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From the moment that Donald Trump first rose to prominence, there were two things he prided himself on, his fortune and business sense. As a result, Donald has spent decades promoting himself to the masses as a rich businessman.

Thanks to Donald’s undisputed ability to build his own reputation, he managed to become a symbol of excess and success decades ago. Once Donald became one of the most famous businessmen in the world, the press became interested in his personal life.

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During Donald’s time in the spotlight, he has been linked to several women in the press. However, there have only been three women he married, Ivana, Marla, and Melania.

Considering that Donald has always built his reputation around his fortune, it makes sense that fans are curious about the money his three wives accumulated. With that in mind, it begs an obvious question, which one of the three women that Donald married has the most money?

How Much Money Is Marla Maples Worth?

During Donald Trump’s marriage with his first wife, which will be touched on more later, he reportedly had an affair with a young model named Marla Maples. After many months of headlines about the affair, Donald’s first marriage came to an end.

Not long after, Donald and Marla went on to become a couple. Then in October 1993, Marla gave birth to Donald’s often-forgotten daughter, Tiffany Trump. Two months after the birth, Donald and Marla tied the knot.

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Several years later, Donald and Marla announced they were separating in 1997 amid rumors of both parties cheating. Two years later, Donald and Marla finalized their divorce.

After Marla and Donald divorced, she worked as an actor off and on. Marla also released a memoir and more recently, fans have paid for her to make custom videos for them through Cameo.

According to, Marla’s net worth is smaller than Donald’s other two ex-wives as she reportedly is worth an estimated $6 million.

How Much Money Is Melania Trump Worth?

After Donald Trump and Marla Maples separated but before he got divorced, he met a young model named Melania Knauss at the time. After dating for several years, the woman now known as Melania Trump married Donald in 2005.

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In 2006, Melania and Donald welcomed their only child into their world, their son Barron. Later that same year, Melania became a naturalized American citizen after being born in an area of Yugoslavia that is now part of Slovenia.

After several years together, Donald and Melania’s lives changed forever when he announced he was running for President a second time. As virtually everyone already knows, Donald became the 45th President of the United States which made Melania first lady.

After serving as First Lady for four years, Melania left the White House in 2021 alongside Donald. Since then, Melania and Donald have remained a staple of the media.

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According to, Melania’s modeling career and her time spent as Donald’s wife has netted her a $50 million fortune.

How Much Money Is Ivana Trump Worth?

The woman who was given the name Ivana Zelníčková when she was born in Czechoslovakia was the daughter of an electrical engineer and a telephone operator. During Ivana’s youth, she developed a love for skiing.

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After marrying an Austrian ski instructor named Alfred Winklmayr, Ivana got the right to leave Czechoslovakia and immigrated to Canada. While living in Canada, Ivana learned English and became a model.

Thanks to one of Ivana’s modeling jobs, she traveled to New York City in 1976 and she met Donald Trump. After marrying Donald in 1977. the couple went on to have three children, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, who they brought up in NYC.

After roughly 15 years together, Ivana and Donald got divorced. Once Ivana was single again, she went on to enjoy some success as a writer and even more as a business leader. Sadly, in July 2022 Ivana passed away at the reported age of 73.

According to, Ivana’s estate is worth an estimated $100 million.

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