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Reboot of the 1985 action series with the same name ‘MacGyver’Since its inception, in 2016, it has been praised and praised with much fanfare. Over five seasons, the show has enjoyed a lot of popularity due to its engaging storylines and character arcs that are infused into thrilling action sequences. The show’s appeal lies in its interpersonal character drama.

Season 5 of the show raised the stakes and revealed the complicated love triangle between Riley, MacGyver and Desi. Desi and Mac have been in a relationship for a while. With only a few episodes left in the show’s final season, fans are wondering whether the expiry date of Desi and MacGyver’s relationship is near and if their breakup is because Levy Tran, who essays the role of Desi, will be departing the show. Let’s find out!

Are Desi and Mac in a relationship?

Desiree was introduced as a recurring character in season 3. He replaced Jack Dalton. “Desi”It took Nguyen some time to win over the hearts of fans. While there’s a part of the show’s fanbase that genuinely enjoys the character, there are others that generally dislike her. The show’s fanbase was further divided when Desi and MacGyver started a relationship. Fans are less worried about the explosive missions Mac undertakes for CODEX to stop its catastrophic threat.

Instead, fans are more curious about the unconventional crime fighter’s romantic life. In season 4, Mac and Desi went through a rocky patch and weren’t on good terms. The season finale saw Riley and Mac holding hands. Mac indeed broke up with Desi, and the fan-favorite “MacRiley’ ship looked like a real possibility. Alas, that wasn’t the case as Desi and Mac worked out their relationship troubles and reconciled in the third episode of season 5 titled ‘Eclipse + USMC-1856707 + Step Potential + Chain Lock + Ma.’

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After a near-death experience, the couple put aside their differences and renewed their relationship. Mac meets Desi’s parents in the following episode marking an important step forward in their relationship. The lovers move in together in episode thirteen and have been going strong ever since. Sorry “MacRiley”Fans, it seems as if “MacDesi”They are the endgame, and will likely stay together.

Is Levy Tran leaving MacGyver?

Levy Tran and the network have not indicated that Tran will be leaving the hit series before its series finale. Tran has been an integral part of the series since season 3. She has appeared in all episodes since her promotion to series regular from season 4. Her relationship with Mac has been an anchoring point and one true constant in the show’s forever-changing landscape. Despite “MacDesi”This may not be as well-known as “MacRiley,”The former will likely stay together after resolving their differences.

Season 5 also sees new revelations about Desi’s past that add more depth to her character. Desi is a show’s cornerstone, with a solid storyline and a stable relationship. Fans would be thrilled to learn that Tran is still with us. ‘Fast and Furious 7’Fame actress will be appearing in the series’ finale ‘MacGyver.’Tran is well-known not only for appearing on the series but also for appearing in ‘The Haunting of Hill House.’ However, the talented is yet to announce any new projects she’ll be a part of after ‘Macgyver’Ends.

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