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You want to learn more about Draco Maltay’s Net Worth, Age and Real Name? Harry Potter can’t get enough of the three main characters in the story. But there was another character that became a huge success with fans. The famous Draco malfoy is the subject. While the Hogwarts student initially came off like Harry Potter’s arch-nemesis, readers soon realize that there’s more to Draco’s story. Tom Felton did an incredible job portraying the complicated character. Readers have been hard at work on the so-called “bad boy” who wasn’t a completely bad person. Played by Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy was portrayed as somewhat of a bully and used to take huge pride in her family line and enjoyed privilege due to his father’s position in Hogwarts. The story does not cover all of the details about the anti-hero. Draco Malfoy’s family has deep-rooted secrets, and connections to Voldemort was just one of them! Let’s take a look at Draco Malfoy’s Real Name, Net Worth, and Age. We will also reveal the ending of Draco malfoy’s story! Ultimate Fate for the Harry Potter villain
Draco Malfoy Real Name, Net Worth, Age: Here’s What We Know About It. 
Draco Malfoy’s net worthIt is estimated that it could be in the millions! Draco was also from a wealthy family, as his parents left him a fortune. Harry Potter was clearly from this rich family. If fans have read the entire book of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it was mentioned how Draco revealed his father, Lucius, initially wanted to send him to Durmstrang because the European school did not admit Muggle-born students, and that seemed to be the right fit for the Malfoys as they never liked the Muggles. Tom Felton, who portrayed the character in the movies, has a net worthA staggering $35 million! Draco MalfoyHowever, fate had other plans as Draco’s mother was not quite on board with the idea, and Draco was eventually admitted to Hogwarts. As fans saw in this story, Draco wasn’t a bad person. He was more in the grey zone, it seems. Did you know that the Malfoys had ties with the British Family?
Believe it or not but the original Harry Potter story states that Draco’s ancestor Armand Malfoy performed some suspicious and almost magical services for King William I. This was done in exchange for the family’s first lot of land in England, and this is how they established ties with royalty. Here’s a fun fact about Draco, the actor who played Draco in the movie series.

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To prevent Tom Felton (Draco Molfoy), from eating on set, his pockets in Hogwarts robes had to be closed.
— Harry Potter World (@PotterWorldUK) March 22, 2021

But this is not the only royal connection the Malfoys share! The first Lucius Malfoy, who came even before Draco’s father, also offered his hand to Queen Elizabeth I. Popular belief says that the Malfoys created chaos for Queen Elizabeth I when she refused them. Who Was Draco Malfoy’s Married in The End?
As fans had a teary-eyed epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, there’s a huge wave of nostalgia as it flashes forward, and everyone is taken through that 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts. He did for a time support Voldemort, but Rowling seems to have a better story. 
Draco MalfoyIn an exclusive interview, the writer and the creative mastermind of the Harry Potter stories have us more insight into Draco Malfoy’s future. It appears that he had a change and didn’t teach his son to hate Muggles, as his father did. Rowling also mentioned his marriage to Astoria and their son, Scorpius Hyperion. As the story progresses, Draco is becoming more relatable. Soon, readers realize that he was brainwashed to hate the muggles. Draco doesn’t make the same mistake and ends the hatred. 
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