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Bodybuilding enthusiasts recognize Arnold Schwarzenegger as the one who popularised it all. Before he entered the scene, bodybuilding was not as inspiring as it has been in recent times. As the torch-bearer of the sport, Arnold has etched his name as a reigning champion. He was crowned Mr. Olympia seven times in a row and later, landed up in Hollywood and politics.


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However, it hasn’t been easy for the legend. Born and raised in Austria, by a father in the military, Arnold often faced disapproval from his father. This manifested in the form of negativity for the champion in his initial days as a bodybuilder.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger told to not waste time by his father

Speaking about his rough upbringing, Arnold talked about his relationship with his father. Gustav Schwarzenegger was a military officer in Austria and was particular about his son. The legend remembered, how his father would never come up with a compliment or support him for weight training. Although his father would push him to be better in every field, he wouldn’t applaud the efforts made by the legend.

circa 1966: Austrian-born bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger points one hand out as he flexes his torso on Muscle Beach, Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

While Arnold still believed that the tough love eventually worked, it was because of his will to go on despite his father’s words. He mentioned, how he had a fire in his belly, that was fuelled by his father’s constant disapproval. Despite this, Arnold still maintains that his father cared enough to make him a better person. He believed that his disapproval was a way of pushing him to be better.


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Arnold remembered how his father would want him to be useful. He explained, “He always talked about being useful and don’t waste your time and just looking at yourself in the mirror in a bodybuilding gym so he meant well.” And so, the icon persevered.


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He also believed that his father helped him out with many aspects of his life, which was something that he remains grateful for. While he didn’t received the tough love kindly at first, he now understands where that came from. Now with multiple titles, a successful movie franchise, and a political career in his bag, Arnold does not have hard feelings for his father.

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