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MCU fans can’t wait for the day that Logan sharpens his claws in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Daniel Radcliffe looks nothing short of awesome in this image as the Wolverine himself. 

The X-Men will likely make their long-awaited presence felt on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the near-future. That might seem like something of a bold assumption to make, but with Marvel Studios managing to regain the rights to the characters, the heroes could very well show up in the MCU in a project that may already be on the horizon. That seems clearer than ever, after Ms. Marvel made the first reference to mutants in the MCU. And after Marvel’s game-changing SDCC panel, anything is possible.

The most famous of all the X-Men is undoubtedly Wolverine. Logan has been a super popular character in the Marvel Comics universe for decades now, but it goes without saying that the legendary Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the character in Fox’s X-Men film series made him even more of a household name.

With that in mind, fans are interested to see how the MCU adapts Logan because there really is no question that Jackman is a hard act to follow.

Among the names fans are tossing around as potential actors they would love to see bring Wolverine to life is Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. A recent rumor suggested Radcliffe might cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness but that ultimately did not happen. However, in anticipation of the possibility of a Daniel Radcliffe Wolverine, we’re looking back at an amazing image to get a bit of an idea of what he would look like in the role.

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What Daniel Radcliffe might look like as Wolverine in the MCU

Digital artist Bosslogic took to social media to share an outstanding piece of artwork that features Daniel Radcliffe in the role of Wolverine/Logan. See it below.

Sharing the image back in 2019, BossLogic’s awesome work showcases Radcliffe sporting a look not too dissimilar to Jackman’s, brandishing the iconic Wolverine claws as he firmly glares at everyone admiring the artwork. He also sports Terminator-like wounds on his face.

Is Daniel Radcliffe playing Wolverine in the MCU?

Daniel Radcliffe has not been cast as Wolverine in the MCU so it’s pretty unlikely that he will be the one to bring him to life full-time. However, as of right now, no actor has been cast in the role so there is always still a chance he could sharpen his claws for us in a future Marvel movie.

While he did not end up playing a variant of the character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness like the rumors suggested, that doesn’t mean we won’t see him show up in the shared universe at some point. Whether that would be as a variant or the main version, that remains to be seen. If it does happen, it would definitely be a nice nod to the fans who imagined him in the role.

Speaking of the MCU’s main version of Wolverine, rumors are swirling, suggesting that the character could appear in the MCU sooner than expected and that the X-Men will be doing the same in a totally different project. The question remains, however: Who will be playing him?

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Radcliffe is no stranger to major franchises and long-term storytelling. He did portray the titular wizard in the legendary Harry Potter film series, so it goes without saying it would be great to see him return to the franchise world and bring Wolverine to life in the MCU… even if it’s just a one-time thing.

Would you like to see Daniel Radcliffe play Wolverine in the MCU? Do you think he could appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Who do you think should play Logan full-time? Let us know in the comments below!

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