeare’s “A Fellow” in one of his classes, because Laurence Olivier wore blackface to play a fellow. He’s apologized profusely, but students still demanded he be fired for making the classroom, an unsafe space.And now, he stepped down from his role. That’s one example. And there are more. But Jon is still stuck in the prison of two ideas. If someone complains about a problem, he’d rather say, no, that doesn’t exist than actually listened to the complaint itself. But I guess that’s why the show is called “The Problem with Jon Stewart” The title fits.So, Kat, what do you — why would he say — do you think it’s just him being lazy, that he just didn’t bother to look up what cancel, because every night you hear about people losing their jobs?TIMPF: Yes, I think that that has to be the case. Also, because he doesn’t, as you said, have to worry about cancel culture, he has enough money, he doesn’t have to worry about it. But it is not the same as people being mean to you on the Internet. You don’t have to look that hard to find examples of people who got lost their jobs.GUTFELD: Yes.TIMPF: You just, you Google it. It doesn’t take that much work. So, I — think laziness has to be the only the only explanation for it, because there’s a lot of examples.GUTFELD: Yes, that — there’s at least we do probably three segments on this week, Lara, it’s not that hard if we’re doing it.LARA TRUMP, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes. Everyone knows that.GUTFELD: Yes.TRUMP: Especially this show. No, I mean, I think. he maybe this is what he would like it to be that cancel culture isn’t a real thing. It’s a real thing. people’s lives are forever changed, because they said the wrong thing, because they supported the wrong candidate, because they are not going along with what the mainstream media, and you know, the political elite want them to. It’s a real thing, Jon, I hate to tell you, and it’s affected a lot of people. So, I mean, I’m going to say he’s wrong. I disagree. Wholeheartedly.GUTFELD: You’ll shall be canceled. No, you won’t.TRUMP: Probably.GUTFELD: You know –TRUMP: We’ve been canceled, in the Trump family, a million.GUTFELD: Yes, yes.TRUMP: You can’t cancel anyone more than we have been. So, bring it on. We’re ready for more. Anytime.GUTFELD: Is he just inside a bubble?TYRUS, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: No, I think he’s trying to get in the bubble. I think — no, I think he’s trying to pick a lane. He’s trying to get noticed. We’re talking about it. It worked.GUTFELD: Right? That’s true.TYRUS: Do you think his plan was to walk away from a really successful TV show because he was done and he was over it? And then when he came back, he streaming? Do you think that’s the desire of the show? That he was probably shocked that Comedy Central was like well, we’re going to stick with the other guy, or when we can’t bring you back because it would take away from this. So, he’s on a streaming service now in his office, nice decoy, he really went all out.But the point is, the point is, he is trying to find the lane, he’s going to be cancel culture’s champion, which will probably get the viewership up until they roll back a joke, he made 20 years ago, and then that’ll be it for him. So, it again, it’s always the same thing with the cancer culture.Stop being the frog because the scorpions going to sting you but we’re talking about him again and for a guy who I thought had nothing left to do and moved on grew the beard, he was — he had moved, he’s a civilian now. And now, the thirst, that he’s back and he’s bitter, so he sounds like he’s — can’t, he wants a Big C. on his chest. He’s the champion of cancel because it’s just relentlessness.GUTFELD: I didn’t get part of it is, part of it is that he has nothing to worry about. Like he, I don’t know if they’ll ever find anything that will — the mob. Well, I’m wrong, there probably is something.TYRUS: They — Greg, realize that, Bill Maher, Obama, all these guys that were the enemies of the right in terms of debate and policy are now closer to us, and they’re more alienated by the left so he’s, he’s needs — these trying to get on the right side or wrong.BUCK SEXTON, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, but he’s not going to get cancelled, and he knows that. I mean, he’s beyond the point where he’s in a perch where I think anybody even really cares to your point about trying to be relevant again, and really what cancel culture is just weaponized political correctness.So, these ideas existed before but now because of the Internet and because of social de-platforming, you can actually get a mob all together and attack somebody a private person not as that to be a public person. I think he knows that at some level, but this is part of the tactics too. He used to do clown nose on, clown nose off, right?One moment, he’s