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Thanks to everyone who submitted questions this week. It was great to hear from you all. I wanted to be as detailed as possible with my replies, so I limited myself to nine answers. Otherwise, this mailbag might have turned into a book.

That said, there were some topics where people posed similar questions. It turns out many of you are interested in Jesse Puljujarvi’s and Kailer Yamamoto’s next contracts, Evan Bouchard and Tyson Barrie jockeying for position, goaltending and Duncan Keith and his former team.

In cases like those, I tried to choose the most universal query but also attempted to answer offshoots from others within my reply. If yours wasn’t picked, please look for a similar question and you’ll hopefully see a response that fits what you asked. I also answered a few of the sillier questions or those without mass appeal in the discussion forum. Hopefully this covers most of you.

All right; let’s get to it.

(Note: Some questions are edited for length and/or clarity.)

If recent history is any clue, it appears as if the Smith-Koskinen tandem functions acceptably for the regular season but perhaps not for the playoffs, where a goalie needs to steal games on occasion. Do you think Smith and Koskinen are still the

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