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Starting from Daniel Radcliffe to Emma Stone, here take a look at the celebs who do not have an Instagram account

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In the times when people hound around social media, there are some of the top-tier celebs all around the world who choose not to be on Social media, for the best reasons known to them. Speaking of that, here we have lined up the names of the celebrities all across the world who are not on social media, starting from Daniel Radcliffe to Emma Stone.

1. Daniel Radcliffe isn’t on social media for he believes that “no social media makes everything easier”

2. Jennifer Lawrence isn’t on social media, for she isn’t very good and comfortable with technology.

3. Scarlett Johansson prefers her privacy over anything, which is why she isn’t on social media.

4. Emma Stone isn’t on Instagram, for she believes, “It makes me so crazy to look at social media.”

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5. Emily Blunt believes that social media isn’t a perfect fit for her.

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