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A new backlash storm is brewing for Dave Chappelle as it has been revealed he is set to host four new comedy specials for Netflix – after sparking fury with jokes about the transgender community last year.

The 48-year-old American comedian caused a storm following the release of his stand up special titled The Closer on Netflix last year.

During his show, the comedian spoke about his friendship with the late transgender comedienne Daphne Dorman – while also cracking jokes about the transgender community.

His routine sparked a furious backlash – with reports emerging that three Netflix employees were suspended from the company after they protested about his material when they stormed a meeting.

Dave Chappelle will be back on Netflix with four new specials

While other employees staged a walkout from the company’s Los Angeles office in protest over the comedy special while campaigning for more “intersectional” content.

But far from banning the controversial comedian from their platform, Netflix – who paid Dave a reported $20 million (£14.7 million) per comedy special – have enlisted him to front four more comedy shows.

The star is due to host and produce a number of one-off specials which will shine a spotlight on veteran comedians in a series titled Chappelle’s Home Team.

The Hollywood Reporter highlighted the news, writing: “The streamer announced Friday the release of four upcoming comedy specials executive produced and hosted by the controversial comic.”

Dave Chappelle

The comedian sparked a furious backlash last year with a comedy special titled The Closer

Comedians including Earthquake, real name Nathaniel Martin Stroman, and Donnell Rawlings, are set to get the special treatment.

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Dave is quoted saying: “I’ve been doing this a long time and comedians like Quake and Donnell are not only friends but have inspired my own career.

“Anyone in the comedy community knows these names and knows their time to shine is long overdue. I am proud to be a part of this moment.”

But the news has been met with anger by TV fans who have taken to social media to blast the new series.

One fan sarcastically tweeted in response to the news of Dave’s four new shows: “Transphobia is perfectly fine as long as you’re as famous as Dave Chappelle, everybody!”

In a similarly sarcastic approach, another tweeted: “So glad the response to transphobic content, harassing trans members of their community, and telling the LGBTQIA community they’d do better next time was… let me check my notes here… Four more specials hosted by Dave Chappelle.”

Another vowed to quit the streaming service, tweeting: “Netflix is adding four new Dave Chappelle shows? Never heard of a better time to cancel a subscription than now.”

A further fan raged: “Ended my decade-long @Netflix subscription after the last one. Guess it’s staying cancelled. F**k @Netflix and their love for bigot #DaveChappelle.”

And another has tweeted: “pretty sure I’m funnier than dave chappelle.”

Dave Chappelle

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Dave has been branded ‘transphobic’ by some who were offended by his material

Others, however, have congratulated Netflix for refusing to bow to pressure following last years’ uproar.

One appreciative fan wrote: “Just heard @netflix is going to give Dave Chappelle some new specials. Thank you Netflix! I am so glad you support comedy & freedom of speech!”

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Chappelle’s Home Team – Earthquake: Legendary, is due to begin streaming on Netflix on February 28.


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