like, oh, I’m just making poop jokes, the next minute he’s interviewed the Secretary of Defense and complaining about some aspect of war policy and wants to be taken seriously and he would do it you know back in –TIMPF: Oh no, that’s the dream though.SEXTON: Well, I’m just saying, but you know he would and then when he would get pushed but that’s fine by the way, but when he would get pushed back he’d be like oh I just have you know, I just have a show before people that are doing prank phone calls. But what they do with canceled culture is they say that it doesn’t exist and then you say, hold on a second, yes it does. Yes, it does. And they go, oh, actually it’s accountability culture.GUTFELD: Yes.SEXTON: Keep running around in the circle so that people don’t actually ever stop and realize this is absurd it’s insane and it ruins people’s lives. And it, it’s endemic on the left, it doesn’t exist among conservatives.GUTFELD: That’s a, it’s an interesting point. It’s like rather than actually argue a point, you change the terminology.SEXTON: This is what they do with CRT by the way. CRT went from –GUTFELD: Yes, yes.SEXTON: CRT went from it doesn’t exist. You don’t know what it means. They’re not actually teaching it to shut up or put the DOJ on your front step with the FBI agents in the windbreakers. That’s what happened.GUTFELD: All right. Let’s move on. Shall we? OK, Greg. All right. Coming up, McCartney says your loco if you blame him instead of Yoko.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)GUTFELD: Jon said, I’m leaving to be with Yoko. And Paul said, is this some kind of joke-o? Yes, Paul McCartney settles the score on who broke up the Fab Four, in a BBC interview that will be broadcast next month that we won’t be listening to.Paul McCartney pushes back on the narrative that he was the reason that The Beatles broke up more than 50 years ago. That’s a long time. Saying the real reason was that Jon was making a new life with Yoko, added Paul: “Jon said that he was leaving the Beatles when he entered a room. Is that the instigator of the split?”Well, maybe that’s how they wrote Hello, goodbye. McCartney insisted that he has no hard feelings against Yoko, and that she and Jon were a great couple. But he does hope to outlive Ringo. That’s a lie. But let’s not forget that following Lennon’s departure, the music took a noticeable turn.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yesterday all my troubles seem so –(END VIDEO CLIP)GUTFELD: My theory, Tyrus, is like, OK, I believe that Lennon was right to get out then, because if the Beatles had stuck around as a group, they would have put out lesser and lesser quality products and they’d be rich. But they’d be like you too. Like you too should have stopped after unforgettable fire. Or maybe what’s the album with the –TYRUS: Joshua Tree?GUTFELD: Joshua Tree — what’s the — OK, maybe they did a lot, a lot of good albums.TRUMP: Theory is wrong.GUTFELD: Aerosmith.TRUMP: It’s over.GUTFELD: Aerosmith. After Toys in the Attic? I don’t know.TYRUS: I’m sorry, man. But –GUTFELD: Yes.TYRUS: Did anyone wake up this morning going we’ve got to find out? No, no, no, no kids, we’re not going to school today. Daddy’s got to know was it Ringo? was a yo-yo? Was it Jon? Was it the man? And we already know it’s Ringo. Ringo did it.GUTFELD: Yes.TYRUS: He was the one going back and forth, telling each guy he was better than he really was. And he’d be like, man, if Paul, if you were in charge, man, I’d get more drum solos. And then he would go to Jon and be like, hey, Paul said I could get more drum solos if you sang less? So, we know who did it. We know who did it. It was Ringo’s punk ass who did it. He, he broke the team up.GUTFELD: That’s it. You know what, I did, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard anybody blame Ringo. He was in a great movie called “Caveman.” I don’t know if anybody saw that –TRUMP: I had a bird named Ringo. I was a huge Beatles fan growing up, and I don’t really know why.TYRUS: And then Ringo ruined it.TRUMP: And then, but I had a bird named Ringo that my mom made me giveaway, but I got a dog.TYRUS: And so, Ringo let you down. Ringo let you down. Never name anything Ringo.GUTFELD: But you shouldn’t apologize for being a Beatles fan. It’s one of the greatest –TRUMP: No, I know, but it’s so funny because my parents never listened to the Beatles that much. And I just found them. And they are one of the greatest musical acts of all times, obviously. And so, I love them, but I saw somebody This is not my idea, I saw somebody posts online earlier: Yoko Ono was to the Beatles what Meghan Markel is to the royal family. That’s not mine, and I’m not saying that. I’m just throwing it out there.GUTFELD: That implies that Prince Harry has talent. You know what’s funny? Buck, you know what’s funny to me is that when I was