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DONNY Davis’ roommate thinks his drink was spiked with a deadly drug, as cops suspect “foul play” in his Vegas hotel death.

Donny, 43, was a West Coast comedian who passed away early Tuesday morning at the Conrad Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Donny Davis’ roommate thinks someone may have spiked the comedian’s drink with a deadly drugCredit: Quinn Waters
Police also suspect foul play, as witnesses to Donny's death were not forthcoming with information


Police also suspect foul play, as witnesses to Donny’s death were not forthcoming with informationCredit: Getty

One of Donny’s roommates, Quinn Waters, 36, exclusively confided to The Sun that she suspects one of his drinks may have been spiked, as he was hanging out at his favorite bar spot, Dawg House, at Resorts World.

Quinn said Donny invited her to the “mega party,” but she fell asleep and did not attend.

She told The Sun: “I’m guessing he was trying to party and [his drink] had fentanyl or something like that [in it.]”

Donny was reportedly the “life of the party” and loved by everyone, as he was a regular at the Vegas party spot.

However, Quinn felt Donny ending up inside one of the hotel rooms was uncommon behavior for him.

Quinn said: “I do think that there’s something going on and I want to know what the autopsy says.”


The Sun obtained a copy of the police report that claimed there were four witnesses hanging out with Donny in the hours before he went to his room at the Conrad Hotel.

According to the police report, the 911 call said an “unresponsive 42-year-old male was in the room turning blue and biting his tongue.”

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One witness attempted to place a hotel key card between Donny’s teeth to keep him from biting his tongue but found his jaw was “frozen” shut.

The same witness reportedly smacked Donny’s cheeks and screamed for him to wake up.

Hotel security allegedly started chest compressions and emergency staff arrived shortly after.

The report stated police suspected foul play because the personnel on-site of the crime scene found the four direct witnesses were not forthcoming with information on what happened behind closed doors.


TMZ first broke the news of Donny’s passing and that police suspected foul play.

Donny was reportedly out drinking at his regular Dawg House bar spot with two other men and women around 1 AM.

TMZ reported one of the women told the cops that the bartender would not serve Donny any more alcohol because he appeared too intoxicated.

Reportedly, one man and Donny went to the hotel room around 3:30 AM.

TMZ reported the man left the room at 4:20 AM and returned around 5 AM with one of the women to notice Donny “sitting in a chair as his hands looked pale and pink and began turning purple.”

The women allegedly said Donny’s hands were “freezing” and he was not breathing.

Donny was declared dead at Sunrise Hospital after 7 AM.


Donny was a comedian and impersonator.

He was friends with Britney Spears, Mariah Carrey, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, and more.

Friends of Donny’s told The Sun he was “very loved” and “the life of the party.”

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Two friends who hung out with Donny the Sunday before he passed said: “It’s hard to say if he was struggling with any personal issues on the inside, but I doubt it.”

His friends Jason and Steven continued: “He was always really grateful. Every day he spent time talking with everybody on a personal level. He was a very caring person.”

The police report revealed Donny's jaw was 'frozen' shut as he bit his tongue and stopped breathing


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The police report revealed Donny’s jaw was ‘frozen’ shut as he bit his tongue and stopped breathingCredit: Getty
Donny's hands turned purple and were 'freezing' before his death was confirmed at the hospital later that morning


Donny’s hands turned purple and were ‘freezing’ before his death was confirmed at the hospital later that morningCredit: Getty
Earlier in the evening, Donny's bartender reportedly refused to serve him more drinks as he appeared too intoxicated


Earlier in the evening, Donny’s bartender reportedly refused to serve him more drinks as he appeared too intoxicatedCredit: Instagram/Donny Davis

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