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Former President Donald Trump’s eldest son tossed out an absolutely bonkers conspiracy theory on Sunday morning about the bombshell leak of the majority Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

According to Donald Trump Jr., liberals may have leaked the high court’s decision that would strike down the federal right to abortion because they’re in a “panic” over edgelord billionaire Elon Musk buying Twitter.

During an appearance on ultra-MAGA anchor Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News show Sunday Morning Futures, Trump went off on a tangent while railing against the Biden administration’s planned Disinformation Governance Board. Conservatives have labeled the advisory group Orwellian, claiming it will act as a censor of free speech, while the Department of Homeland Security has played defense over its clumsy rollout.

“They have destroyed our economy, our country, our freedom of speech, and you can see that with the reaction,” the ex-presidential scion exclaimed. “That’s why they’re coming up with the disinformation board. Truth Social, my father’s social media app, launches. People are on there!”

After asserting that engagement on the Trump-led platform was “through the roof”—a dubious claim that’s been similarly made by the Truth Social’s CEO Devin Nunes—Trump then focused his attention on the response to notorious social-media troll Musk purchasing Twitter.

“You see the outrage over Elon Musk getting involved in Twitter. ‘Oh my god! Imagine they could perhaps turn down someone’s volume!’ Like they haven’t been doing that to conservatives for a decade now,” he bellowed. “These people are living in a bubble. They’re not looking for a level playing field, Maria, they’re looking for an advantage.”

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Trump continued: “They had all of social media, again, until you came up with Truth Social and then Elon Musk said, ‘Hey, how about some free speech on Twitter as well!’…. You know, the outrage and the panic! And you see it.”

At that point, he then made the connection between the leak of the draft opinion—which would also uphold Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban—and Musk taking over Twitter.

“And that’s why you see the leak about the Supreme Court,” Trump blared. “They need something and they have nothing to motivate their people.” (Some Democrats have expressed cautious optimism that backlash over a decision overturning Roe could benefit the party in the midterm elections this fall.)

He went on to say that “the American people are awake to it” because they “saw what happened to the algorithms the second the Musk thing was announced,” suggesting that Musk had already changed the way Twitter operates. (If the sale goes through, Musk will still not take control of the company for several months.)

“They saw the engagement they’re getting on social, and they realize they’ve been in a rigged game for very long,” Trump concluded. “They see it. And you can no longer hide it, Maria!”

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Notably, Musk recently took aim at the ex-president and Nunes, calling it “false” that Trump advised the Tesla founder to buy Twitter—a claim that originated from Nunes during a Fox Business Network appearance last week.

Trump Jr’s wild, half-baked theory about the Supreme Court leak comes as Republicans and right-wing pundits have confidently asserted—without any proof or evidence—that a liberal law clerk was responsible for giving the draft to the media. One conservative news host even went so far as to accuse incoming Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson of leaking the opinion—despite the fact that she won’t be on the court until this summer.

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