growing up, The Beatles were the good band and the Rolling Stones was the scary band and that surely the Rolling Stones would be the one that would disintegrate, you know, because they were the bad boys. And here you are, it’s like 60 years the stones have been around.SEXTON: Clearly, the Beatles had great hairstyles so we can start with that.GUTFELD: Yes.SEXTON: And beyond that, I would say –GUTFELD: Are you saying that because your hair looks like a –SEXTON: I mean, this guy looks like he’s, you know, McCartney on the far right there. I think he’s got a good (INAUDIBLE). But I will say this, I might the only person up here thinks The Beatles are a little overrated? Let’s just take this for a second. Let’s just take this for a second.TRUMP: No, but they change music.TIMPF: That is an exhausting take. So many people have — oh, the Beatles aren’t even good. You’re like I’m going to come on the show and be a bad ass.(CROSSTALK):TIMPF: I’m too cool for The Beatles. Let’s see what you got, Buck Sexton.SEXTON: I just said they’re a little overrated. I didn’t say they’re bad.TIMPF: I’d love to hear, I’d love to hear an album from you. You and Clay Travis, work on it.SEXTON: Clay has (INAUDIBLE) ear for music, I’ll have you.TIMPF: Beatles aren’t even good. It’s The Beatles.SEXTON: And I get to see businesses, it’s the propaganda, it’s big music. They’re telling you, you have to like, it’s your point by the way do we even care why they broke up at this point? No, we do not.TYRUS: They broke up.SEXTON: They broke up. No one really cares.TYRUS: Hey mom and dad, why did you get divorced? You want the truth?SEXTON: I’m going to ask you a question Ms. Kat Timpf, when was the last time –TIMPF: You can ask me whatever you want.SEXTON: When was the last time you listened to a song by The Beatles on Spotify, do not lie?TIMPF: I did it on vinyl on Sunday.SEXTON: On vinyl?TIMPF: Yesterday, yes.SEXTON: I am choking on the pretension right now. (INAUBLE) actually has vinyl.TIMPF: Is it pretension or do I actually know what I’m talking about?TYRUS: So, Ringo did it –GUTFELD: Kat, isn’t it the finger stories that no matter how well you get along in a band, no matter what you end up hating each other. Is that kind of how it happens?TIMPF: Yes. Yes.TRUMP: Too much time together.GUTFELD: Boy, there was a TV show that I could reference.TIMPF: Yes.GUTFELD: But I won’t.TIMPF: No, we’ll never break up.GUTFELD: Yes, yes.SEXTON: It answers my question, I am the only person who thinks they’re overrated.TYRUS: No, I’m not, I’m a stones guy, Led Zeppelin guy, and I’m big Beatle guy.TRUMP: You could be all, Tyrus.TYRUS: Yes, it’s the, the hairdos, the bowl cut?GUTFELD: Beatles did, did some really interesting things. There’s — and they created basic, they basically created psychedelic music.TIMPF: They changed music forever, but that’s not for Buck Sexton.GUTFELD: What do you listen to in your shag wagon?TIMPF: Kesha?GUTFELD: Your shagging wagon?SEXTON: I told you about Kesha as a friend. You’re not supposed to tell people.GUTFELD: You listen to Kesha?SEXTON: You’re not supposed to tell people about –TYRUS: Who are you? Ladies and gentlemen, Katherine Timpf is here!GUTFELD: You threw him under the Kesha bus.TYRUS: And backed it up on him.SEXTON: The besides of Lady Gaga or something good old red blooded American –TYRUS: But I think we can all in this segment on one thing: Ringo did it.GUTFELD: Yes.SEXTON: Ringo did it, hashtag.GUTFELD: We must move on. That should have been our A block. Up next, older mobsters bemoan at young gangsters on their phone.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)GUTFELD: You won’t become a maid man while using the unlimited plan. According to The Wall Street Journal, older New York mob bosses are fearful of handing over the reins to the next generation of wise guys. The problem: millennials do too much texting. Apparently, the aging members who grew up in the suburbs, instead of the city, are softer and dumber, and didn’t learn the business, absolving carbs, and carbs, and public school — did I read that correctly?And now, the younger cellphone-obsessed mobsters keep sending texts that make crimes all too easy to prove in court. Last month, alleged mobster Rob D’Amato was forced to turn himself in on a racketeering charge after his son tweeted a photo of him relaxing in a pool. So, you can see how this could be crushing to a business that is based on a code of silence. Just listen to the secret mob recording we obtained today.