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Itawamba County Circuit Clerk’s office will be open for extended hours for casting absentee ballots for the June 7, 2022, Congressional Primary.

Circuit Clerk Carol Gates said her office will be open Saturday, May 28, and June 4, from 8 a.m. until noon. Individuals voting absentee must bring a driver’s license and choose a party affiliation.

On the ballot for District 1 is incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Trent Kelly facing a primary challenge from Republican Mark D. Strauss. Kelly won the seat he has held since winning a 2015 special election.

Democrats vying for their party’s nomination are Hunter Avery and Dianne Black.

Poll workers for the upcoming June 7 election have been selected. They are as follows:

First District


Ryan: Judith Franks, Janette Dulaney, Ken Taylor

Banner: Gary Sullivan, Barbara Sullivan, Rose Pruitt

Fairview: Stevie Jones, Phyllis Bush, Kella Brooke O’Brian

Salem: Tammy Dill, Ronnie Gholston, Darla Adams

Courthouse: Thelon Blaylock, Sandra Jefferies, Madison Johnson

Friendship: Carol Stanley, Jeff Beyers, Rose Pruitt


Ryan: Michelle Holcomb, Shirley Taylor, Ken Taylor

Banner: Gwen Hill, Roger Wilson, Rose Pruitt

Fairview: Brenda Jones, Sandra Cromeans, Kella Brooke O’Brian

Salem: Linda Johnson, Lori Oaks, Darla Adams

Courthouse: Vanessa Watkins,Hazel Hale, Madison Johnson

Friendship: Ted Stanley, Lynn Hamm, Rose Pruitt

Second District:


Kirkville: Travis Dulaney II, Cindy Mears, Dorothy Thomas

Fawn Grove: Mary Ann Ingraham, Carolyn Wren, Jewel Thompson

Mantachie: Gail McFerrin, Cindy Long, Bobby Jarrell

Centerville: Sue Mears, Mary Ann Davis, Steve Stanford

Ratliff: Carrie Jo Umfress, Kelsey Houle, Carla Hinds


Kirkville: Jan Dulaney, Donna Wilburn, Dorothy Thomas

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Fawn Grove: Henry Jenkins, Shanna Robbins, Jewell Thompson

Mantachie: Sandra Guin, Janice Watson, Bobby Jarrell

Centerville: Steve Stanford, Becky Burch, Anita Stanford

Ratliff: Daniel Umfress, Stephen Pettigo, Carla Hinds

Third District:


Dorsey: Connie Sheffield, Chris Burrows, C.G. Franks

Friendship 3D: Ramona Pettigo, Heather Pettigo, Jim Long

Greenwood: Annie Pearl Shumpert, Willie Nichols, Tim Fairley

Evergreen: Leanna White, Hershel Bennett, Walter White

Cardsville: Heather Cooper, Brandy Holley, Patty Jenkins

Carolina: Donna Ray, Sandra Cox, Eugene Conwill

Mantachie 3D: Bobby Jarrell, Dan Walton, Sarah Fikes


Dorsey: Jerry Rogers, Matthew Rutland, C.G. Franks

Friendship 3D: Tom Beane, Alaina Beane, Jim Long

Greenwood: Twila Shumpert, Eugene Beachum, Tim Fairley

Evergreen: Pam White, Carolyn Bennett, Walter White

Cardsville: Martha Reich, Jan Gregory, Patty Jenkins

Carolina: Carol Ingle, Margaret Mills, Eugene Conwill

Mantachie 3D: Charles Palmer, Gary McFerrin, Bobby Jarrell

Fourth District:


American Legion: Maggie Davis, Lisa Love, Richard Davis, Joe Rutledge

James Creek: Jim Cody, Reba Kimble, Paul Scheppf

Tilden: Leo Roeske, Tim Holsenback, Don Clayton

Tremont: Merrietta Schoenemann, Diane Shumpert, Robby McCrory

Friendship 4D: Nan Long, Rosie Taylor, Jim Long


American Legion: Pat Rutledge, Nancy McCain, Joe Rutledge

James Creek: Diane Joachim, Tommy Poole, Paul Scheppf

Tilden: Melba Roeske, Ellen McCrimon, Don Clayton

Tremont: Bud Schoenemann, Christy Roberts, Robbie McCrory

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Friendship 4D: Jim Long, Don Loden, Linda Sheffield

Fifth District:


Clay: Deborah Coleman, Carol Tucker, Judy Spencer

Bounds: Vicki Stanphill, Wanda Ridge, Kathleen Earnest

ICDC: Doris Nail, Myrna Gray, Linda Enlow

Friendship 5D: Haston Handley, Chloe Handley, Jim Long

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Armory: Connie Graham, Janet McMillian, Carrie Dulaney


Clay: Diane Robertson, Ann Izard, Judy Spencer

Bounds: Delane Earnest, Lannie Johnson, Kathleen Earnest

ICDC: Marty Christian, Caroline Wilemon, Linda Enlow

Friendship 5D: Linda Crane, Carion Plunkett, Jim Long

Armory: Dianne Gaddy, Ellen Todd, Carrie Dulaney

The general election will be held on November 8.

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