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Adam Hicks, the former child star of several Disney movies and TV shows, is living life on parole after doing time for second-degree robbery.

Hicks was arrested in 2018 for allegedly pulling a bunch of armed robberies in Burbank, CA — and eventually, in July 2021, got sentenced to 5 years behind bars.

He caught a major break though, because the judge gave him credit for 1,460 days he served while awaiting sentencing, and he was released back in March.

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TMZ broke the story … Hicks, who starred in “Zeke and Luther,” “Pair of Kings,” and “Lemonade Mouth” and his girlfriend Danni Tamburo were arrested after cruising the Burbank area and pointing a gun at pedestrians — taking their cellphones, money and other property.

While Hicks got 5 years in prison, his GF got off with 3 years of probation.

The actor had shown a history of violence before his arrest — he once shot himself in the leg while hanging out with friends, and court docs said he was “very uncooperative” with police.

adam hicks danni

He’d also gotten arrested after Danni told cops Hicks pulled her by the hair, grabbed her arms and shoved her to the ground. He only dodged prosecution after Danni refused to cooperate.

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