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Well, that’s … well, that’s just a dignified stool. But a smart and mobile one. They can avoid things, like each other, as per this GIF of two Servis guided by the magneto-repulsive force of the sexual tension between themselves, just like human restaurant workers:

Bear Robotics

That explains all the sparks coming from the storage closet during off hours.

And watch Servi navigate the obstacle course of a post-soccer-practice family eatery, including the hapless sap that’s been at the bar for three hours and needs the resolve-boosting, smooth, refined flavor of an American cigarette to avoid crawling back to that WHORE!  

Bear Robotics

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Robots are not replacing humans, only freeing them from grunt work like seating people, delivering, and bussing. By giving workers extra time to butter customers with puns, robot-use has led to increased tipping, even from those that describe Chili’s as a fine-dining establishment. Hell, establishment is flattering enough. 

For something more akin to what we picture sci-fi servants looking like, check out BellaBot, a cat-bot that meows, purrs when you pet it and grows vexed if petted for too long. 

Pudu Robotics

And it’s tooootally ultra-kawaiiiii ^___^ !!!

It’s made by Chinese company Pudu Robotics, though it is stylistically as Japanese as a Hiroshige woodblock of a squid holding a cherry blossom Kit-Kat in one arm and using the others to violate a Gundam underneath The Great Wave.

Pudu Robotics

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There are at least 30 BellaBots in use across Canada, with more in places like New York. Over the course of a day, one BellaBot may make 500 trips and serve 750 meals. In addition to physical labor, they perform the most soul-crushing of all tasks for hospitality experts in the restaurant business—no, not giving Mario Batali a sponge bath, but singing Happy Birthday to awkward celebrants who just want a free mini-brownie sundae. 

Most importantly, BellaBot does not recoil at the touch of drunken businessmen, so is indispensable for deflecting sexual harassment situations at corporate dinner parties and such.

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