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Fans are eager to see Wolverine join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Daniel Radcliffe being a favorite among fans and it’s easy to see why. 

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is plenty for fans to get excited about in looking ahead to the future of the franchise but nothing has fans buzzing more than what the future has in store for one of the most iconic superhero teams of all-time: the X-Men!

After a successful run at 20th Century Fox, the X-Men finally came home to Marvel Studios in 2019 when Disney acquired the studio and the rights to its various properties, including the X-Men. Because of this, Marvel can finally introduce the X-Men into the MCU which is something that has fans extremely excited and understandably so.

The X-Men franchise is rich with incredible and beloved characters, but there is no denying the one character fans are most excited to join the MCU is Wolverine.

Following Hugh Jackman’s iconic run as the character, it’s going to be a hard role for Marvel to fill and there are countless actors fans seem to hope they might consider. Among the early favorites is Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe and it’s not hard to see why after checking out this incredible fanart!

What Daniel Radcliffe could look like as Wolverine in the MCU

Although Marvel has not yet announced any X-Men casting decisions, prominent artist BossLogic has given us the chance to see what Daniel Radcliffe could look like as Wolverine if given the chance.

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In the jaw-dropping art, Radcliffe transforms into Wolverine rocking the character’s signature ducktail combination, white tank top, dog tags, and adamantium claws. Radcliffe looks incredible in the image and after checking the image out it’s not hard to see why fans are eager to see the Harry Potter actor step into the role when Marvel eventually brings him into the fold.

There’s no denying Radcliffe absolutely looks the part and before anyone makes a comment about his height, the truth is that Radcliffe is actually closer to the character’s comic book height than Jackman. While Jackman stands at 6’3″, the character of Wolverine is a whole foot shorter in the comics coming in at 5’3″ which is two inches shorter than the 5’5″ Radcliffe.

Will Daniel Radcliffe play Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Regardless of who Marvel ends up casting in the role, we have to confess Daniel Radcliffe would make a great Wolverine and he definitely has the acting chops to pull off the depth of the character’s emotional range, but what are the actual odds of Radcliffe suiting up as Wolverine in the MCU?

At this time, Marvel has not announced any casting decisions so it’s impossible to know who they might tap to play the role in the MCU when the time comes to finally introduce the X-Men. However, there is a new rumor that Radcliffe could potentially be playing a Wolverine variant in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

As fan account Moth Culture reports, there is a rumor circulating that Radcliffe could be playing the X-Force variant of Wolverine! It’s an exciting rumor, but there is a strong chance it could remain nothing more than a rumor as Radcliffe hasn’t exactly seemed interested in playing the character in the past.

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In 2019, Radcliffe fanned the flames when he jokingly announced he was going to be playing the role when reacting to rumors as part of a Wired video segment that saw actors addressing some of the most-searched questions about them.

Following his remarks, the rumor mill began running rampant with speculation that Radcliffe had confirmed he was set to play the role. The rumor gained so much traction that even those involved with one of his projects at the time thought the reports were true and congratulated him on the role while on set, as he revealed when speaking with Yahoo Movies UK.

Unfortunately, as Radcliffe revealed when addressing the rumor and his colleagues’ reactions, he seemed to put the rumors to bed once and for all by making it clear he had no interest in playing the character in any remakes of the franchise.

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“I got onto set on my next job in Australia and people were like, ‘So you’re playing Wolverine? That’s awesome man!’ and I was like, ‘No, no, no, that was a joke,’” Radcliffe commented at the time. “Most of the films that I love I don’t think I would want to see remade, and I certainly don’t think that I would want to be in the remakes of [the X-Men films].”

It’s possible that Radcliffe could change his stance on playing Wolverine, but it’s looking unlikely that he’ll suit up as Wolverine for the MCU — which is a shame given how incredible he looks in the many pieces of fan concept art floating around the internet!

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Would you like to see Wolverine join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Should Daniel Radcliffe play him? Let us know in the comments below!

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