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This month of July will be full of original releases from Amazon Prime, which, as always, values ​​the quality of its production. One of the biggest highlights is the epic No Boundariesa series based on one of the greatest expeditions ever made in history and that forever changed the way we see the world.

Starred by Rodrigo Santoro and the beloved Álvaro Mortethe production brings two of the most beloved actors of the Brazilian and world audiences, which should earn him one of the biggest popularity of the platform.

If you were curious to know more about what this production is about, keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

About No Boundaries

In this series, in 1519 the Portuguese Fernão Magalhães (Santoro) leads an expedition with more than 230 sailors leaving Spain, with the aim of finding a new way to the place known as “Island of Spices”.

For three years, the crew will face various challenges, including hunger, death and riots, and the noble leader of one of the expedition’s ships, Juan Sebastian Elcano (Death), will prove to be a central persona of this epic journey that forever changed the history of the world.


No Boundaries is a Spanish production directed by Simon West and scripted by Patxi Amezcua made in 2022 as a milestone for the 500th anniversary of the first navigation voyage around the globe.

Produced based on the real story, but in order to be a fictionalized account, the production was announced in 2020 as a partnership between RTVE, Amazon Prime it’s the Spanish Ministry of Defense who considered the program as a tribute to one of the most remarkable events in world history, and especially in Spain.

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Produced as a miniseries, the program has six episodes with an average of 40 minutes, and despite having arrived here only last Friday (8), the series premiered in Spain on the anniversary of the trip, on June 10.


Despite the good premise of the show, it is undeniable that its biggest attraction ends up being the remarkable cast chosen to bring the story to life.

In addition to our beloved Rodrigo Santoro, that every year gains more and more worldwide recognition, the series also counts with the co-protagonism of Álvaro Mortea Spanish actor who won the hearts of the whole world by bringing Teacher of the phenomenon La Casa de Papel.

In the series, both appear on opposite sides, with similar goals, but with a great rivalry of egos.

In addition to the two, other renowned names in the cast are Gonçalo Diniz, Bárbara Goenaga, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Raúl Tejón, Carlos Cuevas, between others.

it’s worth watching No Boundaries on Amazon Prime?

With the aim of bringing to light a story so important to the mercantile course of the world and so little talked about, whether in school or at any other time in anyone’s life, No Boundaries he certainly manages to pay a beautiful tribute to the figures he wishes to represent.

The fact that scholars are pointing out several historical errors in the series is the least, after all, if it weren’t for the production, nor the deed itself would be known by most people.

That said, we have here a production with several competent elements to catch the viewer’s attention and keep their interest until the end of its sixth episode.

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Unlikely allies, attempted riots, behind-the-scenes politics, sword fights… in short, everything necessary and expected in a great period production with ships, sailors and a voyage in search of the “impossible”.

And of course, in the midst of all this, our two protagonists are really the focus of the entire production and give a show of interpretation to the point that, once again, we feel proud of Rodrigo Santoro have left here.

And it is clear that the series is not perfect, but contains elements that may end up displeasing part of the public.

The theatricality of some scenes, for example, can be one of these elements, as well as the slowness of some passages.

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But even with these negatives, it’s still worth giving a chance to No Boundaries and draw your own conclusions.

trailer of No Boundaries from Amazon Prime

Check out the series trailer No Boundaries on Amazon Prime before you start watching.

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