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So far, it seems like you all have been really tickled by our new video series 3 Insane Questions, where we ask metal’s best and brightest absolutely fucking bananas questions that have no bearing on real life (and by ‘tickled,’ we mean confused and not very interested)! So far, we’ve had Richie Cavalera from Incite, Alexander Jones from Undeath, and Trollmannen from Trollfest respond to some of our most obnoxious and donkey-brained inquiries. Now, it’s time bring in a purveyor of King Diamond’s favorite beverage: Crucifix, demonic overlord of Satanic Tea Co., purveyors of Luciferian teas around the cursed earth. I bet he uses one of those metal balls with the chain on it and everything!

For this week’s episode, this potty-mouthed plant-steeper answered the following extremely important questions for us:

  • Bert and Ernie: Who’s the dom and who’s the sub?
  • If you could have one of your body parts set in quartz and preserved for all eternity, what body part would it be?
  • What’s the last question? What unholy answer could the makers of the most blasphemous tea on earth give to it? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out, motherfuckers! Guess you’ll just have to give us that sweet, sweet YouTube traffic!

    Check out the video below. Meanwhile, if you find this video series in any way amusing, watch one of our previous entries below:

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