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An image shared on Twitter shows the evolution of Darth Vader’s helmet throughout various Star Wars media, across both movies and in television.

The various versions of Darth Vader’s helmet are compared in a Star Wars image. The iconic villain made his latest appearance in Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi series, which saw Hayden Christensen reprising the role for the first time since 2005’s Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Vader faced off directly with Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan once again in a rematch that has since proven to live up to the hype. While future appearances of the villain are as of yet unknown, viewers are hoping to see much more of Christensen in the famous suit.

Darth Vader and his suit are among not just pop culture’s most iconic villains, but all of fictional characters. From his helmet to his breathing mechanism, every part of Vader has become uniquely cemented into film and now television history. The villain was nothing short of menacing for Star Wars fans the first time he walked through the smoky haze on the Tantive IV rebel ship. Ever since, Vader’s breathing alone has become a telltale sign of danger for any character in his vicinity, from the ambitious Director Orson Krennic in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to Obi-Wan himself in Obi-Wan Kenobi. The silhouette of his helmet alone can bring either fear or elation to viewers who see the character face off with unsuspecting victims.


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Now, a picture shared by Daniel Logan (a.k.a. young Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones) on Twitter shares all the versions of Vader’s helmet across various Star Wars media. The helmet hasn’t changed drastically, aside from its melted appearance in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens due to his burial tribute by Luke Skywalker. There’s a slight difference between Vader’s helmets in the original Star Wars trilogy and in the Disney era films and television, as well as Vader’s brief appearance at the conclusion of Revenge of the Sith. See all the comparisons below:

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Vader’s helmet has stayed very consistent across all Star Wars media, though seeing its slight differences makes each appearance of it unique. The dedication to making it so similar speaks volumes about the efforts of the various Lucasfilm teams who have helped to bring Vader to life alongside the actors. It seems as if the Obi-Wan Kenobi helmet is a mix of the narrower original Star Wars trilogy helmet as well as the wider Rogue One helmet, which perfectly merges the pre- and post-Disney eras of Star Wars. By comparing all the helmets together, viewers get an encapsulating view on how the iconic character has come to life over the years.

The future of Darth Vader in Star Wars media is unknown, but with Christensen open to return to the galaxy once again and various stories being told in the pre-Battle of Yavin era, it’s very likely the villain will be back in the near future. The next live-action Star Wars project will be Andor in late August, which is set to take place five years before the events of Rogue One. It would make sense for Vader to appear somehow as the series follows the early years of the Rebellion. He could, however, also appear in animation with The Bad Batch season 2. Emperor Palpatine was already revealed in a trailer shown exclusively to Star Wars Celebration attendees, which opens the door of possibility for an animated Vader to come into the mix somehow. No matter how Vader makes his imprint on the Star Wars galaxy next, viewers can expect more of the thrilling terror he brings with each appearance.

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Source: Daniel Logan/Twitter

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