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Frankie, I don’t know what the hell these kids are talking about. I like things clear like asking about the guy who did the thing.UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Which guy?UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Exactly. What’s LOL?UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That’s left-over lasagna. Come on!UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What about BTW? Is that Big Tony the Weasel? And BFF — that’s Biscotti for Friday, right?UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, no, no it means Blast his (BLEEP) Face off.UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I’m pretty sure TMI means Tommy Marino’s an Informant. Are we going to kill this SOB, or what? TGIF, That Goombah Is Finished.UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hold on, my food is here.(END VIDEO CLIP)GUTFELD: Buck, you were in law enforcement, I didn’t even know there were still mobsters.SEXTON: Well, the mobsters names have changed. They used to be scary things like Frankie “Two Toes” and Jimmy “The Scar” and now it’s Casper “Brooklyn’s Latte Drinker” right? Like it’s, it’s changed according to the new guys, but I will say this too. They say that they don’t like that they use the social media stuff, because it’s not a good idea. It turns out having actually worked on some terrorism cases, even when you say things like, yes, I want a crate of papayas and they say, oh great, bring those papayas, how much will they be? And they say, $30,000 a crate. Law enforcement tends to figure out that you’re not selling papayas, it turns out that they could actually figure these things out. And then beyond that when you’re, when you’re looking at the use of social media a lot of these guys from especially the 80s the 90s like the mafia dons, the ones with the scary names.GUTFELD: Yes.SEXTON: They sound really scary. But then if you saw them, yes, like it’s like a little sort of hunched over guy looks like he’d be running a pizzeria somewhere. I don’t think that they would be as scary in the social media era when people saw them. I think that people would realize that these are just, these guys are you know, the guy is like –TIMPF: So now, mob bosses are not scary enough for you.TYRUS: Did something happened at the back? Was he in your make up chair? Did something happen?TIMPF: No, no, no, I don’t know.GUTFELD: You know, Laura, I think things went downhill when mobs, mobsters exchanged suits for sweat suits, right? Like the sweat pants.TRUMP: You don’t like the casual look.GUTFELD: Yes, I want my mobsters to be well-dressed.TRUMP: Yes, I hear it. Well, it gets tough I think for the older mobsters now with all the technical stuff. You know, it’s hard for them to find the right emoji to say that I just tuned to guy up. You know what I mean? So, I could see how this could be a little frustrating for the mob. But you know, what can you say if we’re bringing the mob down? Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t know. Am I the only one that doesn’t think that this is a bad thing that they’re we’re taking them down?GUTFELD: I like, I thought the mob, the mob did a good job taking care of their neighborhood, right? I only watch movies.TYRUS: I don’t know, I’m taking crazy pills today. We’re talking about the Beatles, who’s really in charge for them breaking up? And now, criminals are pissed because they’re afraid they’re young son so they trained to be criminals are going to get caught because they might tweet. Isn’t the problem that you are training your son to be a criminal? Like, you know what I’m saying, why do you mob bosses get a pass? You know what I’m saying like, I don’t care –GUTFELD: That’s a great point.TYRUS: Jimmy “The Tornado” or whatever, you either go to jail because your dumb ass was on your mama’s phone talking about killing somebody or somebody one of your friends he played golf with everyday shoot you in the face and buries you in the (INAUDIBLE) and we’re worried about who’s tweeting?GUTFELD: Yes, what are we doing?TYRUS: So, I’m going to stop right now.GUTFELD: Last word, Kat.TIMPF: It’s concerning but you know text messaging was going to be the end of all of us someday. You just, you know, you feel like you’re it’s your journal but it’s not, it’s another person’s.TRUMP: There are some people that do not get text. There are some people I know that they say I don’t receive texts, then they’re smarter than all of us.TYRUS: Didn’t they end being president?TRUMP: No, no, those are e-mails. Yes. He doesn’t send e-mails, my father- in-law.GUTFELD: All right, we got to move on. We’ll be right back.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)GUTFELD: We are out of time. Thanks to Lara Trump, Buck Sexton, Kat Timpf, Tyrus, our studio audience. “FOX NEWS @ NIGHT” is next. Evil Shannon Bream is also next. I’m Greg Gutfeld. I love America. Content and Programming Copyright 2021 Fox News Network LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright 2021 VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. All materials are protected under United States copyright law. 
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